Monday, November 30, 2009

The Miracle of Trust

Trust is basic and yet the most powerful subject
in all spiritual teachings.

In my thirty-five years of study, reading, experiencing and teaching what have I learned? The reply to that question is simple and direct – I have learned to trust Life, God, the ‘IS’ that I AM!
Trust awakens slowly through our natural deep craving to learn, to understand and to find meaning and peace. Trust is not acquired but awakened. Trust is our birthright. In fact there is no spiritual awakening per se but the unfoldment of trust.

This article-booklet will be divided in three sections…

1. What is trust?
2. How we lose trust.
3. How we regain trust.

In this ego world we have lost the most powerful and the most treasured possessions of innocence and inner freedom through losing trust, believing that the world is more real than our very essence.
In this article/booklet I have garnered the precious teachings of “A Course in Miracles” plus the writings of well-known sages regarding the enneagrams which I call ‘soul-types.’ Although there is no such thing as an individual soul but simply a separate mind yet the term will suffice.
The ‘soul’ is our consciousness and its accumulations and memory. Consciousness is eternal because it is derived directly from pure awareness. Pure Awareness is our true nature of love, oneness, goodness and innocent spirit.

Most people are not aware that all human beings belong to one of the soul-types according to how they pursue meaning in life. There are nine soul-types and each one has its own way of pursuing the same one goal – the goal of all human beings which is BEING itself!
It is imperative to remember, right at the outset, that the soul-type you represent is not the real you. These nine types are collective energy that manifests when trust is temporarily lost and distrust takes its toll on the mind/body organism of the individual thus losing their true nature.
The ego world is built on distrust and hence the wars, corruptions and man’s inhumanity to man, and yet within the very fabric of this distrust is the craving for something to believe in and becomes one’s one separate religion, belief, system, organization, cult, political system or just a separate way of life that divides and separates humans into groups. Yet again, despite this division does the bigger picture want Oneness, Unity and Love.

Please note: The soul types known as enneagrams can be found by googling for them on the internet asking “Free Enneagram Test.” Make sure that you are honest in your answers and then try another test to see if the results coincide.

What is trust?

Trust is the natural result of innocence which in spiritual parlance is known as Emptiness or Spirit. It is the child that looks up at his father in utter openness of heart -- that’s trust.
We do not develop trust – we awaken it from its dormant state that stifled, suppressed and thwarted it.

The ACIM “Manual for Teachers” says:
“Trust is the foundation on which on which the teachers of God fulfill their function.
The teachers of God have trust in the world, because they have learned it is not governed by the laws of the world made up. It is governed by a Power That is in them but not of them. It is this Power that keeps all things safe. It is through this Power that the teachers of God look on a forgiven world.
When this Power has once been experienced, it is impossible to trust one’s own petty strength again. Who would attempt to fly with the tiny wings of a sparrow when the mighty power of an eagle has been given him? And who would place his faith on the shabby offerings of the ego when the gifts of God are laid before him?

How do we lose trust?
We are human beings. There are over 6 billion humans on this earth but there is only One Being. Our world convinces us that objects are real and therefore we learn early to ignore that which created the objects in the first place. In other words, we disregard that which we cannot see, hear or feel. Thus we find ourselves completely sold on our humanness and totally forget the Being that we truly are. In this forgetting, we still crave the Being but have so forgotten it that even its name becomes a belief rather than the truth of our nature. We have many beliefs, religions and teachings that remind us of this Being but find it hard to swallow when the world is so enticingly and seemingly real in its temptations. We spend our life pursuing fame, fortune, success, specialness and accomplishment and in this time-consuming effort our inner Being ‘suffers’ from ignorance and it shows in our restlessness, unease, dis-ease, unhappiness, war, violence, crime, desperation, loneliness, isolation and fear. In this separation from God we have lost trust in Being.
Yet despite this so-called loss, we hunger for completion which is impossible with lack of trust. It is this distrust which is the suffering of mankind.

The nine soul-types pursue their goal of Oneness (Being) through the following ideals: (the numbers indicate the soul-type):

1. They pursue perfection in everything they accomplish and so are often dissatisfied and restless.
2. They pursue the ideal through their own ego will and are often hurt or unsatisfied in their relationships.
3. They idealize harmony and achievement but find outer goals empty and unfulfilling.
4. They idealize originality and individuality and suffer low self-worth as a result.
5. They idealize omniscience through knowledge but often feel alienated.
6. They idealize strength and it often takes the form of outward goals.
7. They idealize wisdom and prefer optimism to pessimism, they seek this through future planning.
8. They idealize truth but it becomes their truth through control.
9. They idealize holy love and miss it from fear of not having it.

How the ideals create delusions & distrust

1. Reality is split between good and bad.
2. “I have a separate personal will.”
3. “I am a personal doer.”
4. “I have a separate identity.”
5. “I am a separate self.”
6. “I have no true nature.”
7. “I have a personal self unfoldment.”
8. “Reality is dual and conflictual.”
9. “My love is localized.”

How distrust creates difficulties

1. The belief in wrong.
2. Easily humiliated.
3. Often feel helpless.
4. The feeling of abandonment.
5. The feeling od isolation.
6. The feeling of insecurity.
7. The feeling of being lost.
8. The feeling of guilt.
9. Often feel unloved.

How difficulties create reactions

1. “I have to improve and be better”
2. “I can get love through manipulation.”
3. “I have to strive and do in order to be worthwhile”
4. “I need to be in control or I lose myself.”
5. “I need to withdraw”
6. “I feel suspicious and need to defend myself.”
7. “I need to plan.”
8. “They are to blame for this.”
9. “I go unconscious during conflict.”

How trust grows

We awaken trust through the recognition of our true nature as pure awareness. Pure awareness is already the case but due to distrust we end up not seeing the obvious. Each soul-type has its own ‘buts’ ‘what-ifs’ ‘maybes’ and fears. In other words, we do not see the Being as obvious because our delusions according to soul-type are such deep-rooted fixations that they undermine any attempt to seeing the truth. After all, these delusions created by distrust have created a monster that seems to have a personality of its own. This monster is known as ego. And here’s the good news – there’s no such thing as ego but a self-image that got twisted by so much distrust. This distrust is often finding ways in order not to find peace, which paradoxically, it is always striving towards. This self-sabotage is the work of the soul-type ego.

Get to know your way of wanting peace and inner fulfillment. This is often referred to as the Holy Idea. Then having found your dream-goal towards meaning, get to know how you have created the belief of distrust and how that belief created the difficulties and reactions. It is these reactions that are known as emotional suffering.

Here are some usual questions.

How can I overcome my difficulties when they have become almost part of me?
There is no need to overcome anything but just be aware that when you are suffering it is because you have relied on your favorite delusions. It is this ‘seeing’ that is essential.

Am I stuck in this soul-type for this lifetime?
You are NOT this soul-type but it is your expression in this lifetime. What’s important is what is real. Your soul-type is NOT real because it is only for this lifetime. However, you can find peace and inner fulfillment despite the soul-type because your true nature is Oneness and not individual type.

But if everything is Oneness and there is no individual to overcome anything or control anything then what can I do?
That’s the wonderful news – there is nothing you need do but SEE clearly what-is happening and then smile, laugh or simply forgive it (which means allowing yourself to see its illusion).

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Missing the point

Someone wrote,"My goal is enlightenment. I refuse to believe there are no answers. I believe in me and I believe in mankind."

Questions can only have verbal or written words as 'answers.' But is that really an 'answer' or a pointer towards the truth? Verbal answers merely create the space for more questions until all questions are exhausted and we are left open, vulnerable and humbled by the helplessness of the conditioned mind to understand. It is at this point that we realize we don't know and our acknowledgment of this fact opens the heart for real direct experience of what is here and now beyond words. It is through this innocent, humble and open heart that we finally recognize our Oneness. It is here that we cease asking questions and see the obvious truth that has previously escaped us when we were looking for answers in words and mental gymnastics. Truth is not belief in a 'me' but in the wholeness that IS!

The Three Simple steps of the Spiritual Life!


"You mentioned that the Spiritual Life has three aspects. Could you elaborate on these three and how we can live them?"

Picture the sky and clouds. Keep in mind as you watch this picture that the sun is always present. Picture the Light of the Sun as the very nature of YOU. The clouds represent the activity that seems to hide the sun and create the semblance of darkness, dreariness, dullness, smallness, contraction and oppresion of the Light. Yet no matter how covered up the Light is -- it is always present!

1. The first aspect is the darkness of the clouds which are our conditioned thoughts and their negative emotions. They are the collective unconscious guilt. This unconscious guilt which is in the one-collective-ego is the result of the belief that we are separate from God. God is the essence and glory of intelligent and peaceful happy Life. Any feeling of separation from God (essence of I AM) brings automatically feelings of unease, seeking, unrest, discomfort, dissatisfaction, boredom, fear and the longing for completion. This longing for completion is the result of feeling (unconsciously) that something is missing; that we are not quite good enough; that somehow something is wrong without knowing what! This feeling is knwn as the separation from God (the essence of Life). If one happens to be an atheist or simply skeptic then the seeking takes form in the desire for success, worldly attainment, fame or power or even escape through drink, drugs and/or over-indulgence in pleasure to compensate for an empty life.
This unconscious guilt is subtle yet feels like a pebble in your shoe.

2. This unconscious guilt which can escalate into a corrupted life is not individual but collective. Unconscious guilt at its best is felt as suspiciousness. Unconscious guilt at its worst is viciousness. Yet again it is not individual but collective. YOU are guiltless. You are the sun, the bright Light presence of Being that is never diminished through its thoughts and emotions but only when you believe these to be real. It is your interpretation of these inner feelings by making them yours that brings untold unhappiness, depression, fear and even desperation.
There is only one way to rise above unconscious guilt and it is through forgiveness. This forgiveness is often referred to as allowing, accepting, letting-go, looking into and body-awareness. Forgiveness is not trying to forgive another for their actions but to see clearly that there is nothing to forgive because all actions stem from cloudy thoughts and emotions. By seeing one's true nature as Spirit that's automatic forgiveness.
If you can forgive your judgments, fears and grievances you feel towards yourself and others then you are on your way to clearing the stigma of unconscious guilt. This is not difficult to do once you understand that your true nature is guiltless and no thought or emotion can diminish you but only your belief in it. You are always okay just as you are if you simply accept yourself fully.

3. You are a human Being -- a Being playing the human role. Since our human part precedes our Being-part then we are weak and give in to weakness by believing our negative thoughts and emotions. Thus we need help -- this help we can get from turning towards our very presence of Being known as the Holy Spirit. Talk to it as if it is your dearest friend. Ask it to accept all your negative feelings, fears and thoughts. Turn to it for guidance first thing in the morning and use it all the time until IT becomes your dearest and closest friend. It will never fail you or desert you in time of need. That's a guarantee.

Friday, October 2, 2009

There is only YOU!!

There is only

You are all you can ever know!
There is no ‘outside’ or ‘inside’ you.
‘Inside’ or ‘outside are conditioned
perceptions of physical memory.
You think, feel, see and experience according
to how you see yourself!!

Let us talk about your favorite subject – YOU! Oftentimes people do not want to admit that they are all that they think about, but honesty can be quite an awakener in itself.
If we fail to acknowledge such a fact then it is only because we feel guilty about it. If you feel sad it is you who is sad. If you feel happy it is you who is happy. Whatever you believe, no matter how ignoble or noble, you have to live with it. YOU are all you have or will ever have. Whether you admit it or not, it is you who has to live with that belief.

One evening during satsang I asked the people, “What is it you want more than anything?” and replies came in the form of wanting truth, love, peace, reality or what have you. Most, if they were very honest, would probably have said, “I want a million dollars or a new Ferrari or having power and fame.”
Then I asked them another question, “When you want truth, peace, love, fame etc who is it you want it for?” and that question made some realize that what they really wanted was “me.” Some had object and replied, “No, it is not ‘me’ I think about by my son. He comes first.”
“Doesn’t he come first because he is your son or do you feel the same about every other son and daughter?” Of course, he comes first because he is “my” son. Remember that ‘YOU’ comprises of me, mine and self-image.

When there is objection to this obvious truth, that’s when we have to look deeply into our own heart and ask if we are being honest, for that is when we defend and protect ourselves. This self-protection and defensiveness is the need to cling to this ‘me’-idea referred to as “YOU!”

If we start to glimpse, even minutely, what is being written here, you will start to see into what is most precious in Life.

Let’s take it a step further…

Ask yourself right now, “Doesn’t this apply to everyone?” Even as you read this, aren’t you applying it to yourself? After all, when we say the word ‘YOU’ aren’t we really referring to everyone?
Did you know that as you read this, you are automatically referring it to yourself and not how it refers to Karen, Susanne or Burt. Everything has to do with you. YOU are all you know or can ever know.

Here is the first truth to mull over – there is nothing outside of you EVER! You start with you and end up enlightened with you! The only difference is this – that the small box called ‘me’ that saw itself so separate, so isolated and lonely finds itself to be like everyone else.
So, if everyone is the same, then aren’t we all one essence? Now, doesn’t this blow you away? And, as you get blown away by the realization of your assumed smallness and find yourself part of a bigger picture, you still are ‘YOU.’ However, you are now looking through the limitless awareness that ‘YOU’ really is. You will always be YOU but as the ‘me’ idea begins to drop then so will egoic conditioning drop.
Expansion of awareness is like looking at a gigantic ladder reaching above the clouds. The ‘me’ is the first rung of the ladder where only ‘me’ exists as the center of its small universe. The ‘me’ is like the little frog believing that its whole world is the small pond where it resides. As it climbs higher and higher then it sees more and more of its own Oneness. Yet, despite the climb, the ‘YOU’ remains, shedding its conditioned and limited viewpoint to see everyone as oneself.

Here is the great revealer -- how you see others, you see yourself! There is the sudden recognition that if I call you a son-of-a-bitch then I have called myself a son-of-a-bitch! If I resent what you did, I carry that resentment in ‘me.’ If I seek revenge then I torture myself with its thought-process and when I have succeeded in getting even, I have also succeeded in not liking myself whether I am aware of it or not. It was Jesus who said that what you do to others you do to me. He meant that being Christ (Oneness) every act was done to itself. If you love another then you feel that love alive in you. If you hate another than you feel that hate in you.

If you see others as they actually are despite their actions outwardly then that is how you see yourself. If you watch the news and indulge in the disasters, crimes and wars then that’s how you’ll see the world that you live in. The world is a creation of mind because there is nothing, absolutely nothing, outside of YOU.
If I hurt you deliberately then I would feel that hurt by not liking myself unconsciously. The word ‘unconsciously’ covers every aspect of our judgments, dislikes, resentments, condemnations and negative thinking – this is how when we believe we are separate from Oneness we automatically create an unconscious guilt.

This unconscious guilt known often as ego is like a stone in your shoe or like an itch you can’t scratch away. It brings automatic feelings like “I am not good enough” or “I am unlovable” or “I am missing something” or “I have done something wrong without knowing what.”
Why do people feel this unconscious guilt? -- By clinging to the ‘me’ aspect as separate from others comes the feeling of isolation, loneliness and deprivation. Yet we cannot get rid of this ‘me’ because it is your field of experience; your frame of reference as ‘you’; it is the felt-sense of ‘I’ that says “I am me.” We can’t help this ‘me’ concept because we believe it is who we really are. We cannot get rid of it anymore than you can get rid of the air around you. All you are left with is to SEE MORE up the ladder from ‘me’ to “I AM.” Then you’ll start to see in an obvious way that everyone is not only like you but IS ‘YOU.’ If you catch a glimpse of this Oneness, even for a brief nano-second moment, you’ll start feeling the freedom of ‘YOU.’

How you see others
The great mystery is this – ‘YOU’ is all you can ever know, and rightly so, because that’s how spiritual awakening happens. There is only Oneness but then Oneness is YOU.
When the recognition hit me in the year 2000 that I am a human being, it was clear that I was the BEING playing the human role of Burt. While the intense ‘experience’ lasted, there was no other but myself and, everything I saw was myself. Yet there was no Burt around.

Since most awakening consciousness is a gradual process then there seem to be degrees in awareness. I said ‘there seem to be degrees’ in awareness. It is Oneness being kind by showing itself in small doses until we see the whole picture clearly and finally realize it was all obvious.
Initially all I thought was about ‘me, but didn’t recognize it consciously. The average person thinks about 26,000 thoughts a day and all of them refer to oneself. There is initial awareness that how one feels emotionally or mentally has nothing to do with Reality for it is all based on thought.

The next level of awareness starts with seeking something ‘better’ for oneself, maybe some liberating truth or some secret, but no matter what we find, it is all concerned with ‘me.’ There is no getting away from ‘me.’ In fact, the more I struggled against ‘me,’ the greater the ‘me’ had a hold on ‘me.’ This is the egoic trap. So here I reach frustration, confusion, control, anger, fear uncertainty, insecurity and doubt about what I am ‘doing’ here. These are all forms for recognizing how egoic one really is. We try to become happier but nothing happens. Maybe we study Advaita and learn the ‘evils’ of ego but all we generally end up doing is more information, ready-answers but no joy or peace. We even attempt, sincerely, to get rid of the ego while feeding it more validity and, as a result, it tries to strangle-hold us.

Our awareness starts to move a little deeper when we recognize that ‘others’ are a part of us (there are no others because there is only YOU!) So we try to be kinder, sweeter and more loving until we are attacked and we retaliate realizing it was all a sham. However, realizing it was all a fa├žade is itself a leap in consciousness expansion.
All we are ever ‘learning’ is unlearning the egoic unconscious guilt.
We may even pretend we are pure awareness (which in Reality we are) but we are stuck with the pride of ‘me’ knowing this and thus lose hold of the YOU that truly is IT!

It is about this time that the battle against the ego starts and that’s when sadness becomes part of our daily life. We still haven’t recognized that ‘YOU’ is all there is and therefore there is no such thing as ego. Our attempts at trying to resist the ego merely reinforces our belief in it and sadness is the result.
Ego is still the belief in a ‘me’ being stuck in the bottom rung of the ladder. We have to allow ourselves to see that the ladder is who we are!

What is the secret then? We ask, “Who am I?” but no answers are possible because there is no ego to know -- how can the ‘me’ (ego) know that which is higher than itself? This question leaves us with what we are – pure awareness without a past.

Is this ‘YOU’ subject to time?
The part that believes in a ‘me’ is a self-image based on the past conditioning. In moments of deep happiness, love or ecstatic union the ‘me’ is forgotten and all that’s left is ‘YOU.’
“Aha!!” so that’s it! If I am not the past, since it is now history, then ‘YOU’ must be the NOW itself! And, since ‘YOU’ is the NOW itself then it is beyond time. Are you beginning to see how grand you really are?
This ‘me’ doesn’t change from ego to Self – it awakens to what has always been the case! This ‘YOU’ is awareness presence.

This ‘YOU’ is the “I AM” of Self. Therefore, whatever I see, experience or do, it is always this “I AM” doing, seeing and experiencing. In other words, it is Oneness doing it all!! All that awakened was the viewpoint from a limited dark veil to a broad open window but nothing changed except the SEEING of what-is!
When this ‘me’ was caught in the past conditioning (self-image) it was merely unconscious, asleep, robotic in nature. It was blind to what was real and lasting. It was a shell filled with uncertainty, insecurity, fear, doubts and problems. When it opened its eyes and saw what was real and lasting nothing changed but shifted in its viewpoint. It was like looking at the outside from a glass window while gazing at the pane-glass itself putting the outside out of focus. All that was needed to see the broader view was shifting your gaze from the glass to the outside as if no glass existed.

How do we shift our viewpoint? Next time you find yourself thinking about the world or others – pause for a moment and see how what you are seeing is your own perception projected from your conditioned mind. Then, having done so, allow yourself to see that there is only ‘YOU.’ The projection of fear (unconscious guilt) once it is seen through is then forgiven simply because the true nature of awareness is innocence and sees no wrong. Voila! That’s how love unfolds!

‘YOU’ is One-Self!
There is a liberating feeling when we start seeing that this ‘me’ is not the thoughts, emotions but a higher aspect than just a personal self comprised of time. This begins our freedom-knowing. This recognition of seeing yourself in all others begins the liberation of self into Self.

Initially this ‘me’ is nothing but a bundle of unconscious guilt torn by beliefs in ‘shoulds’ and ‘shouldn’ts’ – conditioned further by conventional religions in so-called ‘rightful-living’ we created boundaries, fears and phobias regarding sex, loving, intimacy, openness and freedom. We became obsessed with ‘doing’ the right thing and we enslaved ourselves by not expressing what was in the heart as natural as breathing. We believed that we had to be a certain way in order to be good commandeered by our past conditioning. This enslaved us and created fears from the very thing we wanted most.

When you feel sad, angry, upset or simply lost and negative, it has nothing to do with Reality but only your thoughts about it. We are so inundated with how we should be, to be good and spiritual, that we have stifled the very Truth that is in us. Since nature abhors loss of freedom then our need for freedom becomes addictions, guilt, even perversions. We find ourselves sabotaging the things we really want and feel guilty for pursuing them.

This vicious circle is known as unconscious guilt. It is the arsenal of the egoic mind. We cannot get rid of this egoic mind, after all, who’s going to do it? We forget that there is no ‘me’ in reality because there’s only YOU! Are you beginning to see this revealing picture?

‘YOU’ is the oneness of pure awareness from which everything appears and manifests.

When you confine your ‘thinking’ to your conditioned beliefs then you actually create a wall against the very truth of YOU. Your natural state is Oneness and therefore it is intimacy, warmth, love, openness and unrestrictive freedom. ‘Giving’ is your true nature as opposed to ‘taking’ when expressed as ‘me.’ When this ‘me’ starts to dissolve into “I AM” (which is YOU) then the unconscious guilt starts to fall away and with it all the fears that imprisoned you.

What are the fears that imprison you when you act as ‘me’ rather than pure awareness? The ‘me’ is driven for love with a craving and neediness so that when love actually appears it will become beset with fears – the fear of rejection; the fear of not being loved enough; the fear of abandonment; the fear of intimacy; the fear of letting go in sexual expression and the fear of losing it all.

Throughout history we have had ‘righteous’ groups who protected themselves against evil while creating a worse evil themselves. Do you recall fundamentalist Christians? Do you recall the Ku Klux Klan? The Salem witch hunts? The hate literature against Jews and minorities? The communist propaganda to control the masses? And so many others under the banner of ‘doing the right thing?’ Is there such a thing as ‘doing the right thing?’ How freeing to realize there is only Oneness known as YOU. Everyone else is YOU. How can we hurt that which is ‘One’ with no separation? This Oneness or YOU is known as LOVE.
The ego, whose arsenal is unconscious guilt, is terrified of true love. I read the following from “The disappearance of the universe” page 170 and had to quote it because of its direct message:

“The ego is always trying to find ways to prevent you from closely examining its thought system.
Loudly the ego tells you NOT to look inward, for if you do your eyes will light on sin, and God will strike you blind.”
Jesus said in the Course that what the ego is really worried about is not sin but the truth…
“…beneath your fear to look within because of sin is yet another fear, and one which makes the ego tremble.
What if you looked within and saw no sin? This “fearful” question is one the ego never asks. And you who ask it now are threatening the ego’s whole defensive system too seriously for it to bother to pretend is is your friend.”

The world is beset with wars, crimes, violence and cruelty because of one basic belief the ego has known as unconscious guilt. Unconscious guilt believes in ‘wrong.’ It is preachy, proselytizing, controlling and demanding that we do what is ‘right.’ Yet there’s no need to do what is right at all when you awaken to the LOVE that YOU actually are. You don’t ‘do’ right – YOU simply live love and then ‘right’ is no longer a ‘doing’ but a ‘being.’

‘YOU’ is all there is!! This is not only an incredible life-changing, perception-shifting and freedom-giving but it is actually our true Home. We all want to belong, to feel loved, to be happy and to enjoy each other without restrictions in utter freedom. Yet we deny this because of our beliefs in separation. We want to create boundaries, rules, self-protection and thus self-denials and fears and for what? Look into your heart right now and ask what would be the greatest thing for you? Wouldn’t it be the freedom to love without restriction or fear of intimacy? Wouldn’t it be to feel free and open in your sincere affection for all of YOU?

Who am I?
People keep asking, “How can I change myself?” The fact is that any attempts at changing yourself will boomerang, often against you. The greatest news about positive change is to do nothing but simply to allow you the direct experience of pure being.

I make it my ‘practice’ to sit quietly doing nothing on a daily basis but just listening. I listen to the sounds around me and then gradually direct them to the body’s sensations of aliveness. I listen to what is completely present such as heart-beating, normal breathing, the feeling of my body against the chair and all the different physical feelings that make me know I have a body. This focus quiets the mind and stops thought. Then I focus my awareness in the room with eyes closed. I keep expanding this awareness until it contains the whole apartment and extending to the street, city, country, globe, orbit space and the Milky Way galaxy. I allow myself to ‘feel’ how unlimited awareness is. I keep ‘listening’ to this limitless, beginningless and endless awareness as my source. In this ‘listening’ is contained the knowing that I AM the awareness of Oneness itself. I see in this ‘feeling/listening/knowing’ that beliefs, conditioning, fears and all thoughts as just movements within awareness like clouds that block the sun’s light. They mean nothing but a passing movement. In this ‘listening’ I see clearly that I am nothing at all because I am everything! In this freedom, unencumbered by past or future, I see that I AM pure awareness experienced as Love. This is who I AM!

Dr. Frank Kinslow who has awakened to his true nature now offers quantum healing and has had great success in helping people heal and change by simply recognizing their true nature as pure awareness. In an interview he stated:

“I went into seclusion to contemplate “No-thing” or “pure awareness.” After another seven years of silence, I realized that there is Nowhere to go and Nothing to do. Everything is perfect just as it is. You see, “Nothing” doesn’t give answers, it IS the answer! Deep rest, pure awareness, deep peace – these would be other terms to describe the experience of “no-thing” or “no-thought.”

Ask yourself right now, “Who am I?” and no answer will emerge because that ‘no answer’ is the answer itself – you are pure awareness; a clearing; an open space; a pure being and yet fully cognizant of Presence as ‘I AM.’
Initially such ‘no answer’ is scary but when accepted as ‘the answer’ then we start waking up. We find there was never a ‘me’ but YOU as everything and nothing; everyone and no one. The logical mind cannot comprehend something so basic and fundamental but the heart can experience it directly.
When you ask anyone, “How do you know you exist?” they will often reply, “Of course I know because I am aware that I exist!” Yet who is being aware? And eventually you’ll discover it is the same for all 6 billion people on this earth. It is the same one pure awareness that YOU are!

Cause and Effect
Now we come to the most important secret of all and one that will blow your ego mind into the Self. This secret is so wondrous, so revolutionary and so transforming that the moment you realize it it’s awakening itself!
So what is this great revolutionary and transforming secret? It is this – you are 100% responsible for every feeling, thought, motion and experience. There is no world ‘out there’ – there is only YOU! You have to be 100% responsible because there is only YOU! Everything you see happening in the world is your responsibility because you are seeing it.
Most people act as victims of circumstances but in reality there are no victims because of one simple fact – YOU are the Cause and not the effect. You are pure awareness and the Oneness of all-that- IS!

The following is taken from the article “World’s Most Unusual Healer” by Ted Kuntz:
“Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len is a psychologist who works with individuals considered criminally insane. These are individuals deemed mentally unstable to such a degree that they are not held legally responsible for the serious crimes they commit. As a society we typically respond by locking these individuals in an institution, often for the rest of their lives.
Yet, after a few months of Dr. Len’s treatment, those individuals who had been shackled are released of their shakles. Patients who had been heavily sedated are able to go off their medications. And those who were given no chance of ever being released are freed. After four years of intervention, the ward in the state hospital where Dr.Len worked closed because so many of the patients had been released.
This is the stuff of urban legend. It seems inconceivable that even the world’s best therapist could cure the criminally insane. The most unbelievable part of the story however is that Dr. Len cures his patients without ever seeing them! Rather than offer traditional face-to-face therapy using cognitive and behavioural interventions, Dr. Len studies the inmate’s charts. He then looks within himself to see how he created the person’s illness. As Dr. Len accepts, forgives and heals himself, his patients are healed.”

Dr. Len realized that being 100% responsible means he knows there is only ‘YOU’ (One-Self) and that energy is transferred to the ones focused on. It is like calling someone on the cell phone and dialing their number to reach them specifically. They are reached directly by dialing (focusing) their signal until the radio waves reach their cell phone and they answer. This is also explained as quantum forgiveness in ‘A Course in Miracles.’
We take 100% responsibility because there is only “I AM” and so by forgiving One-Self for whatever seems to be happening ‘out there’ we imbue our auric field with so much energy that our focus becomes the signal to reach the ‘other’ part of our-Self.

‘YOU’ is all there is and there’s no one ‘out there’ but YOU. It is like when you dream at night and see others in your dream-creation, they are all emanations of and from YOU. Once you start seeing this clearly then there is transformation, healing and inner power. You take responsibility for whatever you see, feel and experience and then forgive it in you. (see WorkBook Lesson #122 of ‘A Course in Miracles” titled “Forgiveness offers everything I want.”

With our current understanding of how things are, Dr. Len’s method by taking 100% responsibility doesn’t make sense. I have had people recoil at even the thought of being responsible for another’s behavior. However, we start to understand when we allow ourselves to see the obviousness of Oneness. There is only YOU. The moment you start having a glimpse of this then you will see quickly that any other method is a waste of energy.
Our understanding of “There is only YOU” begins when we commit ourselves to see it. I use a method called ‘Supersentience’ in which pure awareness is seen to be the only reality. Once we glimpse this fact then ‘things’ will begin to happen in your life.

The Three Reminders:

1. Your true nature is Pure Awareness and it is through this truth alone that everything happens. This pure awareness also known as Holy Spirit is the Intelligence of Life. By being aware of this truth there is nothing for us to do and it will do what is best for us automatically by turning to it. What blocks us from using this power is the belief that we can control our life through the ego. In other words every time you try to be in control you are making yourself helpless leading to confusion, frustration and complexity. If you ever feel confused ask, “Am I trying to control this or trusting the Holy Spirit?”

2. What blocks us from knowing the simple truth of our nature is called ‘Unconscious Guilt.’ This unconscious guilt that eats away at us is the reason for the world’s ills. It believes it is separate from Source (Oneness, God) and thus often feels ‘not-good-enough’ creating self-sabotage, unnecessary suffering and projection of its guilt onto others. It is also known as unconscious self-hate.

3. There is only one safe and fast way to return to Source and that’s through quantum forgiveness. Quantum forgiveness means that you see everyone as yourself – whole and innocent as pure awareness.

Burt Harding

Please note: If you have read this and would like to have a direct experience of Pure Awareness through the method of Supersentience then email me for an appointment.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Simple Way to Live!

The Simple Way to Live!
One evening I received four email questions that had to do with the same ‘problem’ which was -- How to incorporate the simple teaching into daily life. Then this morning I felt inspired to write the following…

Please listen carefully because words by themselves are tricky unless we fully grasp their true meaning. It all comes down to CHOICE. Many advaita enthusiasts will say, “but we have no choice” which is true. And, it is this very truth that gives us this choice. Confused? Let’s see if I can make it a little clearer.

The word ‘choice’ is a paradoxical term because it is when we realize that there’s only one Truth, One Essence, One Reality or Oneness that we have the choiceless choice. In other words, Truth is choiceless because it is the truth. Since Truth is true and it is One, then we have no choice but to choose it. It is in this recognition that we start living by conscious choice.

Another interesting facet of this is – the ego mind really believes it has choice and therefore makes up its mind; actually chooses through its conditioned perceptions to decide or not to live the truth. This is, of course, absurd. Therefore NOT living the truth is ego’s way to establish its individual separation. However, what it ends up doing is suffering. Then it attempts to get out of its suffering mode by making more choices and decisions how it should act or be exacerbating the whole situation. In other words, suffering leads to more suffering. This is the ego’s way to deal with its own illusions. For instance, it gets guilty for feeling guilty and gets depressed and frustrated over its own depression and frustration. It gets very angry when it can’t deal with its own anger and reacts violently when all it wants is peace. In other words, the ego is a contradictory bastard. There is no way to deal with the ego because of one simple fact --- it doesn’t exist except in one’s imagination!

Since we believe there’s an ego that we must get rid of then we are stuck trying to get rid of a shadow when it chases you. You ran fast to avoid the shadow but it keeps up with you in perfect attachment. Then you get confused and frustrated because there’s nothing you can do. Thus, instead of learning to see that there’s nothing you can do, you try even harder thinking there’s something you are missing. The struggle goes on and on until exhaustion sets in and that’s where depression, deep sadness and even apathy or indifference may take over and we are ‘dead’ on our feet.

The ego is simply our conditioned beliefs about who we think we are. It is easy to see who we are and find there’s nothing there, but it’s a hell of a shock we are not willing to take. This shock we are not willing to take again leads us to different forms of seeking, which we can’t help. We want to be ‘something’ or ‘someone’ blinding us from seeing the obvious. The fear says, “but I have to be a person because I know I am here.” If we just ‘looked at what is obvious’ and accepted it fully we’ll see two things – the fact that you have always been here and knowing it plus also having all you ever really wanted as always being here.

So, how do we live simply? There are two steps which I have learned since my experience in the year 2000. You are a human being. The human forgets the Being because they oppose each other on the surface. Therefore let’s see it this way…
We have two LIFE-SCRIPTS and they are already written just like a movie already made. Thus it seems that these two scripts are what we can choose. Ordinarily we choose (unconsciously) the ego script. This ego script is based on the belief in ‘wrong.’ In other words, it judges, condemns and often entertains grievances. It can’t help it because that’s the structure of the false self known as fear. If you were to tell this ego script that there’s no ‘wrong’ it will probably break out in laughter and goes about proving it to you by pointing out all the mess we have created in the world – wars, crimes, violence, corruption and man’s inhumanity to man. It never occurs to the ego system that such ‘evil’ (opposite of ‘live’) was created because of the belief in ‘wrong’ in the first place. When the ego chooses the ‘wrong’ beliefs it is not conscious of such choosing, therefore it is called ‘unconscious choice.’

Then we have the Being-Script, which is also already-made and we can call this script ‘The Holy Spirit.’ This, incidentally, is the One Truth…it is who you really are. This Holy Spirit knows no ‘wrong’ and therefore sees no ‘wrong’ ever. Its true nature is innocence. It contains the highest good and also what we love the most – joy, aliveness, happiness, peace, inner fulfillment and unbridled freedom. The ego can’t conceive of such a heaveny state but here’s a fact – once we take conscious choice to live by the Holy Spirit and its guidance, our life becomes such a blessing we will wonder how we had missed something so simple. It makes our work effortless because it is done through love and creativity; it makes us open and loving without inhibition or fear; it enhances every facet of our life without doing anything except choosing the Holy Spirit every time we find ourselves ‘caught’ in our shadow self of judgment, condemnation
and fear.

When we do not listen to the Holy Spirit then our life becomes sheer suffering and we are placed in a position to learn lessons we didn’t yet resolve. These ‘lessons’ keep repeating until we actually start hearing what we are unconsciously choosing. If we don’t hear what we are choosing then we keep repeating the lessons whether they come in the form of accidents, or sickness or just emotional dysfunction. We may go to doctors or psychiatrists for help and take drugs but treating the symptoms without knowing their cause becomes a chiku-brigu (vicious circle). There’s no healing from unlearned lessons except through forgiveness.

Forgiveness is not just saying “I forgive this thought…” but it means seeing the Holy Spirit as the Truth of Being and therefore you are innocent. Thus forgiveness is seeing the innocence of all acts.
Here’s another fact -- we don’t hate or hurt or punish ourselves and others because we like it, it happens because we are ignorant of our true nature as Holy Spirit.

Now it comes to knowing our choice. When we feel miserable, sad, lonely, and unhappy, depressed or whatever -- we can’t help it. It was our unconscious choice. Unconscious means we didn’t deliberately choose to feel this way. Yes, it was still our unconscious choice. The trouble is that when depressed we don’t want to choose our innocence because we want to punish ourselves for being that way and so it continues on its merry-go-crazy cycle. It is imperative to remember that whenever we feel guilty (which is the nature of the ego) we also feel that we do not deserve the best and so end up sabotaging even our own efforts at choosing the Holy Spirit. In other words, we actually choose suffering rather than end it because we do not believe we are good enough to deserve happiness and love. This is the nutty, crazy, ghastly, monstrous way of the ego. And yet, it is all one big huge illusion. We have played it for so long that we do not know any other way than to live in fear.

The Holy Spirit is real, very real but it is something that I cannot prove to you unless you start choosing IT! This does not mean that you deny yourself anything…in fact by choosing the Holy Spirit you live freely and unencumbered by struggle or decision-making. Everything will flow so easily that you’ll wonder how you could have lived otherwise without having gone insane. By the way, the ego is insane!! There I said it! You will see this when you start Consciously choosing the Holy Spirit.

So, how do I start? First thing in the morning just before rising say something like this, “Holy Spirit today is your day. Take over my decisions and actions and thought and you are the manager. Thank you.”
Then simply go about your daily business as usual. The moment you start judging yourself or others; condemn anyone or yourself; or feel that you are holding on to a grievance against anyone then simply forgive it by saying, “I am Spirit, whole and innocent.” For a moment recall your true innocent nature.

What starts to happen then? You may not notice any changes happening but you might find that things move more smoothly. You will feel moments of creative energy or inspiration. You might even find expression becoming easier as weeks go by. In retrospect you will find that life has become more enjoyable and loving. You will feel freer even in your sexual expression, in laughing, in enjoying and knowing that you are not limited to just a body or age or economic conditions. You JUST ARE!!
Someone might say, “This sounds too simple.” And, I will reply, “Yes it is!” because that’s how life was meant to be.
Another wonderful thing will happen also – your life script which is being lived in linear time might go through shifts and time changes to avert ‘unresolved lessons.’ Life will flow more easily and your understanding of your true state that lives in holographic essence becomes clearer in ways that words can NEVER explain.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Questions that OPEN the Heart!

Questions that open the heart!

“We reach a point in our life when inexplicable events and feelings cry out for answers and yet the ‘answers’ lead to deeper questions until it strikes us that it is not the answers we need but an open heart to the wonder and mystery that is Oneness itself.”

I have fallen in love with a reality so subtle I can’t put it in words. In my work as both a hypnotherapist and my dedication to answering innumerable email questions worldwide over the past three years I have discovered that there is so much literature about oneness (advaita teachings) that many readers have become well-versed in that information, and as a result, have become blinded by that very information believing that they know and thus deprived themselves from an open heart closing it off from innocence, joy and genuine love.

I have often stated that Oneness is the answer to all questions and problems because, after all, it is the One Truth. Yet I have failed to state that I do not know Oneness despite my glimpse of it. This oneness has coaxed me on to various stages. It is the force behind the silent questions that compelled me to peel away the veils one by one to see where it was leading. It slowly persuaded me to drop my illusions, showing me something greater than anything I could have believed. This article is not about answers, for there are none except intellectual words. It is about the power hidden behind questions that have haunted people since the beginning of time.

A man recently asked me a very intelligent question, “Why are questions so incessant. We are driven for answers that never arrive but only lead to more questions. Why is it like this?”

The reason there are no answers is because it is Oneness that is prodding us towards itself. We glibly state, my self included, that oneness is the answer as if we now know the answer. Can we know Oneness as long as we are in the human form? Oneness is so vast, so limitless that it staggers our imagination. In this realization alone, that we don’t know, begins our authentic ‘knowing’ that the unknown is beyond mind. In this acknowledged unknowing we have opened our heart in innocence and authenticity.
It was a wise Zen master who said, “It is the absence of intellectual knowing that allows the discovery of the new.”

Did you ever wonder why we get so stuck in our growth? Is there something we are missing in our understanding? Look no further because this topic can be your breakthrough.
The secret lies in understanding the power and wisdom of questioning. We might have never seen the wisdom and power of questioning because the moment we had a deep question we wanted an answer.

It was the ‘answer’ itself made up of words
that actually stifled and kept us in a box.

Answer this question now – “Can you step into the unknown and construct a life unrestricted by answers? If so, you are now on your way to real knowing beyond intellectual knowing.

What is a question?
Let us get to basics first – what is a question? The word ‘question’ means a quest, seeking, searching and needing. It is life’s way to help us evolve in consciousness. And, it is consciousness itself asking the questions according to the level of our awareness growth.
As my morning work consists of answering a multitude of email questions, I have learned to ‘feel’ the questioner by the level of the questions themselves. The questions that are unconscious inside you are the causes of your stress and negative reactions. In fact, all unresolved questions are our suffering. Initially our questions center on our ego and that is as it should be. They often consist of ‘why’ and also ‘how.’ The word ‘why’ is the first indication that the questioner doesn’t really want the truth but an escape from it. For instance if someone asks, “why am I suffering?” are looking for sympathy and someone who canb enable their victim-mentality. A fully matured question would be more like, “What is suffering?”

If you are really interested in taking a leap in understanding then do not just read this script but digest it, feel it, reflect on it until something is triggered within you.

The nature of questions
The nature of a question is the recognition that we do not know. There’s an old Zen saying that affirms, “If you think you know, then it’s clear you don’t know. If you admit you don’t know then you know.”
This most basic of understandings is also the most powerful. The knowledge that trumps all other knowledge is the understanding that we have no certainty. A fact that frightens us is that the ego can NEVER be certain (nor secure or safe). The moment we start getting to know this fact and accept it, it is at that moment we start becoming unstuck. We really don’t know except words from hearsay and books. This ‘not-knowing’ allows an investigation into life that is unobstructed by our conditioning, uncluttered by our information. Just remember this fact…

It is the absence of knowing
That allows the discovery of the new.

Why do we get stuck? It is because nobody ever told us that there is nothing to know for the mind except information. Information cannot help you anymore than black dots on a white page can. We fit what is new into what is old by seeking answers thinking we now know. This thinking we know simply repeats the same old patterns, old thinking and old questions.
When it comes to the Truth there is nothing to know and the only way to break free is to stop trying to know something thus open yourself to what is already in you and about you and really start looking in a fresh new way.

How do we come to know beyond intellectual knowing? -- by looking deeply into our natural questioning nature. This whole journey on earth is an evolution of consciousness. This evolution of consciousness has one single drive – to know itself! And, how does it get to know itself? -- Through the process of questioning. Did you know that our whole make-up is built on questions? Our every step in our consciousness ‘climb’ is a question understood (not answered).

Initially we are so filled with questions that we do not know we have them. These ‘living-questions’ are known as restlessness, stress, over-active mind and body plus all negative thinking.
Did you know that you are asking questions most of the time without ever realizing it? Every stressful feeling, every anxiety, every discomfort and every negative thought is a question.
What are we seeking (questing)? We are unconsciously propelled by consciousness to know itself and so our unconscious questions are about finding meaning and belonging. Remember that these questions are unconscious. For example, whenever you feel out-of-sorts what is happening? You are unconsciously asking a question. For instance, suppose you are feeling anxious aren’t you raising the unconscious question, “I wonder what’s going to happen?” Suppose you are hurt by someone close to you – what are you asking (unconsciously, of course), “Is there something wrong with me? Maybe I’m not lovable? Am I missing something other people have?” So, let us make it simpler by saying that all negative emotions are questions we are UNCONSCIOUSLY asking.

We have taken a big step the moment we become aware of the questions we are asking, we are already above average awareness. When we start looking at these questions as a means of ‘learning’ more about ourselves then we have taken a giant leap in awareness growth.

Why does the subconscious keep asking questions? This is all part of consciousness evolution. Emotional dysfunction or any mental illness is total unawareness of this action of questioning. When we become aware how every negative emotion is a question, that’s greater awareness. When we use such questions to get to know and meet ourselves, that’s even greater awareness. However, the greatest leap is when we realize we are NOT asking the questions at all. It is life’s way ‘trying’ to awaken us.

The levels of questions
What is interesting are the levels of questions people ask. The average consciousness has so many questions that it doesn’t know what to ask or how to phrase its feelings. Anything that is discussed beyond its level of comfort is usually ignored or not ‘heard’ at all. When questions are asked initially they are concerned with ‘others’ and the world, such as “Why is there suffering in the world?” “What if people take advantage of me?” “People are not generally loving and kind!” This subconscious questions are known as ‘living-questions’ and affect every area of our life. It is imperative that we recognize our living questions.

I get so many single women clients who have relationship problems and find it hard to maintain a relationship longer than a year. Through probing their ‘living-question’ I find that they are carrying ‘self-sabotage’ questions such as “I wonder if he’ll stay?” “If he finds out how I really am he will not like me” “I feel rejected when he doesn’t call and expect the worst” and many more. These questions or inner statements, unknown to the individual create an unconscious intention for failure.

What is a ‘living-question?’ -- It is unexplored feeling of negative emptiness and surfaces as stress and a closed heart.
The initial questions are triggered by unconscious guilt such as “What is wrong with me?” “Why am I different?” “Why don’t I feel good enough?” “What am I missing?” “Why aren’t I happy?”

The average questions asked are usually about ‘others’ or about events and situations not directly affecting the questioner except indirectly. It takes courage and somewhat of an egoless nature to expose oneself openly especially in a group situation. It is only when such courage has awakened that those deeper questions start being asked.

The first stage of questions involves the world and this is understandable because in the initial stages of consciousness the world is quite real. Fundamental questions about the government, political system, money, people’s behavior and so on are threatening our security and safety.
The second stage the ‘world’ questions then lead to personal ones and how they affect us. At this point we may ask ‘experts’ or some authorities or join some support group and so on.
In the third stage we start reading a lot but not because we want truth but because we want answers. This is a slow stage and oftentimes we get stuck in it for a whole lifetime.
Truth is scary because it is Oneness and therefore there is no ‘you’ as you believed you are. You just don’t want to hear about this and resort to some comfortable belief system where your fears are supported.
It is in the fourth stage that we start seeking spiritual truth but only on our level of understanding. Most of the time is is spiritual fascination about esoteric themes such as reincarnation, karma, miracles, supernatural events, healings, chakras and so on. These are valid facts but NOT Truth. Truth is Oneness where there is no one doing anything.
In the fifth stage we get fascinated with advaita known also as Oneness. We read voraciously and begin the belief that we now know the truth. We just want to know that we know and we let others know that we know by the knowledgeable statements we make.
In the sixth stage we realize we do not know anything and there’s no one to know anything. This is the stage of innocence and true love. This is the open heart.

Questions never cease as long as we are human. And, questions have no answers because they were NOT meant to. When someone awakens to the full nature of pure consciousness then questions stop and there is eternal rest and bliss. However, what has actually happened is that questions have become recognitions due to one simple fact – all ‘answers’ had stopped. Questions never cease because the human part of us incessantly wants answers.

It is quite a shock to the human system (ego)
when it realizes there are no answers and there never was.
Paradoxically, it is this very shock to the human
that elevates it beyond its box.

Learning to listen

We think it is ‘we’ who ask but there is no ‘we’ or ‘me’ that asks but a strong drive of consciousness to get to know itself. The ordinary mind can ‘choose’ to listen or not. When there is no listening to inner questions then we ask,
“Why do I feel sadness without knowing why?”
“Why do I feel as if I am missing something?”
“Why am I so restless and uneasy with myself for no apparent reason?”

Well, here’s the good news – you haven’t been listening to your deep restless questions and instead tried to find an answer which would have been impossible. Start listening to your deep questions that come to you as a feeling of boredom, listlessness, worry, fear, anxiety and a host of other uncomfortable thoughts and judgments. All these feelings are a clear indication of unexplored questions deep within you. How else can consciousness grow unless it pushes you into a discomfort zone?

Who is it that asks these questions within us? We do not ask these questions, they are our triggers to listen, to explore, to choose to LISTEN WITHIN and ask the ultimate question that will liberate us – “Who am I?”
We do not have the free-will we always thought we had – our choice is very simple (and we do have that choice) – to LISTEN and become aware without seeking answers. We also have the choice to resist and reject exploring our inner questions by seeking answers. Now, let me ask you this – have the answers you received from books, teachers and friends ever gave you lasting peace, security and safety? Of course not! No one can give you these ‘qualities’ because they are your very heart itself when all answers are given up including the ‘answer’ to the ultimate question, “Who am I?”

Ask yourself right now, “Who am I?” and if you know you cannot answer it and accept it fully that it has no answer, then you are already feeling greater understanding because your heart has opened. And please do not confuse the word ‘answer’ with the word ‘understanding.’ The word ‘understanding’ refers to an inner knowing, which is a felt-sense. It is like understanding that you exist and yet it is a felt-sense and not an ‘answer.’ It is the felt-sense that brings inner harmony, peace, awakened love and eternal rest (security and freedom).

How do we awaken deep questions?
Einstein’s genius emerged from his ability to look at Life and marvel at its mystery, and then, ask himself questions about time and space until his own inner wisdom revealed what his mind could not.
The secret of tapping the wisdom of the inner Self is through deep and unusual questions most people never ask. And then, without reaching for an answer to explore the question itself, revelations emerge from deep within as a result of deep exploration.
Most people feel a certain pride when they have an answer to a deep intelligent question. This ‘answer’ which is nothing but a bunch of intellectual words is probably (and most often) borrowed from some hearsay or reading. The real wisdom is in asking the right question. I am grateful to the hundreds of people who have asked me such profound and ‘difficult’ questions because they ‘forced’ me to look deep within myself.

When we step into the unknown and construct a life unrestricted by answers but filled with wonder and awe at life itself, then the questions get deeper as they question the question itself. And, the wonderful thing is, when we are not so keen on arriving at any quick answers, we start fully understanding the questions. And the truth is – an ‘experienced’ question is superior and deeper than its possible answer. This is the secret of awakening inner knowing. The understanding that comes from knowing fully the question itself and what we are really asking (the why and what of it) is what enriches our life. Intellectual answers are mere words that only satisfy the ego and have no staying power. Whereas, when we can look deep within and search our very being for what we really want to know, and formulate such a question that points out exactly what we are asking, then it is a matter of understanding the question itself that brings greater clarity.

How do we understand the question?
There are two steps to understanding the question. However, before going into these two steps it is imperative that the question is a deep unrelenting need of your soul. It is something that has lingered within you for a long time but never had the courage to ask it. You might have to start LISTENING to the deep longings within you (which are your living-questions) and then writing them down as they come to you. Please do not try to make sense of them. When you have a long list and they go all over the place in their incoherence, then it is time to see what the common denominator in all of them is. When you arrive at the one major question then simply write it down as succinctly and clearly as possible. In other words, know what it is you are really asking.

Then follow the two steps:
1. Stay away from reaching for an answer to the question (this is imperative). The ‘answer’ might pop into your head but just laugh at it and let it go. No matter what answers your mind will come up with, they will not be satisfying nor ‘awareness-producing.’

2. Now look deeply at the question and see what your heart is trying to tell you. Just remember this – that this question represents your level of awareness in getting to know itself. This acceptance without reaching for a solution activates your ’unknowing’ of the question. This acknowledged ‘unknowing’ automatically triggers a silent ‘knowing’ that defies explanation because it is not made up of words. What happens is a deep resonance of felt-sense of our wholeness. Accept fully that no answer is necessary and you are willing to stay in this ‘unknowing’ forever if need be. It is this humbleness that brings a glory that can’t be put in words.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The over-powering belief in 'wrong'

“You stated in your webcam video that there’s nothing wrong in Reality. I find this too perplexing. Could you clarify?”

You are referring to the video clip

I admit that this is one of the most controversial subjects but it is also a transforming one when fully grasped in its true meaning. In order to understand this seemingly complex statement there has to be some clarity about Cause & Effect of everything that happens in creation. It is true that there is corruption, crime, violence and man’s inhumanity to man in the world but they are the effects of a cause…and that cause is the belief in wrong also known as unconscious guilt.

The Unconscious mind
Practically all of your mind is unconscious to you, just like almost all of an iceberg is underneath the surface of the water. Since we do not see what lies in our unconscious we judge the surface and draw conclusions based on what we see only. Of course there are ‘evils’ in the world and that’s obvious, however, it is when we see the cause of their existence that we start understanding the fact that it is the belief in wrong that creates the wrong.

The Human part
The human part of us is a small insignificant part of our true nature. Our reality lies in Being. Our identification with the limited human aspect is known as ego. The ego is that part of the mind that believes in division, separation and smallness. It is this separation alone that keeps reminding you that you are separate from God (Source of Life). Thus, when you keep being reminded unconsciously that you are just a small human who has forgotten its One Being nature, you have committed the act of separating from God.
Our conventional religions exacerbate this further by making us believe that God is ‘up there’ judging us instead of the Being we are itself. And, we have bought it all because we like the idea of being separate individuals. As Assagioli (Founder of PsychoSynthesis) said, “We spend 95% of our energy protecting, defending and maintaining our self-image without the slightest idea that it is just an image.” It is this defense of this false belief that created the belief in ‘wrong’ known as unconscious guilt. Another aspect of unconscious guilt is the demand for punishment imbedded in the unconscious known as “I don’t deserve the best.” “I don’t feel good enough” “I feel I am missing something” “I feel empty”

The prevalence of self-sabotage
These beliefs in wrong create self-sabotage often destroying the very things we want most. As a hypnotherapist I keep hearing this litany with practically every client, “Why do I do this to myself?” “Why can’t I hold a relationship?” “Why can’t I find peace?”
Whenever ‘things-become-too-good-to-be-true’ we make sure we don’t have them. If this sounds crazy then you’ll be surprised to know that it is in every one’s thinking pattern as long as one has not awakened to their spiritual nature.
We pride in being individuals, I certainly did for most of my life. Yet it is this very duality that creates this inner emptiness and division even from oneself. The term ‘individuality’ spells ‘duality.’
Just like the term ‘evil’ is the reverse of the word ‘live.’

There is no separation
In the movie ‘Leap Movie’ ( that cites many notable scientists and authors it emphasizes the fact that not only there is no separation but the thought of being an individual is the insanity of the age. It is this separation-thinking that promotes the belief in wrong. And, belief always materializes.

The ego (separated self idea) believes that this insane behavior is what you did because it believes that it is you. If you identify with the ego (and most people do) you must perceive yourself as guilt, and you will fear punishment. This belief in wrong is so subtle that one often feels as if they have done something wrong. And, it is this negative thinking that is responsible for the craziness in this world of the mind.

The Thought of ‘Wrong.’
An interesting research study conducted by Cognitive Therapy revealed that people do not suffer from a negative mindset because of depression or fear. It has been discovered it is the other way around. People suffer depression, fear and anxiety because of negative thoughts. In other words, it is the thought of ‘wrong’ that created the emotional suffering in the first place.

Religious teachings about sin, hell, devil, damnation and the need for punishment contributed greatly towards this unconscious guilt. This unconscious guilt has been also the precursor of many suicides.

“A Course in Miracles” states emphatically that all suffering is the result of unconscious guilt. Even in mundane psychology we know this to be true. Sigmund Freud wrote in his studies, “Our patients do not believe us when we attribute to them an unconscious sense of guilt. In order to make ourselves at all intelligible, we must tell them of an unconscious need for punishment.”

This unconscious guilt is imbedded in our very humanity. It is an ingrained belief in separation and often experienced in families. Many of the more serious feelings of guilt stem from a special kind of guilt; the hidden guilt we feel towards our parents – and sometimes towards our brothers and sisters. This is often denied until from hypnosis the truth emerges with such shame from our unspoken hate. This is mostly unconscious in most people. However, as more people become aware of their true nature, the more this hidden feeling surfaces and then what do we do – we start dwelling and indulging in our self-pity stories of betrayal or shame or feeling unloved.

How does this unconscious guilt (which is a strong belief in wrong) manifest in daily life?
Some sabotage their own success.
• Some are unable to achieve a satisfactory relationship.
• Some are unable to fully relax and enjoy life.

In my sessions with clients I have found the following patterns…
How I should be instead of how I am.
I believe I was abandoned and fear rejection therefore I look for it.
I feel bad but can’t pinpoint what that is.
I am often conscious of losing something and must control it.
I often feel overwhelmed.
I believe one of my parents didn’t love me.

Addictions are escapes from ‘wrong’
This belief in wrong creates the need for escape as a respite. This means that we seek some pleasure or outlet to compensate for our nightmares in our unconscious. These escapes often become addictions. Some addictions are as innocent as the need for coffee or a smoke or masturbation to the greater needs for escape through drugs (including medical) alcohol, drugs and pornography. The average human being is addicted to something or other in order to compensate for their ‘wrong’ inner feeling. This addiction could be anything that will compensate for feelings of ‘wrongness.’ Lying, pretension and a hypocritical attitude is also subtle addictions. Then we have addictions as self-punishment for feeling ‘not-good-enough’ such as complaining, grumpiness, moodiness, melodrama and negative thinking. These addictions are backed by the belief that they are justified like saying, “I have a right to be angry or jealous or upset…”

My experience has shown that such addictions are not healed by conventional therapy except maybe temporarily. These addictions are healed when we discover the truth of our Being-nature which is guiltless and innocent.
We are a human being. While the human part of us believes in ‘wrong’ yet our true part, which is the Being, is guiltless, innocent and love itself. The average human hides the being just like the the dense dark clouds hide the sun. The sun is always there but not seen due to the dark clouds until we come to believe that the dark clouds are real and thus there is no sun.

Questions about the belief in wrong
It is interesting to note that most of the questions about this subject came from religious people who believe in guilt. Somehow guilt is necessary for them to help them atone for the sins of mankind. Imagine the children brought up in such an environment?

In this article I have mentioned unconscious guilt, addictions, fears and attachments and someone might ask, “Aren’t these wrong then?” Yes, but they are the result of the belief in wrong and that’s the whole point.

In order to understand this subject look upon all effects such as emotional pain, melodrama, panic attacks, deep anxieties, insecurities and daily stresses as the result of unconscious guilt and not whether they are wrong or right. As long as we feel justified in our suffering, we will not rise above it and see the sun.
I have heard many people rage and condemn and judge with malice because they said they were justified for the pain they received. Who is it that is suffering? And yet, the need to justify our anger, fear and hatred not only exacerbates the situations but blinds us to healing. It is this which is self-punishment and always follows unconscious guilt and its projections. We do not realize, and don’t want to realize, that all our emotional pain is caused by the mind’s projection. No one can do anything to you unless you allow them. And, you allow them by playing victim. It is this which is termed ‘belief in wrong.’ It is such a vicious circle that we get angry for being angry; get upset for being upset; feel negative for feeling negative; and feel so guilty for feeling guilty that we indulge in our guilt even more. This is the ‘game’ of ‘belief in wrong.’

How do we heal?
In my practice of hypnotherapy I have seen people suffer from this belief hat their lives have become a literal hell. Yet it is symbolic of the thought-system of the ego of fear, guilt and death --- and it’s not real! So why fear it? All images are just images, no matter where or when they appear to happen. These images are seen in some of your nightmares are very tyical of the nature of the ego which is based on guilt (belief in wrong). The unconscious is much more horrible than what’s above the surface. This is how the ego hides itself and its plan to keep you immersed in the belief in wrong. The conscious projection you see all around you is a defense. Thus your ego defense is tolerable in comparison to what’s in your unconscious mind. In other words, we find that surface living is tolerable in comparison to what lies underneath and so we escape into surface living (addictions and escapes) not to face our deep unconscious demons and nightmarish creatures that often seem so real. The unconscious carries all the memories of what you had run away from, resisted and remained unresolved and the word ugly, monstrous, demonic, savage and ghastly come to mind. In fact, this has been built up by the beliefs of separation from God (Love, Source, Essence). And knowing this you begin to understand why people drink heavily or seek sex intensely or indulge in negative beliefs – this is all part of the belief in wrong.
Remember too that the belief in wrong wants you to believe that these unconscious fears are real and it prods you to resist them, escape them or even indulge in them to make them real.

So how can we break free? It is done through forgiveness.
See video
The word ‘fore-giveness’ is a giving-forth of whatever your mind is creating in the belief in wrong. To make it simple just do the following whenever you find yourself reacting, feeling anxious, afraid or hating someone or something…just say…

“I AM Spirit, Whole and Innocent.
All is forgiven and released.”

Get into the good habit of affirming this every time you believe in something wrong. Please do not question it. If you are not feeling love and joy then there is something believed to be wrong. When you repeat it nothing actually seems to happen, however, this habit of affirming will bring incredible awareness of your ‘wrong’ belief system. It will strengthen beyond your expectations; increase greater trust in the highest in you and more importantly, it will heal long term ‘demons’ in your unconscious mind. After a few months you will see quite clearly (in retrospect) how wonderful life has been treating you. Your ability to listen is not only enhanced but you’ll be feeling feelings you never even dreamed you could have. At this point you’ll know that living on this worldly illusion can also be heavenly.

Burt Harding

Friday, September 4, 2009

The Two Voices!

The Two Voices!

“Most of the teachers talk about living in lasting peace in daily life and I have been practicing meditation and various studies for over 15 years and I am still not at peace. Is there something I am missing in all that I have read? My question is – how can I live in peace and clarity if I am not yet awakened?”

What you are about to read may seem revolutionary and original in its approach, and yet, it is the oldest teaching in the world when fully grasped in its simplicity. You cannot read the following in authentic interest without it affecting your life in a positive, even transformative, way. This writing is not only for you but for everyone who is not yet at peace.

The word ‘Awakening’ has become a word as if meaning something to be attained. Awakening is like sleeping at night and having a nightmare that seems real until you wake up and realize nothing happened except in your mind. The true awakening is a similar process where we awaken from our daily conditioned life to the true life where we see that what seems to be happening is a projection of our mind.
Daily life is like watching a movie on a screen that seems real. If we do not like what is happening on the screen then we try to change the screen and end up frustrated, confused, bewildered and horrified at the escalation of the very thing we wanted to get rid of. Escalation means that whatever we try to get rid of becomes more seemingly solid to our consciousness simply because we give it greater validity and importance. What is needed to be done is not change the screen from which everything seems to be happening, but to go back to the projection room where the projector is playing on the screen and then change the projection.
Everything that happens in our world is a projection of our mind, believe it or not. The world we live in is the world of the mind and as we evolve start seeing what could not have been other than obvious.

Read this carefully because it can make the difference between a life of pain to a life of joy. As you read the following you might find yourself struggling with it even disagree, however, give it your sincere attempt and apply it and watch the richness that will emerge from it.

You are a human being…
What I am going to present here works and, it will work for you if you allow it. It has worked for me ever since I realized it a few years ago. What you are about to read is definitely not new but hopefully easier to understand and apply. After all, it is all about APPLICATION.

There are two seeming parts of you. Each one is unaware of the other. One lives in linear time and the other is holographic. One is real and the other is false. The two are not on speaking terms. You either live from one or the other. Let’s name these two as the Two Voices. These two voices are completely different, while one lives in time, the other is timeless. While one is real, the other is utterly false but seems real because it is the first voice.

The First Voice
The first voice is human and most people live and die never knowing of their real voice (true being). This first voice is what most people consider their life and it is a completely false life. It is known as the first voice because it speaks first through reaction; through conditioned response; through automatic robotic mechanical action conditioned by thought. It is impulsive, compulsive, reactive, propelled by unconscious guilt and fear. It is suspicious, distrustful, skeptical, and carries the feeling of not-being-good-enough and the subtle nagging sense that something is missing. It believes in ‘wrong’ and some religions have called it ‘the original sin.’ The first words of this voice are mechanical and either hypocritical, pretentious or negative. Ask anyone, “How are you?” and chances are that their first voice falls into these categories. This is no direct fault as it is unconscious and conditioned. This first voice is also referred to as the egoic voice. And, since this is unconscious then it keeps creating its future script. All anxiety, fear and emotional suffering is an indication of this first voice. The thoughts are so automatic and unaware that they do not recognize their karmic consequences. Thus, thought is seen as feeling, and feeling is seen as reality. For example, most depressed people complain that it is their depression that is creating their negative thoughts and feelings. However cognitive therapy research found out that it is the other way around – it is the conditioned negative thoughts that are causing the depression. These negative thoughts are the conditioned first voice of the human.

To find out more why the human is so negative please refer to previous booklets on the subject such as “The Ways we seek” and so on. In short, all negativity is caused by unconscious guilt which is the result of believing we are lacking something and thus feel ‘wrong’ or not-good-enough. This feeling ‘wrong’ then tries to sabotage its positive efforts believing unconsciously “I do not deserve the best.”

The Second Voice
Just as the first voice is the human conditioned response so is the second voice that of Being. This voice is not only in total opposite of the first but it is the real voice. This voice of Being is known as Love. This second voice is already the case here and now. It is important to understand that this VOICE is your real BEING voice and therefore it is who you really are in this very moment of reading this. The reason we do not know of this voice is because it lives in the timeless essence of the holographic state. In other words, this Beingness knows no linear time as we have become accustomed to believe is reality. It is eternal, unchanging and always perfect love. It has been called as the kingdom of God or heaven. The nature of the holographic reality is peace, love, joy, freedom and absolute harmony. It is your true presence. You get in touch with this essence when your ego is temporary absent as when you are in love or immersed in an egoless activity such as total immersion in music, love-making or rapture. It is a great joy that surpasses the comprehension of the human mind.

Your interpretation is your choice
When you listen to the first voice, which is 99% of the time, you have ‘chosen’ through interpretation of this first voice as reality. In other words, you have made the voice and its language real to you. When, through some good karma, you interpret anything that happens as glorious, beautiful and loving then you have ‘chosen’ the second voice through your interpretation.
Here’s the great news – you have complete freedom to choose between the first voice or the second voice. In short, you either interpret from the first voice and feel guilt and fear or through the second voice and feel love and peace. This interpretation is your choosing.
Your life is either mediocre and thus suffer or flourish and find peace by interpreting through the second voice. It is up to you which voice you want to listen to.

Both scripts of the first voice and the second voice are already written. Your first voice of the ego, which is incessantly talking to you of negativity and limitation “why” “maybe” “what-if” “but” makes up its mind so fast that there is no awareness of any other possibility unless you make a point to know the truth. We cannot hear the second voice until we make up our mind to do so. In other words, we have to be willing to want what is true. The human script consists of karmic consequences built around thoughts and beliefs that either have already manifested or yet to manifest in the future. What lies unresolved and unforgiven in your conditioned mind becomes the controlling first voice. It becomes stronger and louder the more you entertain your belief in it.
You choose which voice to listen to by how you interpret what each voice is saying. When you start listening to the second voice then you automatically undo the first voice’s power over you, in other words, you start undoing the ego’s influence.

There are over 6 billion humans on this earth and yet there is only one ego. Therefore, when one gets caught in their ego they repeat the same fears and anxieties and guilt as everyone else in that same predicament because it is all One Ego. All characteristics of ego are the same one ego. When this ego is seen to be a liar and a deceiver because we are driven towards the truth then we start moving into the One Spirit Voice. The 2nd Voice is the voice of the Holy Spirit or as often called the “I AM.” Just as the human voice accumulates more garbage with its unconscious life, so does the 2nd voice unlearns the ego conditioning and returns to its primary wholeness and innocence. The more you interpret your life from your true natural Self ( 2nd voice), the more you undo the first voice of judgment and guilt. Just as the first voice lives from fear and is never NOW but always acting from conditioned response combined with fear of the future thus creating anxiety, insecurity and worry. On the other hand, the second voice lives fully NOW as love oblivious of time. Love is the absence of ego and therefore is selfless, giving, loving, forgiving, open, free and peaceful.

The first voice is known as daily life and is easily upset, threatened, bored and mechanical. It never questions itself driven by compulsions, addictions and reactions. Most people live and die hardly ever knowing the glory of their true state.
Our true state known as the 2nd voice is silent, sweet, tender, warm, simple, whole and innocent.

We start expanding into our true nature by interpreting through the 2nd voice. We can call this voice as the Holy Spirit of Being.
Remember we have the freedom to choose to listen either to the first voice of ego or the 2nd voice of the Holy Spirit. The human ego asks…
“What is the meaning of life?”
“What am I doing here?”
“Do I have free will?”
“Do we really have choices?”

Th first voice cannot know the answers and it is often confused. The ‘answers’ do not exist because they are not words spoken nor are they emotions experienced – they are a ‘knowing’ in the center of Being. We come to know everything we need to know through the Holy Spirit. In fact, the ‘answers’ will feel so true and natural that they’ll be beyond doubt.
When we feel sad, unhappy, depressed or melodramatic then know that we have chosen, however unconsciously, to listen to the first voice of doubt, judgment and fear.
A Course in Miracles says, “The part that is listening to the voice for God is calm, always at rest and wholly certain. It is really the only part there is.”

How to listen to the True Voice
When the term Holy Spirit is used, it is referring to the Reality of Oneness as formless even though appears as form. In other words, we listen to the Holy Spirit (2nd voice) in Silence. It doesn’t use words because it is not conditioned by language or time. Yet this voice recognizes the delusion of the 1st voice and undoes it.
Let me give you some examples how the 2nd voice of the Holy Spirit works. One time a man was on the verge of suicide, his whole world was turned upside down by his financial ruin. By grace he attended a spiritual lecture where the speaker suggested listening to the silence early morning before dawn breaks. This man got up early the next day and went to the beach overlooking the sun rise over the horizon. As he sat silently watching this break of dawn something deep within became very still and in a moment of utter silence he ‘heard’ no words and yet they spoke loudly of tranquility.
He stopped at a nearby coffee shop and while sipping his coffee he realized that he was no longer afraid nor worried, it was as if everything was wiped out in one single blow. He returned home feeling a peace he never experienced before. This very listening to the 2nd voice of the Holy Spirit resolved all his ‘problems.’ Within a few weeks everything picked up in a way that his mind could never have imagined.

Another aspect of the Holy Spirit’s guidance is its way to let us know the difference between joy and pain. Most people are not aware of what they feel inside and so confusion is often the case. When we start listening to silence, our ego will rebel and as often the case the first voice (ego) will say, “You’re kidding yourself.” “What do you think is going to happen?” “You are as you are and you’re not going to change!” and so on. This to be expected in the initial stages of the decision to listen.

The Course states it this way…
“The Holy Spirit will direct you only so as to avoid pain. Surely no one would object to this goal if he recognized it. The problem is not whether what the Holy Spirit says is true, but whether you want to listen to what He says. You no more recognize what is painful than you know what is joyful, and are, in fact, very apt to confuse the two. The Holy Spirit’s main function is to teach you to tell them apart. What is joyful to you is painful to the ego, and as long as you are in doubt about what you are, you will be confused about joy and pain.”

And so, it will take a while before you start listening to the Holy Spirit’s voice that is so repugnant to the ego. Initially you’ll escape from silence or from listening. You will find excuses without realizing you are making them. This is natural in the beginning stages of listening. So here are the steps to take in order to ‘hear’ the Holy Spirit’s voice…

1. Start observing your first voice, in fact, be aware of your reactions and after a while you may start feeling discouraged or afraid of your own steadfast first voice. Remember that if you are sincere in wanting what is true about you above everything else, then stick it out.

2. After becoming aware of your first voice and its negative connotations, judgments, ‘wrong’ thinking and fears etc and how prevalent they are then you are ready for the second step. Make a point to witness your reactions as they happen and allow what is happening without guilt, in other words, without making it wrong. Just see it as a release. Release is good but of temporary help.

3. This third step starts the real ‘work’ – next time you see how you react and think just say, “I am Spirit, whole and innocent. All is forgiven and released.” Even though this is like a mantra yet it prepares you for the real forgiveness that will start happening naturally from true seeing in Silence and peace.

4. Now start Listening to what the Holy Spirit is saying to you through the feeling of Oneness. Spend time sitting and watching silently without judgment – listen to the bird singing; listen to that tree in front of you until you actually ‘see it’. Listen to the wind or listen to the warmth of the sun. As you walk, listen to the people’s faces and their thoughts without judgment. This silent listening will automatically awaken your knowing of your connection with all that is around you. It is this feeling/knowing that will teach you more than books or teachers ever could. Remember the first voice had convinced you the world was real, now through this inner silent listening a whole new awakened energy starts percolating bringing insights into the world’s true image. Most important of all, it is the awakening of your Oneness and never feeling alone or lonely ever again. Here you enter the true world of peace and love.

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