Thursday, July 29, 2010

Truly Burt, what is LOVE?

Can you explain to me how sexuality and spirituality are the same? Sometimes sex disgusts me because it lacks love. Can you clarify?

We can never know love fully simply because it is the eternal truth itself. We are always learning about love in one form or another. Our journey on earth is about the discovery of our true nature of Being as LOVE itself.

The major lesson in Life is always the same -- it is LOVE!! Throughout history people have thought that God is an entity outside themselves and that's how all religions were started. GOD IS LOVE itself!

LOVE can express physically (sex); mentally (communication); emotionally (as neediness); spiritually (as Oneness). When love is expressed, it grows until we realize that LOVE is all there is. When we express love in its crudest form such as possessiveness, lust, control and perversion it is usually because we do not know any better or because we still happen to be on the still physical Density of vibration. However, even if this we do NOT make wrong then eventually a part of us will ask "What is it I want?" and it is here that we find that through possession, lust or what have you, we are looking for belonging, for oneness, for reaching other words, we are looking for genuine love. Therefore it is through inquiring and accepting we grow and NOT making things wrong. When we make anything wrong then it grows in its 'wrongness' until it becomes a monster. This is why people eventually become mad, totally insane or totally perverted because they make wrong whatever is happening. Everyone is looking for the same thing but if one happens to be 'physical-oriented' then he/she will choose the physical express of lust, self-gratification and personal neediness. This can't be helped unless we sincerely ask, "What is it I want; what am I seeking?"

It is through awareness of what is happening that we grow and discover that it is genuine true love we seek....but never ever make anything wrong because then it will own you. Please do not see crude sex and lust as wrong but only 'ignorance' of the true meaning of love. The moment you have tolerance, understanding and non-judgment towards what you had considered 'wrong' before, then your heart opens and will find that EVERYONE is looking for the same thing. Once you fully see and understand this then you will see LOVE (God) everywhere. Another fear s also fear of money (which is love as abundance). Many spiritual seekers fear money that it will corrupt them and therefore they are making 'money' as 'wrong.' Then they will suffer lack and that's not spiritual. Spirituality is SPIRIT and therefore LOVE itself. See it everywhere and you start seeing God everywhere and that's the true abundant life. When you see God everywhere (LOVE) then every need will be fulfille; every want will be realized because God (love) is goodness itself and loves to give to its children. Please keep these in mind always.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The utter simplicity of Truth!

My Mind keeps me locked in its continual activity. What can I do?

Anything you try to do about your mental activity is more individual mind controlling individual mind. This is what frustration is! Try an experiment -- Sit very still and ask yourself, "I will be alert for the next thought that will show up!" and as you relax watching for what the next thought could be you will find yourself temporarily empty of thought. Why? Simply because wayward thoughts are unconscious and the moment you become conscious of what is taking place the activity comes to a halt. Thnk a thought and then try to capture it, see what happens!
Just as the human mind is incessantly thinking, so is BEING empty and tranquil.
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