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The Two Voices!

The Two Voices!

“Most of the teachers talk about living in lasting peace in daily life and I have been practicing meditation and various studies for over 15 years and I am still not at peace. Is there something I am missing in all that I have read? My question is – how can I live in peace and clarity if I am not yet awakened?”

What you are about to read may seem revolutionary and original in its approach, and yet, it is the oldest teaching in the world when fully grasped in its simplicity. You cannot read the following in authentic interest without it affecting your life in a positive, even transformative, way. This writing is not only for you but for everyone who is not yet at peace.

The word ‘Awakening’ has become a word as if meaning something to be attained. Awakening is like sleeping at night and having a nightmare that seems real until you wake up and realize nothing happened except in your mind. The true awakening is a similar process where we awaken from our daily conditioned life to the true life where we see that what seems to be happening is a projection of our mind.
Daily life is like watching a movie on a screen that seems real. If we do not like what is happening on the screen then we try to change the screen and end up frustrated, confused, bewildered and horrified at the escalation of the very thing we wanted to get rid of. Escalation means that whatever we try to get rid of becomes more seemingly solid to our consciousness simply because we give it greater validity and importance. What is needed to be done is not change the screen from which everything seems to be happening, but to go back to the projection room where the projector is playing on the screen and then change the projection.
Everything that happens in our world is a projection of our mind, believe it or not. The world we live in is the world of the mind and as we evolve start seeing what could not have been other than obvious.

Read this carefully because it can make the difference between a life of pain to a life of joy. As you read the following you might find yourself struggling with it even disagree, however, give it your sincere attempt and apply it and watch the richness that will emerge from it.

You are a human being…
What I am going to present here works and, it will work for you if you allow it. It has worked for me ever since I realized it a few years ago. What you are about to read is definitely not new but hopefully easier to understand and apply. After all, it is all about APPLICATION.

There are two seeming parts of you. Each one is unaware of the other. One lives in linear time and the other is holographic. One is real and the other is false. The two are not on speaking terms. You either live from one or the other. Let’s name these two as the Two Voices. These two voices are completely different, while one lives in time, the other is timeless. While one is real, the other is utterly false but seems real because it is the first voice.

The First Voice
The first voice is human and most people live and die never knowing of their real voice (true being). This first voice is what most people consider their life and it is a completely false life. It is known as the first voice because it speaks first through reaction; through conditioned response; through automatic robotic mechanical action conditioned by thought. It is impulsive, compulsive, reactive, propelled by unconscious guilt and fear. It is suspicious, distrustful, skeptical, and carries the feeling of not-being-good-enough and the subtle nagging sense that something is missing. It believes in ‘wrong’ and some religions have called it ‘the original sin.’ The first words of this voice are mechanical and either hypocritical, pretentious or negative. Ask anyone, “How are you?” and chances are that their first voice falls into these categories. This is no direct fault as it is unconscious and conditioned. This first voice is also referred to as the egoic voice. And, since this is unconscious then it keeps creating its future script. All anxiety, fear and emotional suffering is an indication of this first voice. The thoughts are so automatic and unaware that they do not recognize their karmic consequences. Thus, thought is seen as feeling, and feeling is seen as reality. For example, most depressed people complain that it is their depression that is creating their negative thoughts and feelings. However cognitive therapy research found out that it is the other way around – it is the conditioned negative thoughts that are causing the depression. These negative thoughts are the conditioned first voice of the human.

To find out more why the human is so negative please refer to previous booklets on the subject such as “The Ways we seek” and so on. In short, all negativity is caused by unconscious guilt which is the result of believing we are lacking something and thus feel ‘wrong’ or not-good-enough. This feeling ‘wrong’ then tries to sabotage its positive efforts believing unconsciously “I do not deserve the best.”

The Second Voice
Just as the first voice is the human conditioned response so is the second voice that of Being. This voice is not only in total opposite of the first but it is the real voice. This voice of Being is known as Love. This second voice is already the case here and now. It is important to understand that this VOICE is your real BEING voice and therefore it is who you really are in this very moment of reading this. The reason we do not know of this voice is because it lives in the timeless essence of the holographic state. In other words, this Beingness knows no linear time as we have become accustomed to believe is reality. It is eternal, unchanging and always perfect love. It has been called as the kingdom of God or heaven. The nature of the holographic reality is peace, love, joy, freedom and absolute harmony. It is your true presence. You get in touch with this essence when your ego is temporary absent as when you are in love or immersed in an egoless activity such as total immersion in music, love-making or rapture. It is a great joy that surpasses the comprehension of the human mind.

Your interpretation is your choice
When you listen to the first voice, which is 99% of the time, you have ‘chosen’ through interpretation of this first voice as reality. In other words, you have made the voice and its language real to you. When, through some good karma, you interpret anything that happens as glorious, beautiful and loving then you have ‘chosen’ the second voice through your interpretation.
Here’s the great news – you have complete freedom to choose between the first voice or the second voice. In short, you either interpret from the first voice and feel guilt and fear or through the second voice and feel love and peace. This interpretation is your choosing.
Your life is either mediocre and thus suffer or flourish and find peace by interpreting through the second voice. It is up to you which voice you want to listen to.

Both scripts of the first voice and the second voice are already written. Your first voice of the ego, which is incessantly talking to you of negativity and limitation “why” “maybe” “what-if” “but” makes up its mind so fast that there is no awareness of any other possibility unless you make a point to know the truth. We cannot hear the second voice until we make up our mind to do so. In other words, we have to be willing to want what is true. The human script consists of karmic consequences built around thoughts and beliefs that either have already manifested or yet to manifest in the future. What lies unresolved and unforgiven in your conditioned mind becomes the controlling first voice. It becomes stronger and louder the more you entertain your belief in it.
You choose which voice to listen to by how you interpret what each voice is saying. When you start listening to the second voice then you automatically undo the first voice’s power over you, in other words, you start undoing the ego’s influence.

There are over 6 billion humans on this earth and yet there is only one ego. Therefore, when one gets caught in their ego they repeat the same fears and anxieties and guilt as everyone else in that same predicament because it is all One Ego. All characteristics of ego are the same one ego. When this ego is seen to be a liar and a deceiver because we are driven towards the truth then we start moving into the One Spirit Voice. The 2nd Voice is the voice of the Holy Spirit or as often called the “I AM.” Just as the human voice accumulates more garbage with its unconscious life, so does the 2nd voice unlearns the ego conditioning and returns to its primary wholeness and innocence. The more you interpret your life from your true natural Self ( 2nd voice), the more you undo the first voice of judgment and guilt. Just as the first voice lives from fear and is never NOW but always acting from conditioned response combined with fear of the future thus creating anxiety, insecurity and worry. On the other hand, the second voice lives fully NOW as love oblivious of time. Love is the absence of ego and therefore is selfless, giving, loving, forgiving, open, free and peaceful.

The first voice is known as daily life and is easily upset, threatened, bored and mechanical. It never questions itself driven by compulsions, addictions and reactions. Most people live and die hardly ever knowing the glory of their true state.
Our true state known as the 2nd voice is silent, sweet, tender, warm, simple, whole and innocent.

We start expanding into our true nature by interpreting through the 2nd voice. We can call this voice as the Holy Spirit of Being.
Remember we have the freedom to choose to listen either to the first voice of ego or the 2nd voice of the Holy Spirit. The human ego asks…
“What is the meaning of life?”
“What am I doing here?”
“Do I have free will?”
“Do we really have choices?”

Th first voice cannot know the answers and it is often confused. The ‘answers’ do not exist because they are not words spoken nor are they emotions experienced – they are a ‘knowing’ in the center of Being. We come to know everything we need to know through the Holy Spirit. In fact, the ‘answers’ will feel so true and natural that they’ll be beyond doubt.
When we feel sad, unhappy, depressed or melodramatic then know that we have chosen, however unconsciously, to listen to the first voice of doubt, judgment and fear.
A Course in Miracles says, “The part that is listening to the voice for God is calm, always at rest and wholly certain. It is really the only part there is.”

How to listen to the True Voice
When the term Holy Spirit is used, it is referring to the Reality of Oneness as formless even though appears as form. In other words, we listen to the Holy Spirit (2nd voice) in Silence. It doesn’t use words because it is not conditioned by language or time. Yet this voice recognizes the delusion of the 1st voice and undoes it.
Let me give you some examples how the 2nd voice of the Holy Spirit works. One time a man was on the verge of suicide, his whole world was turned upside down by his financial ruin. By grace he attended a spiritual lecture where the speaker suggested listening to the silence early morning before dawn breaks. This man got up early the next day and went to the beach overlooking the sun rise over the horizon. As he sat silently watching this break of dawn something deep within became very still and in a moment of utter silence he ‘heard’ no words and yet they spoke loudly of tranquility.
He stopped at a nearby coffee shop and while sipping his coffee he realized that he was no longer afraid nor worried, it was as if everything was wiped out in one single blow. He returned home feeling a peace he never experienced before. This very listening to the 2nd voice of the Holy Spirit resolved all his ‘problems.’ Within a few weeks everything picked up in a way that his mind could never have imagined.

Another aspect of the Holy Spirit’s guidance is its way to let us know the difference between joy and pain. Most people are not aware of what they feel inside and so confusion is often the case. When we start listening to silence, our ego will rebel and as often the case the first voice (ego) will say, “You’re kidding yourself.” “What do you think is going to happen?” “You are as you are and you’re not going to change!” and so on. This to be expected in the initial stages of the decision to listen.

The Course states it this way…
“The Holy Spirit will direct you only so as to avoid pain. Surely no one would object to this goal if he recognized it. The problem is not whether what the Holy Spirit says is true, but whether you want to listen to what He says. You no more recognize what is painful than you know what is joyful, and are, in fact, very apt to confuse the two. The Holy Spirit’s main function is to teach you to tell them apart. What is joyful to you is painful to the ego, and as long as you are in doubt about what you are, you will be confused about joy and pain.”

And so, it will take a while before you start listening to the Holy Spirit’s voice that is so repugnant to the ego. Initially you’ll escape from silence or from listening. You will find excuses without realizing you are making them. This is natural in the beginning stages of listening. So here are the steps to take in order to ‘hear’ the Holy Spirit’s voice…

1. Start observing your first voice, in fact, be aware of your reactions and after a while you may start feeling discouraged or afraid of your own steadfast first voice. Remember that if you are sincere in wanting what is true about you above everything else, then stick it out.

2. After becoming aware of your first voice and its negative connotations, judgments, ‘wrong’ thinking and fears etc and how prevalent they are then you are ready for the second step. Make a point to witness your reactions as they happen and allow what is happening without guilt, in other words, without making it wrong. Just see it as a release. Release is good but of temporary help.

3. This third step starts the real ‘work’ – next time you see how you react and think just say, “I am Spirit, whole and innocent. All is forgiven and released.” Even though this is like a mantra yet it prepares you for the real forgiveness that will start happening naturally from true seeing in Silence and peace.

4. Now start Listening to what the Holy Spirit is saying to you through the feeling of Oneness. Spend time sitting and watching silently without judgment – listen to the bird singing; listen to that tree in front of you until you actually ‘see it’. Listen to the wind or listen to the warmth of the sun. As you walk, listen to the people’s faces and their thoughts without judgment. This silent listening will automatically awaken your knowing of your connection with all that is around you. It is this feeling/knowing that will teach you more than books or teachers ever could. Remember the first voice had convinced you the world was real, now through this inner silent listening a whole new awakened energy starts percolating bringing insights into the world’s true image. Most important of all, it is the awakening of your Oneness and never feeling alone or lonely ever again. Here you enter the true world of peace and love.

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