Sunday, November 7, 2010

Realizing the Truth of YOU!

People have asked, "How do I awaken spiritually? How can I see clearly?

It is not difficult if we are ready to face the truth of our true nature. Have you recognized its importance? Do you know that Truth is True and therefore the most important thing in your life? If so, then watch this video and experience directly...

Thursday, October 28, 2010

What is the dark night of the soul that most seekers go through?

What is the dark night of the soul?

You are a human being. The human part is a conditioned state based on the past. The nature of this self is so complex that it creates its own shadow and then tries to overcome it at the same time. In this context of paradox and complexity lies the emergence of the “dark night of the soul.”
In brief, this dark night is a total identification with the conditioned self.

The human, which is the conditioned part of us based on its past, is often referred to as the shadow self. It is the artificial self. The term ‘soul’ which is identified with the human self, is a misnomer. There is no soul as such but a fragment of Spirit. There is, in reality, only Oneness, a Unified Field of Being. Therefore what we call ‘soul’ is an individualized mind – a conditioned state of mind based on past experience only often oblivious of its true nature as the ‘NOW’ itself. The ‘Being’ part of us is the Truth of us and it is the part that watches, witnesses known as Pure Awareness, the NOW itself.
What is the shadow self also known as the conditioned self? It is the part that identifies completely with what it experiences and therefore does not see the experience as something ‘happening’ but a conditioned perception based on its identified role.

The shadow self is well-named because it is like a shadow that our body casts from the light of the sun. If we tried to escape the shadow by running away from it, we would end up completed depleted from exhaustion and find that the shadow is still there untouched. The shadow will always follow us because that’s the nature of the shadow. Similarly, our BEING experiences its human part ALL THE TIME because that’s what is needed to experience the witnesser of it. This is imperative to recognize.

Is the dark night of the soul necessary? This question is redundant because we experience only what we need to learn. This ‘dark night’ is created through the need to escape it. Another paradox of the human conditioned self is that it identifies itself with its own resistance and then resists it as it is self-created. In order to understand this let us take the example of the cowboy riding the wild untamed bronc. This wild horse is our human part that wants to be free but hasn’t experienced it yet. The rider is the Being part that allows and stays unrelentingly in its ALLOWING stance. Thus the rider stays on the back of the wild horse without any attempt to control the horse but lets it do its ‘thing.’ It stays on until the wild horse is so exhausted that it gives us. The moment the horse gives up it will follow where the rider wants it to go. Similarly with us, our pure awareness also known as the ‘NOW Presence’ is the rider and it ALLOWS our wild contradictory nature to do its thing without interfering. It stays on until the wild untamed and contradictory conditioned self is exhausted and gives up its struggle. The moment the conditioned self gives up its struggle then the ALLOWING nature of BEING becomes combined with the surrender self and the two become integrated and WHOLE. This is the goal of human life – to ‘accomplish’ this wholeness!

What can we do when we are in the midst of the ‘dark night’? The answer is – do nothing but allow! Then the human mind will ask, “How does one allow?” This is the great paradox and if it is understood with your heart you have grasped the power of the rider. It is this – in true allowing here is no allower. In other words, there is no one who allows and when you can grasp this heart-knowing that there’s no one who allows or accepts then, that very understanding becomes allowing and acceptance.
Here’s an example of acceptance and allowing – picture a young innocent white boy in the South playing with a black boy. The parents tell him not to associate with the black boy. However, the innocent white boy cannot understand the prejudice of the parents and keeps playing with the black boy because, after all, it is his best friend. That’s full acceptance without anyone doing any accepting. The white boy didn’t accept but allowed fully what-is without prejudice. This is the key of ALLOWING the dark night of the soul to be but the shadow that it actually is.

The question might arise, “But how do we heal it?” You don’t! Healing and allowing are the same thing because they are both our BEING nature. The allowing is itself the healing!!

To the persistent question, “How do we allow?” which the conditioned part of us will raise is redundant. There is no one who can allow and this very understanding is the ‘allowing’ itself. Go over this statement until you understand it. The moment you grasp it, it becomes allowing itself. Just like the white boy allowed himself to keep playing with the black boy, there was also no one who tried ‘allowing’ but simply allowed!!

The dark night of the soul is persistent and totally identified with. If we can sit with it doing nothing but simply observe its dynamics as ‘what-is’ happening then this very ‘allowing’ becomes the healing. The dark night of the soul means one thing – resistance! It is such a total identification with the human part that the BEING part is in the background. Bring the witnesser, the awareness of this ‘thing’ called ‘dark night’ into perspective and embrace it in its sensations and emotions. Be one with it (allowing) as you sit looking at it through the body in the moment. Then, in this ‘looking’ the healing starts on its own because there is no longer anyone to identify with anything – there is only just the witnessing of it.

When we see this simplicity, our human conditioned part will rebel because it abhors simplicity and calls it simplistic asking, “But, what if…”
Healing is very simple and yet its simplicity is objected to by the ‘dark night’ because that is what created the dark night in the first place – the conflict between the human and the Being. It started out by resistance thinking, “What is wrong with me?” “Why am I like this so different from others?” “Why am I different and separate?”

The individual going through the dark night always feels separate and different from others and that’s the paradox because it is simply caught in being like most others. The dark night of the soul happens to every seeker who is heavy in its thinking and is always reacting with a “yes but…”
Therefore, the moment we become seekers for a better life we often get cauht in this “yes but…” mentality where we question everything especially the spiritual life that says ‘bliss’ is our true nature. We try to justify our childhood ‘pain’ by reinforcing and validating our past experience and so in hanging on (which is the vast majority of spiritual seekers) we plunge into this world of shadow known as the ‘dark night.’

It is true that most of our spiritual knowledge is bunk but then it is a earning experience to meet whatever happens. I have met so many intellectuals who have read all advaita books available and actually believe that they ‘know’ when in truth ‘real knowing’ means ‘there’s nothing to know’ but simply the fact that YOU EXIST NOW! These three words ‘you exist now’ are all the truth you need. You exist and therefore you are existence itself. Allow this existence to play itself out as it must and in this ‘allowing’ we accelerate our inner knowing of our true nature that no one can teach us except our own allowing (which is Being).

So we ask again, “Is there something wrong with the ‘dark night of the soul?” Absolutely nothing is wrong. It is what we have created unconsciously through identifying with the past as all there is and giving full power to it despite our need for the true Self (Being) we already are. Again, the more we wanted the Higher Self, the more we identified with its ‘lower’ version by resisting it saying inwardly, “I don’t want this” which inadvertently became our focus.

Most spiritual seekers go through the dark night sometime in their lifetime unless they encounter a genuine teacher who will instruct them in the art of allowing, surrender, acceptance without a ‘doer.’ This is the crux of the matter. The individual going through the dark night of the soul wants to know ‘how’ to do something. The true open-hearted innocence knows intuitively that the ‘how’ of anything is not in the domain of the intellect. In other words, the ‘how’ of the spiritual life is God’s business and not ours. Ours is opening up the heart to ALLOW.

The spiritual life is the ‘stopping of the mind’ through witnessing it especially when it says, “yes but…”

Everyone goes through the same story but it becomes ‘our story’ and that’s the suffering. It is all the same one. There is nothing and no one who is separate or different or better or worse. It is a game we play.

You are a BEING plaing the human role.

Our ‘job’ is to allow whatever is rising in the moment as a movement of mind and we are the witness. The witness is always at peace watching it all.

The spiritual life is living each moment in what is in alignment with truth. Truth is love, unconditional love, and therefore it is without conditions and ACCEPTS all conditions.

Our spiritual ‘duty’ is to meet everything that arises and in that meeting there is allowing that we are far more than what is happening.

Friday, October 8, 2010

The Secret About Emotions

"I wanted to ask you about emotions, why they are important, and their function. "

This is a tall order to reply to but I shall do my best. The word E-Motion comes from the understanding that we are electromagnetic creatures and therefore thought has manifested as our form body. Our human form is the emotional body, period. E-Motion is motion of Energy and that's how things appear to be real when they are ultimately not real. We chose to be born human beings. The human form is a eplica of BEING and it appears very solid to the senses (but this is something that we have to realize directly).

Let's start with basics -- there is Only Ultimate Cause often called God, Father, Being, Oneness, Truth and LOVE. All thse labels mean the same thing. We can begin to understand what human is when we trace it back to its source energy known as Pure Awareness or First Cause. You see, first Cause is Causeless simply because there had to be a beginning which is beginningless, do you understand? So, the first Cause caused everything to happen and it split into fragments called SOULS. You and I are fragments of LOVE known as individuated souls but essentially the same One Spirit known as God or Love. This Love expresses as Pure Awareness and essentially has no form but this is the mystery -- everyone on earth know they exist because everyone on earth is a fragment of the same cause of pure awareness that knows "I AM." Please stay with me here , read it over and over and do not move on until it is clear.

For example, right now as you read this, be very still, take a deep slow breath and slowly exhale as you close your eyes for a moment. Just observe how thoughts cross your mind like flashes of light ever moving. These flashes of motion are known as personal perception based on forms you have had for millions of years. They are your DNA imbedded in every cell of you as a form. Now, knowing this, let these flashes of thought go by and see what is left. Open your eyes then and ask, "What am I?" and then what you are left with is...."I am just awareness..." That is, awareness of these thoughts; awareness of my body; aareness of my environement; awareness that I exist and yet all thee things change but my awareness is ALWAYS. This awareness is the primal feeling known as bliss or nothingness or Silence or peace of mind or innocence or beauty or Essence. It is our very BEING. This is who you are and it is experienced as 'heaven' or 'inner joy' which is its true nature.

Now, let's take it a step further and see what happens -- it is the nature of pure awareness to be aware. AWARE OF WHAT? It is this awareness of 'something' that created the first thought. The moment there is identification with thought we have a belief. This belief creates our perception of life. Here's the first shocker -- there is no LIFE outside of you but only the reality you created by your perception. This has also been discovered by Albert Einstein in his theory of relativity, also by David Bohm who won the Nobel Prize for his discovery of time and space as holographic essence and the realizations of Sages throughout history plus the teachings of Jesus, Buddha and Krishna.
Now we have moved further into this knowing -- there are no thoughts but flashes of motion that creates the semblance of time and space known as EMOTIONS. These emotions are movements of perception culled, over and over, many lifetimes of identifying with form. Therefore FORM and EMOTIONS are one. Again, this is what 'suffering' is -- the identification with form as BEING who we are when in fact BEING itself is FREE. So, the question is, what good are emotions?
The Journey or Circle
Emotions are extremely important to our journey, in fact, they are the journey itself because in truth there is no journey but a CIRCLE leading back unto itself. Everything in nature is a CIRCLE leading back to Itself. It is this circle which is called time and space. For example, the earth rotates around the sun creating the semblance of time and creates darkness when not our part of the world is not facing the sun and called day when it faces the sun. As it moves away from the sun in its rotation (or comes closer) it creates the semblance of seasons like Winter, Summer, Spring and Autumn giving us the idea of growth. We have invented clocks to keep abreast of this motion and the clocks are a circle startig with #1 and ending with 12 noon or midnight and starts over again and again. This circle is emotion or motion of energy and it also affects our FEELINGS.

Remember that the primal feeling is bliss also known as love-connection due to oneness, and since we do not know our true nature then we cling to this need to belong known as Oneness and we seek it through relationships, sex, possession, owning, needing, craving, yearning and hoping. These movements create all the emotions of 'suffering' -- however again, remember that suffering is the choice we made to experience humanity or emotion. Suffering is only to the extent of our realization. The more ignorant we are of our true nature, the more we suffer. Our true nature which is Source-Being can only be direct experience of itself and not by reading about it as most people do. This is why "A Course in Miracles" has been devised by 365 lessons for the year in order to experience directly that we are BEING playing the human role. If we do not realize this fact known as Truth then we are lost in a morass of words and symbols called 'religion or dogmatic beliefs.
Truth is not 'something' because it has nothing to do with beliefs, ideas or words but direct experience of pure awareness known as "I AM." Therefore again, we need emotions to lead us back to their source. Emotions can become so entrenched, so solid to us that our individuated mind can lose its balance known as insanity. This insanity is prevalent in our world. It is all starts from the FEELING that we are separate. We learn ONLY through the full acceptance (allowing) of emotions as emotions or motion of energy. When we entertain a thought such as "I wish to get rid of this feeling" "I don't want this anymore" "I have had it feeling like this" "How I wish to get rid of this" then this resistance exacerbates our emotions and we become temporarily insane or dysfunctonal. Emotions that are not wanted is ike rejecting your child. Emotional resistance to itself is a denial of BEING and therefore a rejection of yourself. All that you 'suffer' is not wrong but simply your CHOICE. In fact, every emotional feeling was created by you, however unconsciously it has been created. When we experince these emotions through ALLOWING (acceptance, forgiveness, embracement and as a 'lesson' then that's how we 'grow' towards the very NEING we have never left and complete the circle by returning to Source.

The Four Laws of Creation
There are FOUR LAWS in CREATION, ONLY FOUR and these FOUR are important to never forget. They cover every aspect of life and if you fully embrace these FOUR LAWS you wll hasten your expansion into LOVE. Remember that true love is NOT an emotion (although emotional love leads us to it through embracement). True LOVE is the joy of spiritual knowing of our true nature as "I AM" and expresses as JOY in life. Although in psychology we emphasize positive and negative emotions yet in truth there is only LOVE or FEAR. Just as FEAR is a 'feeling' of separation, so is LOVE a 'feeling' of belonging. Sexuality is the expression of physical love and when the heart is engaged it becomes also a spiritual experience. When the heart is not engaged then it remains just lust and loses its divine expression. These are the FOUR LAWS: --

1. YOU EXIST: You know you exist and when you go back to that inner knowing of existence then you start getting 'back' to Source. YOU will always exist and there is no such thing as non-existence. Therefore when we experience the zero-point of egoless love we are in Source and the feeling is known as innocent joy or heavenly feeling. Everything starts from this felt-sense of "I Exist" and it can lead to who you are. When Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi advocated "Who am I?" it opened the way to this primal knowing of "I exist."

2. YOU ARE ONE-SELF: This second law is derived from the first one and we often refer to ourselves as Oneself. There is only OneSelf. The mystery is that it feels like YOU, and, it is YOU and yet in its true essence is wholeness itself. There is no separation and this non-separation can only be directly experienced through knowing the meaning of "I Exist."

3. CIRCLE OF EXPRESSION: This emphasizes the action of return, that is, for every negative thought you indulge in then the same is returned to you. For every judgment you make is returned to you. Similarly, for every act and feeling of love is returned to you. This is the law of abundance or poverty. This is the Law also known as the Law of Attraction. You are, right now, the exact product of the way you believe. Every cell of your body is imbedded with millions of beliefs you believe are true and they attract the life you live. They are not right or wrong but represent your individual realty that you created by your perception.

4. CHANGE IS THE ONLY CONSTNT: That is, change is constant with the excepton of the three above. Change is always happening because everything is emotion in our world (motion of energy or the circle of life).

Anyway, I hope that this has been of help to you. Please keep this article and print it out and read it once weekly until it starts bringing greater insights and realizations.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What everyone ought to know about relationships!

Whether we face it or not, one of the greatest problems, if not the greatest, is human relationships. I’m inundated worldwide with questions regarding relationships. What you are about to read is exciting and an illuminating way to learn about relationships.
I felt inspired to write this booklet when a psychotherapist, who has also written about relationships, asked me what could be the core essence that was missing in fully grasping the significance of relationships between man and woman, that is , beyond “men from Mars and women from Venus” and other writings on co-dependence. This psychotherapist being himself a nonduality follower wanted to know my feelings on the subject. This intriqgued me and the fact that I get so many emails on the subject of relationships opened the door for this booklet.

The following is based not only on my own experience as a hypnotherapist of 35 years but also the major shift that happened in the year 2000 combined with teachings from A Course in Miracles and Michael’s teachings.

I started my search after experiencing Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi’s vision and teaching. As a result I became a staunch advaitist and focused on non-duality. To me this was the ultimate truth and anything else was redundant. My talks emphasized the awareness of the moment as the only reality and everything else was unnecessary in our life. The human part was treated as part of the individual mind and therefore unreal. The word ‘soul’ which is really individuated mind, a fragment of universal mind, was no longer a part of my vocabulary. Bhagavan and Buddha never discussed the word ‘soul.’ This journey for me was clear, uncluttered and simple. Whenever a relationship proved to be too emotional I would just discard it as illusory. My life was successful and even had a brief TV series of my own.
I was detached from the illusion of human negative emotions. This was the truth and there was no world ‘out there’ of seeming time and space but my own perception of it. This was also discovered by scientists and quantum physics and so I was on fair ground established in reality. This was my detached life for 27 years and had experienced peace.

In the year 2000 I found myself attracted to someone who moved into my apartment leaving behind her career in graphic design, two teenage boys sent to theit dad, a house, a car and a wonderful dog. All left behind in Denver, Colorado. The first few days and weeks were good but soon the impact of what had taken place began its toll on her sensitive emotional nature. Unconsciously she was missing her sons, her car, her independence, her dog and the facing of uncertain future in Canada without citizenship. There would be times when she would burst into anger for no apparent reason as far as I was concerned and I would treat it with advaitic detachment. After all, I reasoned, she will soon see all this illusion for what it is and adjust.

One fateful day she “lost it” emotionally and the more detached I was, the greater became her anguished fury. She lashed out with fierce violence and the more calm I was the worse it became. I didn’t know what to do and walked into the bathroom locking the door. Then it hit me that I cared for this woman deeply and she was suffering. If suffering was so real to her what good was my detached calmness, after all, where is sensitivity? Where is compassion? What good was I in a moment when she needed reassurance and comfort and security? What good was I in this situation?
All the ‘truth’ I had studied and placed so much importance on was not available to me then. My ‘peace’ was not real but simply conditioned and programmed by so much reading and study. While I focused on her and for a moment stepped in her shoes, I began to FEEL deep pain and it was good to FEEL it.
I raised my hands and pleaded to Bhagavan, “Please help me as I don’t know what to do?”
I cried, and then saw myself in the mirror and suddenly saw Burt for the first time. A strange feeling came over me as if I had just worn this body, and was temporarily entranced by my arms dangling by my side and a head sticking out from my upper body between my shoulders. A few seconds later a fear gripped me as I experienced this strange new world, however, right then and there it was as if everything disappeared in the bathroom and was thrown into endless space seeing that I was Light. I was a human being – a Being playing the human role of Burt. In those few moments everything became crystal clear and I learned more in those few moments than the whole 27 years of advaitic teachings and practices. It was so incredibly simple and clear that everything and everyone was myself.
I felt such peace and clarity that words were not possible. I could not communicate this to anyone but my partner knew something had happened.
There are seven billion humans on this earth but only One Being, and the mystery is this – YOU are that Being here and now as you read this. It is this awakening of playing the human role that we finally grasp the meaning of relationship.

What is a relationship? A better question would be – what is NOT a relationship? Since everything is One Being playing the role of 7 billion humans and other creatures, then we are all related. This relationship is called LOVE.
Here are some basic facts on relationships:
• Relationships are karmic since nothing happens by chance and there are no accidents.
• Every relationship brings us precious lessons in love. When we do not learn these lessons than we repeat them untl we do.
• We have taken on a human form to experience the emotional body and through such direct experience we ‘attain’ the highest – our Being.
• The human is always seeking, desiring, needing and wanting. It only experiences brief moments of happiness when it is engaged in true love relationship without neediness. The question is, “What is the human really seeking through another? – Here’s the answer – it is seeking itself, it’s own BEING.
• Being is ONENESS and yet it is your true HOME. Everyone is homesick and that’s why we all seek a good relationship without knowing it. When you find love, you find your home.
• A true relationship is a Holy Relationship and therefore is not needy, has no expectations nor demands but allows full freedom, love and forgiveness. Such a relationship is Heaven on earth.
• So many people crave soul-mates believing that such a meeting brings heaven-on-earth. The truth is that a soul-mate is the one who will teach you the most about yourself. In most cases it is the most painful.
• When neediness develops in a relationship, it is because the needy one has unresolved issues and thus feels that the partner might fulfill them.
• Our worst fears arise during relationships such as fear of loss, fear of rejection, fear of death of yourself or partner and so on. These fears arise to be met. Relationships are a mirror of these fears.
• When you refuse to run away from your fear, when you decide to stay with the perfection of your BEING then a vaster vision will come to you.
• If you look only at your fear then you will miss your vast Being. The minute you ask for a vision, for release, for understanding, for peace of heart, you will realize that your present difficulty is only a small part of you and the rest is going great. When you fully accept and embrace the fear as something that is going to make you stronger and more evolved then that’s what will happen.
• Fear in a relationship means that your need is not being met by you. What is it that I need that I am not getting? And you’ll see that it is a need you never gave yourself. As a child you might have been deprived of love or warmth but now as an adult you can give it to yourself by loving that forsaken child inside you.
• In a relationship you are ALWAYS presented with what is needed in you. When you insist upon another to give you what you want, you deprive yourself from it. The relationships is a mirror of our needs and it is up to us to give it to ourselves. Relationship is a mirror.
• Being ill is not bad, being rejected is not bad, being poor is not bad, being unloved is not bad – what is ‘bad’ is your rejection of it rather than fully experiencing it. All these so-called ‘bad’ are your lessons.
• The moment you uproot a fear by fully experiencing it with love, forgiveness and acceptance, you have healed it for all eternity.

What is a soul?

A soul is the fragment of Spirit that is busy seeking itself. A soul is an individuated mind from the Universal Mind. It evolves from lifetime to lifetime always seeking itself until it melts back into the Whole or Spirit. It is never at rest and is always evolving and ofte repeating the same lessons over and over until it learns them and then moves on to higher ones.

In Reality there is only Oneness playing all the roles and therefore our ‘suffering’ emerges the more personal (separated) we are from Source. This Source or Oneness is hard to define because no words can ever express that which is beyond them. However, for the sake of using a word, we call it Unconditional Love.
In our mad rush to experience our true home we risk many things for a glimpse of this unconditional love believing, very often, that we can get it from another.
The soul experiences everything and that’s how it expands its capacity to love. What it rejects has to be repeated over and over until it is grasped as ‘good.’ This is why so many lifetimes are needed to stop resisting, rejecting, avoiding and pushing away. Life is to be fully experienced and in that experience to become a LOVE rather than a FEAR.

Soul Ages

There are 5 soul levels on the earth plane and they are infant, baby, young, mature and old soul. In ascendance there is Transcedent Soul age and Infinite Soul Age.

Infant souls
are more found in countries like Australia and Africa. Infant souls live in the backwoods or in isolated parts of the world where they can cope with survival issues without the complexity of the technological world. They mate with other infant souls like them and their relationships are more stable because they ‘happen’ without expectation or demands or needs.

Baby souls
are more prolific in East Asia but are also found in North American countries such as small towns who gravitate towards strong rules of right and wrong, usually traditionally religious and also found in such groups as Ku Klux Klan and other very deep-set beliefs about right and wrong.
The baby soul is characterized by the perception of ‘me’ and other separate others. Baby souls cling to unshakeable beliefs of right and wrong. They usually stick together by these rules. They can kill to maintain their beliefs and that’s how historically baby soul activities created the Crusades, the Inquisition, religious campaigns and missionary zeals.
Baby souls like to be solid citizens and love to wave their flag. They are seen as righteous and they love models like the highly orthodox minister. In the Old West they were the ones to form vigilanty groups and an ‘eye for eye’ type of justice.
Baby soul age is the birth of religion usually controlled by an appointed minister who preaches more about sin than love.
Baby souls stick together in relationships and rarely mix with other ages.

Young Souls
Then we have young souls which supposedly abound in North America, Germany and other developed countries. These young souls have many different levels but they are all interested in material gain, in having worldly toys such as cars, clothes and the middle and higher levels of young souls crave worldly success and fame. It has been said that developed countries are controlled by young souls who are in government, law and make up many of the army, police, firemen and athletes.
Independence to a young soul is a key issue. They have the ability to go and get what they want out of life. They are the ones who initiate good salesmen, money-making schemes, internet marketing and will pursue anything if they can become successful. Success is usually their goal whether it is in money, running, health foods or just keeping fit.
Young souls flock to well-known universities so they can get degrees of prominence. They also believe in competition, “there is you and me and I am going to win.” They pursue fame, wealth or power at any price. They are also totally identified with their bodies and will take extreme measures to keep looking young by using plastic surgery or improving looks as so many actors and filmstars have done.
Young souls do not question their motives. They have difficulty having insights into their own or other people’s behaviour.
Young souls also are frequently involved in international conflicts over baby soul countries (which are often at war).

Mature Souls
The Mature soul questions the young soul’s bumper sticker that says, “He who dies with the most toys wins.” This is when the questions start…
“What am I doing here?”
“Who am I?”
A mature soul doesn’t actually asks these questions directly but come as a feeling from Source as if there is an emptiness, as if they are cast away from their Home and something feels terribly missing. They miss their families but when with them they don’t feel the satisfaction. It is always ‘something’ out there needing to be met but do’r quite know what it is.
Relationships are very important to mature souls but they often sabotage the relationship they want most.
I am familiar with mature souls because they form my very dearest friends. My older daughter is a mature soul who is a spiritual guide to many people. Mature souls usually make excellent guides, counselors and teachers but often lack faith in themselves.
The reason for the extreme sensitivity and emotionality of this soul age is because it is nearing the end of its evolution and as a result often suffers a dark night of the soul. The suicide rate among mature souls is the highest of all ages according to these teachings.
Mature souls are psychic and can easily tune into other people’s psychy. They can make good intuitive readings and when not feeling sad they are warm, loving and even joyous.
It has been said that Ernest Hemingway, Van Gogh were mature souls who sought to express their visions in their own unique way.
The mature soul is a time of creative flowering and they become their best when they are creative whether in the arts, music, painting or acting.
The mature soul is rising rapidly within the last 30 years or so. And, since we are living in an unprecedented time in our history as far as evolution is concerned, the mature soul can allow itself to move deeper into the Old Soul age.
Mature souls would hide rather than seek recognition like young souls do. Most mature souls seek a mate that they can keep for an entire lifetime and once they find that ‘special’ one they will stick to it but, unfortunately often sabotage their best efforts. This contrary side of their nature is simply because they have just transcended the young soul age that was materialistic and yet their striving for higher and deeper evolution of their soul is met with resistance like being caught in two opposite sides. Yet again, if they become determined to love who they are (their essence) then the sky’s the limit.
They are usually quite attractive physically and they carry an air of nobility.

Old Soul
Old souls are different from mature souls in that they are more sure of themselves and have found peace. They get attracted to mature souls but the relationship usually suffers because they are more detached while mature souls love to fix and point out what is wrong. Old souls have minimum needs and usually love their aloneness and simple lives.
Old souls are usually self-employed and keep to themselves but often quite friendly and easy-going. They are not interested in getting ahead but prefer to be left alone to do their thing. They follow their own draummer and may even appear eccentric at times.
Old soul types are often attracted to mature souls but the relationship is not often easy because Old Souls are more detached and although riendly and warm would rather be left alone than having demands made upon them.
Contrary to popular belief, old souls prefer the quiet life and when they publish a book would prefer not to be made a fuss over. The reason most people think that older souls are popular and would be well-know is because there are many teachers who publish many books and are well-known for their teachings, however, these are often high level mature souls.

Within each soul age there are seven levels of evolution and according to Michael’s channeled teachings it takes about a hundred lifetimes to go from one soul age to another with the exception of the mature soul who takes less time to rise to the level of old soul.

Old Souls are not plentiful and so relationships between them is grand when it happens but is not often the case. Mature and old souls often mix. It can be successful when the mature soul can accept more the detachment of the old soul. And, the old soul to accept the drama of the mature soul.

Questions and Answers

I did enjoy reading your booklet. The soul levels were new to me and fascinating. It helps explain a lot when you look around at the world and people. I also enjoyed reading a bit about your own experiences, it makes it very ‘relatable.’

Thank you, The wonderful thing about knowing these soul-ages is that there is greater sensitivity and understanding of how we are all One evolving towards our true Home, and yet it is all already within.

You say, ‘Everyone is homesick and that’s why we all seek a good relationship without knowing it’ yet you also say that you can give yourself the love you never did before. So does this mean that it is, or it is not, possible to be happy without a relationship?

The wonderful thing about our journey is that everything is karmic and before us to learn what we need to learn. Therefore if you don't have a relationship or do not want one then that's your journey as karmically 'arranged' by YOU for your own evolution. Nothing happens by chance and there are no accidents.
We reach a point in our life where we become paradoxical to ourselves due to misalignment with the conscious and subconscious desires. For example, you might crave a relationship to share your life while and it feels sincere yet subconsciously would rather be free without commitment. Once you fully know what you want above all, then you can attract it into your life.
If being alone is the best way for you to expand then so be it.

I ask this due to my own situation. I have been alone now over 2 years. I have dated only person in this time – for 2 hours. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever meet a suitable partner and sometimes I wonder if I can even be bothered. Then, more recently, I found myself thinking whether I want to live my life alone, and the answer was no, so I have started making some efforts to ‘date’, but I am not very motivated. I ask myself: Is this unhealthy? Am I kidding myself? Can you be okay alone? Can I actually have the sort of relationship that my heart seems to know about?

This is a common dilemma with most mature-souls. If you focus on what is truly needed within you such as the grasp of your true nature then what you truly need will surface and even materialize.

You wrote " the soul experiences everything and that's how it expands its capacity to love. Does this mean when we have experienced many experiences that we can now have a better understanding of what others go through and be more compassionate towards others. It is like the old saying when you have walked in another's shoes you can fully grasped what they are going through. Less judgement of the person and situation.

That's exactly the point. We are here on earth to experience directly every emotion. The reason we are human is to use that humanity for the greater evolution towards BEING, which is our true Home. Thus we have to experience human love before we can experience unconditional love. Unconditional love is our Home.

How would someone know where they are within the 7 levels of that particular soul?

It is all done intuitively. When emotional pain is directly experienced will lead you automatically into the level you are. All levels are our level of allowing fear and pain to teach us love. Each level brings us closer to unconditional love.

I feel that we can hold ourselves back from our evolution by choosing or rather only looking at the fear and not the love that is actually there.

Yes, when we focus on a fear rather than directly allow its experience then we make the fear 'real' to us and we get caught in it. However, if we directly experience the fear as a need for greater love, then we use fear as a catalyst for greater love expansion. In other words, see the fear not as a hindrance or a block but a step towards greater love unfoldment.

When you talk about being ill is not bad, being rejected is not bad, being unloved is not bad, being poor is not bad, what is bad is your rejection of it rather than fully experiencing it. " All these so called bad is our lessons.

Yes-- everything that we call 'bad or 'wrong' is simply our experience of what is NOT love. Therefore rather than trying to change it, deny it or indulge in it, we could use it for greater compassion, self-respect, expansion, understanding.
A young soul would look at a criminal and says, "hang him!!" while a mature soul would feel the pain of both victim and victimizer. An Old soul would look and say, " they are learning a lot what doesn't work." because the understanding is -- only LOVE works!

What could be the reason for the attraction of old souls to mature souls?
Old-souls are attracted to the experience of intensity because they are filled with love of life. They find mature-souls intense and energetic. Unless the mature soul is on a high level there is bound to create too much melodrama and negativity. This negativity will eventually drain the very energy that first attracted the old-soul and lack of communication occurs. The lower level-mature souls believe that their negativity is real and so indulge in it causing a big gap between them.

How can I learn more about these soul-ages?
Study Michael’s Teachings and quite a few books have been written on the subject.

I am afraid that knowing these soul-ages will make me judgmental!
Judgment occurs when we use such knowledge as an ego tool to defend our position. However, such wonderful information is bound to bring humility, compassion and understanding of the human condition. How can you judge someone wrong when you realize they can’t help where they are at. Rather it brings acceptance, tolerance and understanding.

Are young souls attracted to mature and old-souls?
Definitely but the relationships won’t last. For example, a young soul might feel the physical and sexual attraction much more than an old-soul. Many young-soul men are attracted to mature-soul women. Such women hold an allure and appeal to the young-soul but the moment they try to possess the mature-soul woman they make their biggest blunder.

What is the highest percentage of soul-ages?
It depends upon what country you are referring to. North America abounds in young souls and that’s why it is such a rich materialistic country. Achievers and success-oriented individuals are young-souls who are always looking for a score one way or another.
Repressed countries are often baby-soul ages who express their power through their religious beliefs. Dictators are often baby-souls who try to overpower others by their beliefs. Beliefs are the main-stay of baby-souls. This was evident by Nazism and the lives of Hitler, Mussolini, Goering and others whose beliefs (propaganda) was their main focus point.

Can we control someone’s soul-age either through helping them or teaching?
The need for control is still evident in baby-soul age, young-age and including mature-age in different degrees, of course. Baby-souls try to control through force. Young souls try to control by persuation and mature-souls control through subtle means such as manipulation of words and hints. However, all expansion and evolution is based on unconditional love where full acceptance rather than control is the focus.

How can we help another to evolve and expand?
By fully loving them as they are which is not easy, but it is the only way that works. People are only changed through acceptance and never through coercion or control.

You talk about soul-ages as they evolve through time, but what about here-now as the eternal ISness?
Excellent question! It is at this point that we accelerate our evolution, that is, when we recognize that nothing is happening and all lifetimes are contained within this Now-moment itself. The paradox is this – that we cannot see that time and space do not exist until we evolve to the point of seeing that nothing ever took place and all souls are fragments of the same BEING that we already are in this very here-now moment.

What is it that evolves?
It is vibration as it gets finer and finer. We evolve as if we spin faster and faster until we disappear and find that we have always been Home in the One-Self.
When I started out with Advaita teaching I was completely immersed in it but disregarded the human element. Remember you are a HUMAN BEING. The human is a becoming-process and ever evolving until it merges with its on BEING. BEING does not evolve, it does not learn, it does not accumulate or move but ‘IS’ itself. So we act as if we are a human form until all movements reach such a vibration through allowing, forgiving, accepting, surrendering that there is only BEING known as Unconditional Love or the Eternal Home. It is like climbing a very tall ladder that reaches beyond the clouds. Each step up makes us see more of what is underneath us until we reach the top and realize we had never gone anyplace but have been always here and now and everything surrounding us is US. In reaching the top we had such a connection with All-That-Is
that there is only ‘IS’ and has never been anything else but only appeared so. And the paradox is this – we keep ‘becoming’ until the Infinite soul-age is reached and then we function from a dimension that defies any explanation or description.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Little-known Way to rise above stuckness

Many people feel emotionally stuck in these days of great shifting energy. We are evolving in a way unprecedented in history. This following video is a compliment to the first one uploaded 3 days ago. The first had to do with understanding stuckness and this one has to do with rising above it. Here it is...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Truly Burt, what is LOVE?

Can you explain to me how sexuality and spirituality are the same? Sometimes sex disgusts me because it lacks love. Can you clarify?

We can never know love fully simply because it is the eternal truth itself. We are always learning about love in one form or another. Our journey on earth is about the discovery of our true nature of Being as LOVE itself.

The major lesson in Life is always the same -- it is LOVE!! Throughout history people have thought that God is an entity outside themselves and that's how all religions were started. GOD IS LOVE itself!

LOVE can express physically (sex); mentally (communication); emotionally (as neediness); spiritually (as Oneness). When love is expressed, it grows until we realize that LOVE is all there is. When we express love in its crudest form such as possessiveness, lust, control and perversion it is usually because we do not know any better or because we still happen to be on the still physical Density of vibration. However, even if this we do NOT make wrong then eventually a part of us will ask "What is it I want?" and it is here that we find that through possession, lust or what have you, we are looking for belonging, for oneness, for reaching other words, we are looking for genuine love. Therefore it is through inquiring and accepting we grow and NOT making things wrong. When we make anything wrong then it grows in its 'wrongness' until it becomes a monster. This is why people eventually become mad, totally insane or totally perverted because they make wrong whatever is happening. Everyone is looking for the same thing but if one happens to be 'physical-oriented' then he/she will choose the physical express of lust, self-gratification and personal neediness. This can't be helped unless we sincerely ask, "What is it I want; what am I seeking?"

It is through awareness of what is happening that we grow and discover that it is genuine true love we seek....but never ever make anything wrong because then it will own you. Please do not see crude sex and lust as wrong but only 'ignorance' of the true meaning of love. The moment you have tolerance, understanding and non-judgment towards what you had considered 'wrong' before, then your heart opens and will find that EVERYONE is looking for the same thing. Once you fully see and understand this then you will see LOVE (God) everywhere. Another fear s also fear of money (which is love as abundance). Many spiritual seekers fear money that it will corrupt them and therefore they are making 'money' as 'wrong.' Then they will suffer lack and that's not spiritual. Spirituality is SPIRIT and therefore LOVE itself. See it everywhere and you start seeing God everywhere and that's the true abundant life. When you see God everywhere (LOVE) then every need will be fulfille; every want will be realized because God (love) is goodness itself and loves to give to its children. Please keep these in mind always.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The utter simplicity of Truth!

My Mind keeps me locked in its continual activity. What can I do?

Anything you try to do about your mental activity is more individual mind controlling individual mind. This is what frustration is! Try an experiment -- Sit very still and ask yourself, "I will be alert for the next thought that will show up!" and as you relax watching for what the next thought could be you will find yourself temporarily empty of thought. Why? Simply because wayward thoughts are unconscious and the moment you become conscious of what is taking place the activity comes to a halt. Thnk a thought and then try to capture it, see what happens!
Just as the human mind is incessantly thinking, so is BEING empty and tranquil.
Watch this video...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Open Secret to all spiritual questions

Won't it be wonderful if we found a secret to answer all spiritual (Life) questions? Here's good news -- There is such a secret but it is an Open Secret because everyone knows it and yet never make use of it. I certainly took it for granted even after my experience with Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi in 73 It never occured to me, even then, that this secret he revealed was what I experienced 27 years later in the year 2000. One day, in utter exhausted frustrated over a relationship that I faced in catch-22 also known as between a-rock-and-a-hard-place, that I threw my hands up in the air and acknowledged my full ignorance regarding the solution of this problem. This surrender to Bhagavan brought me the experience of being a HUMAN BEING. It was these two open-secret words that clarified 27 years of reading, study and practice revealing this simple 'formula.' The words "Human Being" revealed to me more in those two minutes that in the past 27 years. It was the year of January 2000 when it became crystal clear I am a human being - a dualistic creature with two opposing forces ready to meet, anytime, to awaken the whole Being.

The Being plays the human role as if it is an individual and separate. It uses the human to seek for its completion forever feeling a lack or missing something. It forces it to seek in the world of matter until futility grabs its attention that what one is seeking is oneself -- One-Self (Unified Field Thoery). The moment one recognizes that he/she is seeking itself which is the Being whose nature is awareness, then there is the opening of the heart to ALLOW all the seeking (known also as suffering, frustration, confusion and fear) and through that ALLOWING become one with the BEING. The Being is ALLOWING itself known also as love, acceptance, forgiveness, openness, innocence, guiltlessness and compassion. Therefore as the human starts feeling the compassion towards its own fears and guilt it is immediately forgiven and thus the human and the being become integrated as One. It is this wholeness which is the awakening of the human-Being.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

How to be intimate with yourself

When the webcam video "Power in daily life" appeared stating that we focus on what we don't want rather than what we want, people wrote back saying -- "I know what I don't want but I am not clear what I want."
This is a common dilemma because all our emotional feelings of unconscious guilt such as the feeling of lack, heaviness, sadness, depression and loneliness and so on are the hunger and yearning of the soul to know itself. There is nothing wrong with emotional pain and we can literally use it to expand the knowledge of our true nature by feeling the feeling. Watch these videos. Here is part one...

Sunday, May 2, 2010

How to find peace in these changing times

We are living in times of great change (2010-2012) and most people are feeling its impact. Everything is coming to a head. People are no longer hiding diplomatically from what they feel but telling it like it is. All emotions, long held within us are now finally coming to the surface. These times of great change are affecting not only our world politics and economy but our emotions and relationships.
The question is, “How can we find peace within this great inevitable change?”
Since everything is change then we have to find what is constant. It is imperative that we find what is constant in order to find peace. In fact, this great change is happening as a means for the evolution and shift of consciousness.

This article emerged from two sources. First are the flow of emails I get worldwide from concerned and even frightened individuals. Secondly it emerged from my own experience and the change that is happening in my own life. This forced me to turn inward toward the Higher Wisdom and ask for guidance.

The 'voice' (silent knowing) emerged as great compassion explaining that these times are very volatile and very open at the same time. This meant that if you ever had someone not telling you the truth of how they felt, this time they would lay it down on the line without holding back. Angers, grievances, old dislikes and judgments will all surface at this time of great change. Men, who are very yang and not given to sensitivity will start feeling feelings they never felt before. Everything is surfacing. Since the world is primarily run by men who are power-conscious there will start being a change to bring balance by introducing the power of the female (compassion, tenderness, uderstanding, clarity, love. ) Now we are at a time (2010-2012) where the time has come for the balance of power to shift.
It has already begun, and it shall continue to prosper until the balance of power lies predominantly in the hands of the female aspect. The female aspect will rule the world, that is, the softness instead of the hardness of war -- greater kindness, sweetness, gentility, compassion and feeling the feelings without shame, guilt or fear.

Those who are now in touch with the female aspect such as 'spiritual' teachers shall come to guide the world. These ones will find the answers of constancy beyond change within them. It will come from their stillness, the inner voice of silent knowing. Men, as a rule involved in world affairs and politics have lost touch with their emotions and failed to evolve. Now the shift is happening where the challenge shall force the balance towards the female principle. Relationships are now on the verge of collapse in most areas and many couples are beginning to feel the strain of facing the truth of their nature. Emotions are surface feelings that have to be experienced fully and completely. It is through these emotions that we will finally find what is even deeper, which is that which is constant. Intelligent and sensitive women are finding it hard in these times to communicate their true feelings because they are also faced by the challenge of the male energy. Female energy does not mean women anymore than male energy means just men. Both energies exist as polarities within both men and women. Men, as a rule, are governed by yang male energy while women are rued by yin female energy.

So, how do we find balance? We find balance by knowing that change is constant and always leading towards greater wholeness. In order to find peace within this constant change we have to discover the three ‘rules’ that NEVER change. These three ‘rules’ of unchanging constancy are what will give us peace, understanding, balance, compassion and joy in life.

Please pay close attention to these three CONSTANTS because without them there will be no peace nor understanding of what is happening. These three constants never ever change. In fact they never had a beginning and are beyond time and space. Here they are:
1. You Exist. This is the first constant. Therefore, the first constant in our life is 'YOU.' The fact is that you exist and, you know this beyond a doubt. This fact will never ever change. You will always exist in one form or another and even though the body may drop, yet, another form will take its place. This first rule of constancy is imperative to FEEL within your Being. Once you start seeing this obvious rule of constancy that will never ever change then you will find your true nature. Your true nature is consciousness combined with the awareness of it. It is this awareness that is constant.

2. You are the One. The second constant rule is that YOU is all there is and YOU is the Source. The Source is ONE. Everything is interdependent, interrelated and interconnected. Everything is moving towards Source of "I AM" -- therefore "I AM" is the only constant.

3. The circle of perception. This is the consciousness that although changing yet it is always contained within the awareness of it that never does change.
There is no reality 'out there' at all but only what we perceive to be so. This is imperative to know. What you believe to be wrong is only wrong to your perception. What you believe to be right is only right to your perception. Whatever you feel is happening ‘out there’ is only ‘real’ to your perception of it.
The 'you' you think you are is the feeling, living and experiencing whatever you are perceiving. Your perception is your choice and is always choosing between love or fear. The paradox is that there is only love and therefore fear is a frustration of love. This means that your feelings of fear, which cannot be helped as they arise, are the 'lessons' you still need to FEEL inside you as perception.

This perception is now coming to a head in these critical times of great change. Emotions are surfacing more than ever to be met with allowance and forgiveness, that is, to FEEL them as okay and not even wish them away, and that's how balance is restored.
The third rule is therefore the circle of perception, that is, what we perceive returns to us as 'reality.' To make it even clearer – what goes around comes around. If we perceive an ugly world then we feel ugly, depressed. If we perceive love despite what we feel is happening then that's what will be in our 'reality.'

It is okay to have negative feelings arise for these are beyond our control. These negatives are essential and show us where we are lacking balance. They are our 'lessons' to help us towards greater stability through allowing, acceptance and love. We can 'choose' through perception (by understanding) that our world is nothing more than our perception of it and has no other reality other than that.
We have the gift of imagination and what we imagine can materialize the moment we believe it. Imagination is perception. Perception is not good or bad but simply what the mind perceives according to its belief system. There is no reality ‘out there’ but only our “I AM” nature. This nature “just IS” and therefore being Oneness is known as LOVE. When we deviate, in our perception from this love then we suffer separation created by our perception. Separation cannot exist because there is only “I AM.”

If we can abide in these three rules of constancy then we can meet any adversities that are arising at these times of great change and thus profit by them. Explore these three rules of constancy and you will evolve at an accelerated rate. Remember that when the challenges arise unexpectedly, they are bound to be overwhelming at times as they represent our deep lessons for balance and greater evolution of consciousness. There is no wrong in this world except our perception of wrong.
Again, how do we meet these ‘lessons’ of fear known also as desperation, anger, depression, grievance, hate, negativity and all forms of separation? Meet this feeling as something that you can’t help feeling, and yet you are NOT a victim of it. You can allow it by FEELING it in your stillness without trying to get rid of it or controlling it in any way. Have the courage my friend to do this when you feel as if giving up on the world through desperation. Sit with this feeling of separation and relax into it through its bodily sensation without thinking about it. Feel the feeling. Then having done so say ‘thank you.’ This simplicity takes courage but its rewards are far far greater than can be imagined.

NOTE: If you have further questions please email me at

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Miraculous Law of Allowing

Dear Spiritual seeker, if you are still struggling and uncertain then this article might help you.

For so many of you still struggling to understand the spiritual life, this article could be just what you need. Imagine your heart warm and open, your spine tingling with new life and you feel like floating on air. When you see the simplicity of what you are about to read you will see colors brighter, the sounds clearer and it will be as if you are experiencing your surroundings for the first time. This is how you’ll feel when you release the ‘holdings’ (perceptions of how life is). This booklet will help you with a pleasant simple way of seeing that will do just that.

The Two Ways of Spirituality
There are two ways of ‘seeing’ (viewpoint) that are absolutely essential and when grasped by the heart that is open and receptive, these two ingredients will shower your life with abundance.
They are:

1. Life (Unified Field) is love and goodness.
2. We can trust it by doing nothing …just allowing it.

When we look at the two ingredients above we shrug our shoulders and meet it with either some doubt or disbelieve its effortless simplicity.

Many spiritual seekers have read and studied the above two points but have NOT embraced such simplicity with their heart and so many have written, “I want to regain my health and I am doing this and that…” or “I want abundance and I am trying to allow it.” And so forth.

This law of allowing is so simple that it overrides our mental ability to grasp it. In fact, even the slightest thought about it right now, as you read this, could block any further understanding.
The perfect statement, when uttered sincerely and honestly from the heart, would go something like this: “I am allowing for my natural well-being from Source within.”
Let me give you an example how complicated the conditioned mind can be. In my recent reply to some questions on youtube found in this link:
commented regarding my statement, “to allow it” by writing the following, “But I can’t allow it because “I” don’t do anything.”
The mind ever-so-ready with a reply missed the whole heart-felt meaning. It missed the fact that allowing means there is no “I” to do anything and merely quoting it clearly indicates the way the mind obstructs understanding.
Allowing means exactly that – there’s no one to do anything and so allowing is not a ‘doing’ but a trust of the heart in the moment. Allowing means that there’s no one who allows…just no interfering by doing anything and that’s allowing.

Fear will grip the seeker with horror because non-doing for an active mind is like death. However, stay open right now and see that if you fully grasp that Life is love, that it is good and whole then why interfere with it especially with a conditioned mind that can’t see further than its own nose?

Important Pointers
The major thing therefore is this – to start ‘seeing’ how good and glorious and whole Life is in its natural uninterrupted flow.
How do we start seeing this?
Here are a few ways to explore in order to give us some pointers to open our heart:

* Nothing happens by chance.
* There are no accidents in Life.
* Everything that is presently happening is caused by you, that is, by your perception based on conditioned automatic viewpoint.
1. You are choosing all the time – whatever is happening to you, you have chosen with your choice perception. If you are having a tough time, feeling stressed and burdened then that is the law of attraction working perfectly to produce your creation according to your perception.
2. Our choice is limited to two emotions only – love or fear! It is very simple. If you are not feeling good with yourself then you are not aligned with the Source of you, which is wellness. This is called fear. If you feel aligned even though you might be sick physically then you are flowing with love. Healing will happen in due ‘time.’

You need do nothing
All the great teachings teach non-doing. The Course in Miracles states emphatically, “You need do nothing!” Therefore all great teachings teach allowing, surrendering, letting the God “I AM” to take over. They teach acceptance, relaxation, forgiveness and flowing which literally means…
Forgiveness means there’s nothing to forgive.
Acceptance means there’s no one to accept.
Allowing means there is no “I” to allow.
Relaxation means that you let go of attempts at relaxing, just like the baby falls asleep without its attempt to sleep.

Now the key question is, “How do we allow when there’s no “I” to do the allowing?” Ponder this question please and see how simple and direct is the reply. Close your eyes right now and visualize your true nature as pure awareness, just being, and then also imagine many things happening around you including thoughts of control, resistance and wishing it would be different and so on. You simply observe so detached that you find yourself at peace even though ‘things’ seem to be happening. If you can see this clearly then you have witnessed ‘allowing’ in its pure state.

But how can I trust that Life will do what is needed?” Again, this question can only be answered by your own relaxed mental state when observing detached. For example, take the simple act of eating -- When you place a morsel of food in your mouth, do you try to digest it, assimilate it, make sure it is properly distributed by your organs and do you direct it to do its job and eliminate what is necessary to eliminate? It is all done without your help. In fact, one moment of doubt that you can swallow that morsel can choke you. We have learned to trust our body because it is guided by Life. Now it is a matter of allowing the same with our thoughts. Thoughts of limitation and fear cannot affect us unless we resist them or wish them away or try to control them. If we allow thoughts of fear to cross our mind and we watch detached then soon our attention will relax and the thoughts will cease.

Here are more facts of the importance of allowing…

1. Did you ever wonder why we experience déjà vu? Did you ever feel you knew who was on the phone even before it rang? Did you ever think about a person before they appear? The unaware mind calls these episodes co-incidenaces. Now here is a mind-boggling fact, there are no co-incidences in an intelligent universe. Nothing happens by chance and there are no accidents. They are all brought about by our own conditioned perceptions.
2. Here’s another fact of DejaVu -- our mind lives in linear time as if it is solid and cast in stone. Yet nothing is cast in stone and everything is fluid and plastic. We seem to live in linear time which also means we have lived this moment before it happened. Did you ever wonder why you keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again? Isn’t it logical to assume that you are repeating what you haven’t resolved yet? In other words, you are repeating mistakes because you are resisting the lessons from learning them.
The moment we start allowing incidents, happenings, situations and feelings of grievances then they lose their contraction and through allowing (forgiveness) they melt into Oneness. In other words, since there is no individual person to keep the contract going then the ‘happenings’ disperse and dissolve like clouds when they have lots of space to move. Thus, by allowing our worst thoughts without even the wish to get rid of them they dissolve from their contracting small tight state into an expanded dissolved vastness. This is how FEAR transmutes into LOVE.

Fear & Negativity are not bad
(they are lessons to be learned)

Here’s an important reminder – fear and all negative emotional pain is NOT bad – they are merely lessons we have yet to learn. If we don’t learn them, we keep suffering and even escalating the pain until we break down. On the other hand, if we allow them because all ‘wrong’ is a misperception then we have learned our lesson and the forthcoming ‘lesson’ has been resolved and dissolved.
Every time we allow (forgive) we actually collapse time in our favor so that if we were meant to have some mishap due to some unlearned lesson then it might not happen as ‘time’ collapses when that episode should have taken place.

How often couples wanted to get their own way until they actually chose being right above being happy and forgiving? The result of the need to be right is regret, shame, guilt, loneliness, sleepless nights and old-age beyond one’s time. This is why the Course in Miracles asks us, “Would you rather be right or happy?” Wanting to be right is the way of the conditioned mind and it will sacrifice itself for the purpose of being proved right even at the cost of its own physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Therefore, when we keep the negative thoughts by indulging in them, justifying their existence and even seek getting even we are destroying our very life-force – going against the flow of life! Through allowing we move with natural law flowingly and easily and simply. This means we are willing to let our self-image slide (ego) and thus undo it without ‘doing’ anything all simply by allowing.

Our Life scipt is already written. This can’t be proved through your logical mind but it can be proved by your heart when you start allowing. Through allowing many little miracles start happening.

The Law of Attraction
So many books were written about the Law of Attraction without simplifying its workings. Here’s the simplification of the law of attraction. Listen to your heart and see if you are causing poverty-consciousness, negativity, limited thinking or spiritual seeking through the intellectual books alone. If you are, then know clearly that the answers relie on when you fully relax your limiting perceptions.
Here’s the Law of Attraction in its briefest explanation:
1. Have the intention.
2. Allow the outcome of that intention.

If the intention is to have a new car then you will have it to the extent of that intention. If in your intention you see yourself working hard to have that car then you’ll end up working hard to get it. On the other hand, if you see clearly that you don’t need to work at it then Life will draw to you opportunities of when, how, which, what is necessary to get it.
I am a lazy private human being. I love people very much but I also love my own alone space. My intention has always been to work effortlessly at the things I love and my survival will be taken care of. Now I offer many things freely and still pay my rent, have good food and enjoy myself with what I need.

When people come to see me in Supersentience sessions one-on-one I ask them what their questions are about life. Then I write these questions down and do not answer them. Gradually I lead the ‘person’ into a fully relaxed state of Supersentience and they consciously answer their own questions clearly and emphatically. It has never failed. Where do they get this incredible ability to answer questions that they couldn’t answer before? The answer is again very simple – when their minds are in alpha brain-wave level they are more in touch with their holographic essence of being and for a few moments, unknown to them, they transcend their linear time script.

Through allowing a whole new realm of being opens up for us and begin to understand things we couldn’t even read about without getting shocked. Here are some facts we get to know…

Our Life Script is already written
Our life script is already written and we merely go through the steps day-by-day repeating what had gone before to learn what we needed to learn. This learning can ONLY happen through allowing (which is forgiveness, accepting, letting-go and trusting the God “I AM.” When Life keeps repeating the same problems, fears and emotions then it is clear we are repeating unresolved patterns that are escalating into dysfunctional areas.

Our Life script being already written, every step we allow in our life becomes our lessons learned. Life is goodness and love itself and every fear and mental stress is merely what is needed to learn our next lesson. When it is learned than ‘time’ is collapsed in our favor.
In our Being we are already perfect love and this Life is called the holographic essence of Being. We live our linear time to learn what is needed to enter the realm of our holographic Being. This is often referred to as Home or Garden of Eden or Heaven or Simply Being.

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Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Healing Miracle of Embracement

This article has been the direct result from questions received regarding the booklet “How to be Intimate with yourself.” The term ‘intimacy’ is an embracement of our humanity.

A man who was diagnosed with serious eye damage due to glaucoma and cataracts followed the doctor’s advice to medicate but the results in taking eye-drop drugs produced side-effects in exhaustion and lack of clarity. Turning within to embrace this problem with the full knowing that nothing happens by chance, he wanted to know what was the cause of it. No answer emerged except a deeper knowing that we are the cause of everything that happens to us. He dwelt on this knowing that he is the Cause and not an effect. This self-responsibility opened up ways to look at this situation differently. He stopped the medications, got rid of his prescription glasses while out walking and fully embraced his blurred vision. Soon this acceptance brought a different viewpoint. Few months later he was called for an appointment at St. Paul’s hospital for some eye-photos and visual-field test. His condition remained the same and the structure of the damaged eyes revealed no change, however, the visual field-test revealed something entirely different – his actual vision improved. Embracement was the healing factor.

In my work conducting one-on-one sessions has proved to be an eye-opener over the years. The body’s ability to heal itself is remarkable and miraculous when there is the embracement of what happens to it.
Just a few weeks ago from this writing I had a client on Skype who was suffering from insomnia, aches and pains, headaches and frequents bouts of anxiety. After an intensive hour of deep exploratory questions and openness of heart listening with deep intent, she reported great progress just from one session – had a good sleep for the first in a long time followed with a more relaxed attitude with hardly any aches. Her embracement of her situation after we talked became the healer.

“The world is falling into greater chaos. The whole earth is quickening. The heart of humanity is quickening in anticipation of the culmination of this epoch, this era of your history, to come into harmony, and into non-separation. In this timing, as the change of consciousness, the expansion, is brought forth in these last years, so will the fear also be brought forth—the polarity of harmony—at last to be embraced into the Light.” (P’taah’)

What is Embracement?
It is to love – to learn to love every little thing until nothing you feel can ever feel wrong again. It sounds like a tall order when you first read it or hear about it, until you start discovering something within you that love was always your greatest love. It is natural to enjoy, to want to be loved, wanted, appreciated, paid attention to and feel you belong. Love is complete, whole and it swallows up everything else and turns it into itself. Love loves to love. As children we cannot do without it; as teenagers we seek it constantly and as adults we suffer deep pain without it.
The most important thing, the most outstanding thing is you, it is who you are in your natural state. It is your unlimited potential for love. Love is the most extraordinary thing and is the beauty and glory of life. Nothing has meaning without love because it is the ultimate truth of you. The best definition of human being is this – you are love, period. When love is not experienced as a feeling then there is emotional suffering immediately.

All emotional suffering is a lack of love for oneself – lack of self-respect, self-hate, feeling less-then, feeling incomplete as if something is wrong with you, feeling as if you are not good enough. All guilt, shame, fear and suffering stem from loss of love. We hang on to people we love because it is our way of feeling that love. Once we discover our true nature as love then we no longer cling because oneness is not only the law but the only truth. When you love who you are just as you are then you automatically accept and love others. Nothing is separate from anything else.

Love is not acquired, attained like a goal or accomplished. Love is this very moment as you read this and it can never be any other way.
When we feel love by allowing ourselves to experience life as it is then we are filled with gratitude, joy and a peace that surpasses the intellectual understanding.

Did you ever feel the wonder of life around you? Did you ever feel heart-felt laughter? Did you ever feel so happy that nothing bothered you at that moment? What is that, other than love-fulfilled?

How often people have asked and sought enlightenment thinking that it was something to be achieved. What is enlightenment except loving every facet of life as it is.

When you feel love then you are everyone you are with – there is no separation, no judgement and no fear.
When you feel love then you are being all you can be, in fact you are God. Did you ever wonder who or what God is? Pause for a moment and contemplate is – isn’t God love itself? It is not an entity outside of you since nothing can possibly be outside of you. God IS! These two words of “GOD IS” says it all and you need no further knowledge. Once you fully realize the truth of these two words you have grasped the simplicity and yet profoundly of the ultimate truth.

We feel the richness of life when we love and pulsate with that love. Just pause and FEEL out all the qualities that love generates and you have the sum total of not only what you are but all you can be. There is nothing greater than love and there is nothing that can be outside of love.

How to regain love
(embrace that which is not love)

When we don’t feel love how do we regain it? Simply say ‘thank you’ to the feeling that is now devoid of love. A feeling devoid of love could be a hundred different feelings of negativity such as boredom, listlessness, fatigue,apathy, indifference, gloominess, sadness, loneliness, heaviness, fear, anxiety even leading to depression and desperation. What are these feeings but a loss of love. This is why even in relationship we fear loss of love or rejection of love. We can’t help feeling either love or fear.

Love or Fear
There are basically only two emotions – love or fear. Emotional feeling is not true feeling but a conditioned state. For example, if you haven’t known much love as a child between 1 to 7 years of age then chances are you suffer some inner drama and fear because you have been deprived of the very life-force of love. So emotions show up as either emotional love (needy love) or fear.

Love is wholeness and therefore life itself known as Oneness. When this fear is not experienced then we suffer some form of fear either subtle or gross. Subtle fear can be skepticism, cynicism, lack of trust, loss of innocence, resentment, judgement, disliking, self-consciousess or discomfort. Gross fear could be depression, anger, desperation, suicide-proness, self-hate, deep loneliness, paranoia or desire to hurt and kill.

So how can we overcome these fears if we have never known love as a child and many fears have taken over our life?
Fears arise because love seems to be missing and so feel unsafe, insecure and alone. However, here’s the good news. You don’t need to get love – you are IT already whether you like it or not at the moment. You are born in love simply because Love is Oneness and nothing can be separate from it. Yet it is this unawareness of our Oneness that generates feelings of separation. Therefore, just as LOVE is Oneness, so is fear separation.

How do you deal with moments of fear?
Since love is like the sun always shining yet it can be covered up by clouds and gives us the feeling that it is not present. Similarly when we suffer depression, upsetness, sadness or gloominess (any fear) we hav merely covered up the love with the clouds of darkness instead of the ever present light. So how do we embrace this darkness? How do we start?...

Well, the first rule is this – while gripped in the feeling of darkness are you willing to see the light even though you don’t actually see it? Just like when it’s a dark day hiding the sun you can still ‘see’ that the sun is hidden above the clouds. If the answer is ‘yes’ then simply say “thank you for the gloominess or sadness or upsetness or hurt or whatever. Just say, “thank you for making me aware that even though I don’t see the sun yet I know it’s there.” It is this simple to embrace every negative quality that reacts upon you.

Some people have said that they can’t get rid of the drama even if they tried. So what’s wrong there? There’s nothing ever wrong but simply do not feel like getting rid of the anger yet because they still seek justification for the feeling no matter how dark, and, it is also okay.
If you feel this need for justification of your anger then acknowledge it and say “Thank you” or making me aware that I wanted to feel validated, acknowledged and that, my friend, gives you the validity and justification you needed. Remember always – you are NOT a victim. Always acknowledge how you feel without judging or blaming another. How you are is how YOU ARE!! The world of your experience is the world of your perception.
Therefore, how you FEEL is how you have chosen (consciously or unconsciously) to feel. You are not a victim. No one has the power over you unless you give them that permission to have that power over you consciously or unconsciously.

You can learn to love fear when it happens by simply understanding that fear is the frustration of love. Fear is a fear of loss of love whether losng someone physically through death, rejection or loss.

All feelings are either love or fear, period. So, how is negative energy not love when our true nature is love? Negative energy is still the need for love but it is like two sides of the same coin. Love is the sun and fear is facing away from it and seeing the shadow.
Suppose you are feeling jealousy, anger, frustration and so on, how are these feelings love?

Okay, suppose you are feeling jealous now? Isn’t it because you want to feel loved and instead you feel the loss of that love?
Suppose you feel angry? Isn’t it because you are not getting your own way; you are not feeling in control? Why do we need control? Isn’t it because our heart knows we are sovereign beings, oneness-love itself?

Why do we get easily hurt?
Isn’t it because we want to feel special? Why do we want to feel special? Isn’t it because we know deep inside that we are love and therefore special?

Why do we act defensively and attack as a reaction?
Isn’t it because you take yourself to be the image you have made of yourself? Isn’t your image a personal construction made up from imagination?
Why do you need to protect it? Isn’t it because down deep inside you know it is not real and struggle not to face that fact? If you knew that your image was just an image, why would you want to protect it?
Why do we protect and fear being vulnerable?
Isn’t it because you fear having someone see you as you think you really are?
Here’s the good news – you are NOT how you think you are at all. That’s a fact that once realized is very liberating. You are LOVE itself! So, what if you were to embrace your vulnerability instead of protecting it? Can you imagine the freedom and love that would emerge from such embracment?
“But it takes a lot of courage and I don’t have that courage!!” Such a statement is understandable because ,most people do not feel they deserve the love they already are…isn’t that a kick in the pants?

Here’s a way to picture embracement and carry it out! …

Visualize a sad lost little child feeling unwanted, unloved and carries the pain of feeling rejected. You look at this child and feel compassion and love thinking, “How could anyone not love this child?”
You approach this child filled with so much warmth and love that you kneel down, hold its hands and look straight into its eyes without saying a word. You are so filled with this clear understanding of love that you convey this energy into the child’s heart. The child’s face softens and the sadness becomes replaced with a bright look of trust.
This ‘child’ is your pain and the compassion you have towards it is your embracement of it.

“A Course in Miracles uses the same approach but uses the label forgivenss. How are they the same?”
The best definition of forgiveness is given by “A Course in Miracles” when it says that true forgiveness happens when there is the realization that there’s nothing to forgive.
Forgiveness is not forgiving anyone for what they have said or done but to see that whatever happened was your perception only. Why is it like this? All acts that we deem ignorant, repellent, cruel or hurtful are simply how we feel what we are looking at. For example, if you see someone beating a dog you might exclaim, “but I can never see myself beating a dog and so how is that in my perception?” It is not the act itself that mirrors you but your reaction to it. Anything that makes you react means it is a sensitive issue in your memory.

Now, how does forgiveness work with embracement? Embracement cannot happen until we forgive what we see. If you ‘see’ your act of anger as justified then you couldn’t embrace it honestly. You would nurse your anger as your right. Therefore, would you rather be right or happy?
At this point embrace your need to justify your anger and your need to continue the anger feeling. This honest acknowledgment will help you to see how you choose your emotions and that, in itself, will give you the strength to take self-responsibility.
It is through self-responsibility that we forgive and embrace into our true nature.

Here are some facts about love. Love is Oneness and therefore
anyone you judge is self-judgment. How you feel about another mirrors that feeling in you. When you love another then that feeling is in you. When love is experienced you are being yourself…your natural Self. The moment you judge by making something wrong, you have that ‘wrong’ inside you. Anything that stays inside you that is other than love places you automatically into misalighnment with the flow of life. When you are out of flow you automatically feel negative. The feeling of negativity is a clear indicator that you are out of sync with the universe. Once you experience something negative you cannot get rid of it or hope it goes away or control it – all you can do is embrace it.

The difference between thinking and feeling!
Unless we love who we are it will be difficult to know the difference between thought and feeling. Why? -- when we are not in-tune with our being we become active mentally thus spent most of our energy thinking-about-it. People who are negative very often find it hard not to think most of the time…

Thinking is always ‘about-it!’
Feeling is always immediate and direct.

Here’s an example, let’s say you write a book about love and know all there is to know about it as far as songs and poetry and stories go. You are fascinated with love. But here’s the kicker – you can’t know love until you FEEL IT in your heart pulsing and alive. Love is not a thought but a feeling, a knowing of joy, it’s feeling alive.
You cannot love another until you love you. But here’s the good news! – you already love you but you just don’t know it. And, it is this lack of knowing that eats away at you believing there’s something wrong or you are missing something when in truth it is all a conception created by the thinking part of you based on memory.

“You say that all feeling is immediate and direct, how about negative feeling then?”
Negative feeling is immediate and direct whether it is a reaction or self-absorption. The reason it is termed ‘negative’ because it negates the love we are in truth. In this feeling we suffer until we are able to become conscious of who it is that is suffering! Who is suffering is our past – the self-image we created based on memory from past experiences. However, if we embrace the moment as it is without the story (which is past) then we remain present, immediate and direct with the sensations in the body. We embrace the sensation as that lost child within us and show it compassion (forgivenss is automatic). Then healing takes place.

How do you start feeling the love you are?
By embracing every negative part of you; to become intimate with every human weakness until you can start feeling the yearning within it for freedom and goodness. You can only find the goodness through that which is not good. Why? -- because that which is ‘not good’ is not our natural state and is therefore a conditioned programmed concept.
Here’s an illustration – one day you get hurt by feeling that your lover rejected you. You ‘listen’ to this feeling as the sensation in your body, you get in touch with that ache. You feel the heaviness within your heart area. You touch or tape that area and say, “Even though this body feels the ache of rejection yet I fully and deeply accept myself.” (the more feeling you put into it, the more power goes into your healing process. After doing it for a few times you will start to feel greater energy. This energy becomes your connection to your love that RETURNS TO YOU.

You are a human being
When yu embrace the human part of you, the seeking and never-satisfied part of you, it will become bonded with the Being and the two integrate.
Why do most people find it hard to love? Isn’t it because they do not love who they think they are?
When you embrace a fear completely, where’s the fear? All negative emotions have one thing in common. Do you know what that is? It is called resistance! This resistance is found in all negative emotions. When we embrace a negative, it stops being a negative because of one simple rule – the negative resistance has been accepted, loved, embraced and therefore it is seen as the illusion it always was. The reason most ‘negative’ people hang on to their feelings is because they want validation, justification for their feelings and so there are other factors that are now in control such as pride, self-image and the need to control. Now here’s the beauty – the moment we embrace it all as being okay and truly meant it then all resistance is gone and our innocent nature surfaces an a sweetness emerges. This is how fear is turned and transformed into love.

Here are more facts about love – all healing is done through love – doctors, nurses, therapists and helpers can give us a hand in encouraging us to relax and feel okay but love is the only true healer. This is why Jesus performed such miracles of healing. Jesus was the personification of love.
Remember always – there’s only LOVE and nothing else is real but only relative to it. Anything else you think you are is just imagination.

Now we come to the million dollar question? What is love? A billion people will give a billion different definitions because love is the mystery and Beingness of Life. It is the force that rotates the earth around the sun. It is the gravity that makes us walk upright in a fast moving planet. It is the force that turns a fetus into a living human being. It is the energy that blooms a flower. It is what keeps your heart beating, blood circulating and everything doing its proper thing. It is the highest intelligence. Nothing works but love. The best laid plans in the world cannot come close to love. There is no success without love. When you finally embrace a negative, it gives you the clarity to see its illusion and makes apparent your inner richness, gratitude and glory.

Tomorrow when you get up in the morning to greet the day just say thank you for another day. Feel the blessing of your body, of being a unique ‘you’ and yet part of it all. Say “I AM” and know beyond a doubt that this “I AM” is the holiest, grandest being there is.

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