Friday, May 4, 2012 HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT by Burt Harding " of the most powerful books on the planet in contemporary form for awakening human consciousness."~ Christine Horner, What Would Love Do Int'l "I feel I understand more and ever new things are dawning in me about ‘Being’ and how living in pure Awareness is the only real way to live! " ~ Karen Butler "I started to see clearly how you can’t escape this moment and to just receive what is given, knew it in my heart; everything was allowed without any effort on my part and really felt all the past pain starting to diminish. Thank you so much...” ~ James Ngo Book Excerpt: ..."When I get e-mail questions such as… “Why do I often feel so bad?” “Why do so many negative thoughts torment me?” “Why do I often feel so awful and empty?” The answer is simple. You are feeding the human while ignoring the Being. It is all about BEING. To ignore BEING is to be controlling, desiring to get your own way, selfish, demanding, angry, intolerant. In other words, feeling separate from Being! BEING is the truth of you and it means simply TO BE! TO BE means to be here and now without past (which is gone anyway) and without future (which can never be here). Why do we feed the human and forget the Being? Isn’t it because we believe we are our past experiences, our conditioning? It is true that we can’t help identifying with the past, but one moment of honest looking and asking, “What am I right now?” will reveal that you are nothing but BEING. This is scary to the human because it wants to be “somebody.” It wants to be special because it wants to be loved. Here is the crux of the matter – BEING is LOVE itself and therefore, can never be experienced by the human who craves and needs love. LOVE is not “something.” LOVE is the recognition that you are BEING itself…oneness with all…no separation whatsoever! All there is, is this Being appearing as a human. And since you are a human being then you seem to live in duality. Being is nothingness, known also as Spirit, and it appears as everything. Being is the absolute, appearing as the relative. Being is the emptiness we misinterpret, which in truth, is fullness. Being is the uncaused and timeless essence, yet appearing as the caused and humans. Being is Oneness appearing as separation. Being is the real subject appearing as object. Thus the singular BEING appears as the plural “we” and “us” and “them”. Being is impersonal, but appears as seeming personal while it inhabits a form…role-playing form. Being is regarded as the unknown and appears as the known. These explanations of duality appear as if they are real knowledge, but they are words pointing to the wordless that your intuitive heart can “hear” when it awakens to listening. Here’s the punch line. There is nothing happening, but only seems to happen. All this you will understand through your intuitive heart when the “human being” in you is finally seen clearly. The hope of this book is to bring you to that seeing." ORDER NOW» Burt Harding, Author


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  2. Dear Burt,
    I have read the above book more than once. It is lovely. Your words reach to the essence of the matter quite directly.
    Thank you for this simple, direct and revealing communication.