Thursday, May 27, 2010

How to be intimate with yourself

When the webcam video "Power in daily life" appeared stating that we focus on what we don't want rather than what we want, people wrote back saying -- "I know what I don't want but I am not clear what I want."
This is a common dilemma because all our emotional feelings of unconscious guilt such as the feeling of lack, heaviness, sadness, depression and loneliness and so on are the hunger and yearning of the soul to know itself. There is nothing wrong with emotional pain and we can literally use it to expand the knowledge of our true nature by feeling the feeling. Watch these videos. Here is part one...

Sunday, May 2, 2010

How to find peace in these changing times

We are living in times of great change (2010-2012) and most people are feeling its impact. Everything is coming to a head. People are no longer hiding diplomatically from what they feel but telling it like it is. All emotions, long held within us are now finally coming to the surface. These times of great change are affecting not only our world politics and economy but our emotions and relationships.
The question is, “How can we find peace within this great inevitable change?”
Since everything is change then we have to find what is constant. It is imperative that we find what is constant in order to find peace. In fact, this great change is happening as a means for the evolution and shift of consciousness.

This article emerged from two sources. First are the flow of emails I get worldwide from concerned and even frightened individuals. Secondly it emerged from my own experience and the change that is happening in my own life. This forced me to turn inward toward the Higher Wisdom and ask for guidance.

The 'voice' (silent knowing) emerged as great compassion explaining that these times are very volatile and very open at the same time. This meant that if you ever had someone not telling you the truth of how they felt, this time they would lay it down on the line without holding back. Angers, grievances, old dislikes and judgments will all surface at this time of great change. Men, who are very yang and not given to sensitivity will start feeling feelings they never felt before. Everything is surfacing. Since the world is primarily run by men who are power-conscious there will start being a change to bring balance by introducing the power of the female (compassion, tenderness, uderstanding, clarity, love. ) Now we are at a time (2010-2012) where the time has come for the balance of power to shift.
It has already begun, and it shall continue to prosper until the balance of power lies predominantly in the hands of the female aspect. The female aspect will rule the world, that is, the softness instead of the hardness of war -- greater kindness, sweetness, gentility, compassion and feeling the feelings without shame, guilt or fear.

Those who are now in touch with the female aspect such as 'spiritual' teachers shall come to guide the world. These ones will find the answers of constancy beyond change within them. It will come from their stillness, the inner voice of silent knowing. Men, as a rule involved in world affairs and politics have lost touch with their emotions and failed to evolve. Now the shift is happening where the challenge shall force the balance towards the female principle. Relationships are now on the verge of collapse in most areas and many couples are beginning to feel the strain of facing the truth of their nature. Emotions are surface feelings that have to be experienced fully and completely. It is through these emotions that we will finally find what is even deeper, which is that which is constant. Intelligent and sensitive women are finding it hard in these times to communicate their true feelings because they are also faced by the challenge of the male energy. Female energy does not mean women anymore than male energy means just men. Both energies exist as polarities within both men and women. Men, as a rule, are governed by yang male energy while women are rued by yin female energy.

So, how do we find balance? We find balance by knowing that change is constant and always leading towards greater wholeness. In order to find peace within this constant change we have to discover the three ‘rules’ that NEVER change. These three ‘rules’ of unchanging constancy are what will give us peace, understanding, balance, compassion and joy in life.

Please pay close attention to these three CONSTANTS because without them there will be no peace nor understanding of what is happening. These three constants never ever change. In fact they never had a beginning and are beyond time and space. Here they are:
1. You Exist. This is the first constant. Therefore, the first constant in our life is 'YOU.' The fact is that you exist and, you know this beyond a doubt. This fact will never ever change. You will always exist in one form or another and even though the body may drop, yet, another form will take its place. This first rule of constancy is imperative to FEEL within your Being. Once you start seeing this obvious rule of constancy that will never ever change then you will find your true nature. Your true nature is consciousness combined with the awareness of it. It is this awareness that is constant.

2. You are the One. The second constant rule is that YOU is all there is and YOU is the Source. The Source is ONE. Everything is interdependent, interrelated and interconnected. Everything is moving towards Source of "I AM" -- therefore "I AM" is the only constant.

3. The circle of perception. This is the consciousness that although changing yet it is always contained within the awareness of it that never does change.
There is no reality 'out there' at all but only what we perceive to be so. This is imperative to know. What you believe to be wrong is only wrong to your perception. What you believe to be right is only right to your perception. Whatever you feel is happening ‘out there’ is only ‘real’ to your perception of it.
The 'you' you think you are is the feeling, living and experiencing whatever you are perceiving. Your perception is your choice and is always choosing between love or fear. The paradox is that there is only love and therefore fear is a frustration of love. This means that your feelings of fear, which cannot be helped as they arise, are the 'lessons' you still need to FEEL inside you as perception.

This perception is now coming to a head in these critical times of great change. Emotions are surfacing more than ever to be met with allowance and forgiveness, that is, to FEEL them as okay and not even wish them away, and that's how balance is restored.
The third rule is therefore the circle of perception, that is, what we perceive returns to us as 'reality.' To make it even clearer – what goes around comes around. If we perceive an ugly world then we feel ugly, depressed. If we perceive love despite what we feel is happening then that's what will be in our 'reality.'

It is okay to have negative feelings arise for these are beyond our control. These negatives are essential and show us where we are lacking balance. They are our 'lessons' to help us towards greater stability through allowing, acceptance and love. We can 'choose' through perception (by understanding) that our world is nothing more than our perception of it and has no other reality other than that.
We have the gift of imagination and what we imagine can materialize the moment we believe it. Imagination is perception. Perception is not good or bad but simply what the mind perceives according to its belief system. There is no reality ‘out there’ but only our “I AM” nature. This nature “just IS” and therefore being Oneness is known as LOVE. When we deviate, in our perception from this love then we suffer separation created by our perception. Separation cannot exist because there is only “I AM.”

If we can abide in these three rules of constancy then we can meet any adversities that are arising at these times of great change and thus profit by them. Explore these three rules of constancy and you will evolve at an accelerated rate. Remember that when the challenges arise unexpectedly, they are bound to be overwhelming at times as they represent our deep lessons for balance and greater evolution of consciousness. There is no wrong in this world except our perception of wrong.
Again, how do we meet these ‘lessons’ of fear known also as desperation, anger, depression, grievance, hate, negativity and all forms of separation? Meet this feeling as something that you can’t help feeling, and yet you are NOT a victim of it. You can allow it by FEELING it in your stillness without trying to get rid of it or controlling it in any way. Have the courage my friend to do this when you feel as if giving up on the world through desperation. Sit with this feeling of separation and relax into it through its bodily sensation without thinking about it. Feel the feeling. Then having done so say ‘thank you.’ This simplicity takes courage but its rewards are far far greater than can be imagined.

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