Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Act of Waking up spiritually!

"You mention the word 'awakening' often, can you explain what you mean by it, are you referring to enlightenment?"

The word 'waking up' is meant literally waking up by choosing life instead of death. Most people believe they are just a body and identify with thoughts and emotions as reality, that's unconscious living and a form of death. Waking up is seeing that you have infinite possibilities because you are a human being. There are literally no boundaries to you. Being is the sky and the human are the clouds. When the clouds cover up the sky's light and darkness descends then the Being becomes clouded over and forgotten.

Clouds come and go but the sky is ever present and its Light is never dimmed despite the clouds. Thus it is a matter of identification. When the day seems cloudy and dark isn't that merely the covering of the Light that is always present? We have the choice to identify with the Light that is always the case rather than with the temporary clouds.

You are a Human Being. Through the understanding of both these aspects we wake up through choice. Let's see how each affects us.
The Human is a seeker and it is always seeking a better life for itself. It believes it is individual and separate because it identifies with the body as its reality. Therefore it has FOUR strong drives which are the culprits for much suffering.
These FOUR DRIVES are...

1. The drive for control.
The need to have one's way based on one's view of life. This is also the need to be right at all costs to assert its individuality and gets hurt if this is not so.

2. The drive for security.
This is a strong need especially among more emotional people. This drive for emotional security automatically brings the fear of insecurity which haunts one's life.

3. The drive for approval.
This need for approval is also the need to be accepted, recognized, respected and looked-up-to. This applies to both the emotional and the intellectual. When there is no approval then one suffers low self-esteem and equates this to low self-worth.

4. The drive for separation.
This is a strong one even among spiritual seekers who supposedly seek Oneness. This is the need for feeling special, better-than, important or stand-out and feel different. This creates loneliness feelings and moments of negative emptiness.

The question is this -- why is there such opposition between Human and Being? This duality is part of creation. Creation cannot happen without opposites. For instance, to have an 'up' there must be a 'down.' To have 'white' we must have 'black.' To have 'front' we must have a 'back.' Similarly with emotions. Emotions are thoughts that are believed to be real and become strong beliefs. Thus since our true nature is love (Oneness) then we seek it 'outside' ourselves to join, to belong, to possess, to have, to own and so on. This need creates the fear of not having enough or being enough. So, with love comes fear in the human expression. When we love someone we start feeling the fear of loss, fear of rejection, fear of not being good enough and fear of abandonment. Since this fear often takes over while having the drive for being right then we create self-sabotage of the very things we want. This is called human suffering -- self-betrayal or choosing darkness instead of Light. We see the clouds instead of the ever-present Light of the sun.

The next question is -- when we seek the need for control, approval, security and separation, what is making us seek these things? Believe it or not, it is our Being nature which IS the very things we seek. In other words, we are seeking what we already are but don't know it. It is this 'knowing' that will bring awakening to our true nature.

What is our Being like? Being is our true nature. However, Being is not personal and that's the crux of the matter. There are over 6 billion humans on this earth but there is only One Being...that One Being is YOU! Please read this again and again until you feel its incredible impact because by itself it can bring awakening!
You are a Being playing the human role!!
So, what is Being? Let me put it this way -- do you like going on vacation? Why? Isn't it because you love to relax, be free, happy and enjoy yourself. And, what is it in you that wants this? My dear friend, it is your very Being that is this relaxation and aliveness itself. We can FEEL this as who we are but since it happens through the FOUR HUMAN DRIVES we equate it with a need instead of who we ALREADY are! Please read this again.

'Being' is 'BE-ing' -- it is to be happy, comfortable, relaxed, alive, spontaneous, creative, energetic, enthusiastic, joyous and fulfilled. The reason we want these things is because we do not recognize them as qualities already inside us, we believe they need to be attained and so we seek them and thus destroy them.

When we seek what we already are believing it is something to be attained then we automatically block it from immediate expression. This seeking becomes our lust for the world making the world real in our mind. The human believes that the world is real instead of a dream of the mind. When the Being expresses itself through acceptance of its true nature then one sees clearly that the world cannot be real. Physicists know that matter is energy and only appears solid to our senses.

Every time we choose the human part of us, which means we choose unconsciously by identifying and indulging in our negative thoughts and emotions we die a little. Therefore we keep choosing death instead of life. Now listen to this great simple truth -- it takes more effort and stress to be unconscious and suffer then to choose consciously our true nature. It all comes down to this choice -- if we don't choose aliveness then we are unconsciously choosing death.

The unawakened human believes in death and, in fact, so much so that it frightens them to even think that they will soon die physically. Human life is fragile at best and its life-span is so short yet it hides from even seeing the physical for what it truly is. The awakened knows, beyond any doubt, that death is impossible because Being (who you really are) cannot die because it was never born. Being JUST IS!! Being is Oneness. Some seekers ask, "How do I realize Oneness? Oneness is not attained or 'realized' but seen when we are devoted to the Truth of our Being nature. Being is Truth -- Truth means that you are eternal, ever-alive and always YOU!! Jesus said, "The greatest mystery is how Christ lives in each heart." We are NOT separate individuals but One in Spirit. The moment we ALLOW ourselves to see this fact the we are awake. Wakefulness is like waking up from a nightmare and then rubbing your eyes and saying, "WOW! It was just a dream!"
Waking up is seeing the infinite possibilities of your true Being nature. It is the knowing that there are no boundaries toBeing. You are glorious and boundless and to even feel this minutely is to fill you with gratitude and joy. This is who you are RIGHT NOW!!


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