Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Miraculous Law of Allowing

Dear Spiritual seeker, if you are still struggling and uncertain then this article might help you.

For so many of you still struggling to understand the spiritual life, this article could be just what you need. Imagine your heart warm and open, your spine tingling with new life and you feel like floating on air. When you see the simplicity of what you are about to read you will see colors brighter, the sounds clearer and it will be as if you are experiencing your surroundings for the first time. This is how you’ll feel when you release the ‘holdings’ (perceptions of how life is). This booklet will help you with a pleasant simple way of seeing that will do just that.

The Two Ways of Spirituality
There are two ways of ‘seeing’ (viewpoint) that are absolutely essential and when grasped by the heart that is open and receptive, these two ingredients will shower your life with abundance.
They are:

1. Life (Unified Field) is love and goodness.
2. We can trust it by doing nothing …just allowing it.

When we look at the two ingredients above we shrug our shoulders and meet it with either some doubt or disbelieve its effortless simplicity.

Many spiritual seekers have read and studied the above two points but have NOT embraced such simplicity with their heart and so many have written, “I want to regain my health and I am doing this and that…” or “I want abundance and I am trying to allow it.” And so forth.

This law of allowing is so simple that it overrides our mental ability to grasp it. In fact, even the slightest thought about it right now, as you read this, could block any further understanding.
The perfect statement, when uttered sincerely and honestly from the heart, would go something like this: “I am allowing for my natural well-being from Source within.”
Let me give you an example how complicated the conditioned mind can be. In my recent reply to some questions on youtube found in this link:
commented regarding my statement, “to allow it” by writing the following, “But I can’t allow it because “I” don’t do anything.”
The mind ever-so-ready with a reply missed the whole heart-felt meaning. It missed the fact that allowing means there is no “I” to do anything and merely quoting it clearly indicates the way the mind obstructs understanding.
Allowing means exactly that – there’s no one to do anything and so allowing is not a ‘doing’ but a trust of the heart in the moment. Allowing means that there’s no one who allows…just no interfering by doing anything and that’s allowing.

Fear will grip the seeker with horror because non-doing for an active mind is like death. However, stay open right now and see that if you fully grasp that Life is love, that it is good and whole then why interfere with it especially with a conditioned mind that can’t see further than its own nose?

Important Pointers
The major thing therefore is this – to start ‘seeing’ how good and glorious and whole Life is in its natural uninterrupted flow.
How do we start seeing this?
Here are a few ways to explore in order to give us some pointers to open our heart:

* Nothing happens by chance.
* There are no accidents in Life.
* Everything that is presently happening is caused by you, that is, by your perception based on conditioned automatic viewpoint.
1. You are choosing all the time – whatever is happening to you, you have chosen with your choice perception. If you are having a tough time, feeling stressed and burdened then that is the law of attraction working perfectly to produce your creation according to your perception.
2. Our choice is limited to two emotions only – love or fear! It is very simple. If you are not feeling good with yourself then you are not aligned with the Source of you, which is wellness. This is called fear. If you feel aligned even though you might be sick physically then you are flowing with love. Healing will happen in due ‘time.’

You need do nothing
All the great teachings teach non-doing. The Course in Miracles states emphatically, “You need do nothing!” Therefore all great teachings teach allowing, surrendering, letting the God “I AM” to take over. They teach acceptance, relaxation, forgiveness and flowing which literally means…
Forgiveness means there’s nothing to forgive.
Acceptance means there’s no one to accept.
Allowing means there is no “I” to allow.
Relaxation means that you let go of attempts at relaxing, just like the baby falls asleep without its attempt to sleep.

Now the key question is, “How do we allow when there’s no “I” to do the allowing?” Ponder this question please and see how simple and direct is the reply. Close your eyes right now and visualize your true nature as pure awareness, just being, and then also imagine many things happening around you including thoughts of control, resistance and wishing it would be different and so on. You simply observe so detached that you find yourself at peace even though ‘things’ seem to be happening. If you can see this clearly then you have witnessed ‘allowing’ in its pure state.

But how can I trust that Life will do what is needed?” Again, this question can only be answered by your own relaxed mental state when observing detached. For example, take the simple act of eating -- When you place a morsel of food in your mouth, do you try to digest it, assimilate it, make sure it is properly distributed by your organs and do you direct it to do its job and eliminate what is necessary to eliminate? It is all done without your help. In fact, one moment of doubt that you can swallow that morsel can choke you. We have learned to trust our body because it is guided by Life. Now it is a matter of allowing the same with our thoughts. Thoughts of limitation and fear cannot affect us unless we resist them or wish them away or try to control them. If we allow thoughts of fear to cross our mind and we watch detached then soon our attention will relax and the thoughts will cease.

Here are more facts of the importance of allowing…

1. Did you ever wonder why we experience déjà vu? Did you ever feel you knew who was on the phone even before it rang? Did you ever think about a person before they appear? The unaware mind calls these episodes co-incidenaces. Now here is a mind-boggling fact, there are no co-incidences in an intelligent universe. Nothing happens by chance and there are no accidents. They are all brought about by our own conditioned perceptions.
2. Here’s another fact of DejaVu -- our mind lives in linear time as if it is solid and cast in stone. Yet nothing is cast in stone and everything is fluid and plastic. We seem to live in linear time which also means we have lived this moment before it happened. Did you ever wonder why you keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again? Isn’t it logical to assume that you are repeating what you haven’t resolved yet? In other words, you are repeating mistakes because you are resisting the lessons from learning them.
The moment we start allowing incidents, happenings, situations and feelings of grievances then they lose their contraction and through allowing (forgiveness) they melt into Oneness. In other words, since there is no individual person to keep the contract going then the ‘happenings’ disperse and dissolve like clouds when they have lots of space to move. Thus, by allowing our worst thoughts without even the wish to get rid of them they dissolve from their contracting small tight state into an expanded dissolved vastness. This is how FEAR transmutes into LOVE.

Fear & Negativity are not bad
(they are lessons to be learned)

Here’s an important reminder – fear and all negative emotional pain is NOT bad – they are merely lessons we have yet to learn. If we don’t learn them, we keep suffering and even escalating the pain until we break down. On the other hand, if we allow them because all ‘wrong’ is a misperception then we have learned our lesson and the forthcoming ‘lesson’ has been resolved and dissolved.
Every time we allow (forgive) we actually collapse time in our favor so that if we were meant to have some mishap due to some unlearned lesson then it might not happen as ‘time’ collapses when that episode should have taken place.

How often couples wanted to get their own way until they actually chose being right above being happy and forgiving? The result of the need to be right is regret, shame, guilt, loneliness, sleepless nights and old-age beyond one’s time. This is why the Course in Miracles asks us, “Would you rather be right or happy?” Wanting to be right is the way of the conditioned mind and it will sacrifice itself for the purpose of being proved right even at the cost of its own physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Therefore, when we keep the negative thoughts by indulging in them, justifying their existence and even seek getting even we are destroying our very life-force – going against the flow of life! Through allowing we move with natural law flowingly and easily and simply. This means we are willing to let our self-image slide (ego) and thus undo it without ‘doing’ anything all simply by allowing.

Our Life scipt is already written. This can’t be proved through your logical mind but it can be proved by your heart when you start allowing. Through allowing many little miracles start happening.

The Law of Attraction
So many books were written about the Law of Attraction without simplifying its workings. Here’s the simplification of the law of attraction. Listen to your heart and see if you are causing poverty-consciousness, negativity, limited thinking or spiritual seeking through the intellectual books alone. If you are, then know clearly that the answers relie on when you fully relax your limiting perceptions.
Here’s the Law of Attraction in its briefest explanation:
1. Have the intention.
2. Allow the outcome of that intention.

If the intention is to have a new car then you will have it to the extent of that intention. If in your intention you see yourself working hard to have that car then you’ll end up working hard to get it. On the other hand, if you see clearly that you don’t need to work at it then Life will draw to you opportunities of when, how, which, what is necessary to get it.
I am a lazy private human being. I love people very much but I also love my own alone space. My intention has always been to work effortlessly at the things I love and my survival will be taken care of. Now I offer many things freely and still pay my rent, have good food and enjoy myself with what I need.

When people come to see me in Supersentience sessions one-on-one I ask them what their questions are about life. Then I write these questions down and do not answer them. Gradually I lead the ‘person’ into a fully relaxed state of Supersentience and they consciously answer their own questions clearly and emphatically. It has never failed. Where do they get this incredible ability to answer questions that they couldn’t answer before? The answer is again very simple – when their minds are in alpha brain-wave level they are more in touch with their holographic essence of being and for a few moments, unknown to them, they transcend their linear time script.

Through allowing a whole new realm of being opens up for us and begin to understand things we couldn’t even read about without getting shocked. Here are some facts we get to know…

Our Life Script is already written
Our life script is already written and we merely go through the steps day-by-day repeating what had gone before to learn what we needed to learn. This learning can ONLY happen through allowing (which is forgiveness, accepting, letting-go and trusting the God “I AM.” When Life keeps repeating the same problems, fears and emotions then it is clear we are repeating unresolved patterns that are escalating into dysfunctional areas.

Our Life script being already written, every step we allow in our life becomes our lessons learned. Life is goodness and love itself and every fear and mental stress is merely what is needed to learn our next lesson. When it is learned than ‘time’ is collapsed in our favor.
In our Being we are already perfect love and this Life is called the holographic essence of Being. We live our linear time to learn what is needed to enter the realm of our holographic Being. This is often referred to as Home or Garden of Eden or Heaven or Simply Being.

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