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The over-powering belief in 'wrong'

“You stated in your webcam video that there’s nothing wrong in Reality. I find this too perplexing. Could you clarify?”

You are referring to the video clip

I admit that this is one of the most controversial subjects but it is also a transforming one when fully grasped in its true meaning. In order to understand this seemingly complex statement there has to be some clarity about Cause & Effect of everything that happens in creation. It is true that there is corruption, crime, violence and man’s inhumanity to man in the world but they are the effects of a cause…and that cause is the belief in wrong also known as unconscious guilt.

The Unconscious mind
Practically all of your mind is unconscious to you, just like almost all of an iceberg is underneath the surface of the water. Since we do not see what lies in our unconscious we judge the surface and draw conclusions based on what we see only. Of course there are ‘evils’ in the world and that’s obvious, however, it is when we see the cause of their existence that we start understanding the fact that it is the belief in wrong that creates the wrong.

The Human part
The human part of us is a small insignificant part of our true nature. Our reality lies in Being. Our identification with the limited human aspect is known as ego. The ego is that part of the mind that believes in division, separation and smallness. It is this separation alone that keeps reminding you that you are separate from God (Source of Life). Thus, when you keep being reminded unconsciously that you are just a small human who has forgotten its One Being nature, you have committed the act of separating from God.
Our conventional religions exacerbate this further by making us believe that God is ‘up there’ judging us instead of the Being we are itself. And, we have bought it all because we like the idea of being separate individuals. As Assagioli (Founder of PsychoSynthesis) said, “We spend 95% of our energy protecting, defending and maintaining our self-image without the slightest idea that it is just an image.” It is this defense of this false belief that created the belief in ‘wrong’ known as unconscious guilt. Another aspect of unconscious guilt is the demand for punishment imbedded in the unconscious known as “I don’t deserve the best.” “I don’t feel good enough” “I feel I am missing something” “I feel empty”

The prevalence of self-sabotage
These beliefs in wrong create self-sabotage often destroying the very things we want most. As a hypnotherapist I keep hearing this litany with practically every client, “Why do I do this to myself?” “Why can’t I hold a relationship?” “Why can’t I find peace?”
Whenever ‘things-become-too-good-to-be-true’ we make sure we don’t have them. If this sounds crazy then you’ll be surprised to know that it is in every one’s thinking pattern as long as one has not awakened to their spiritual nature.
We pride in being individuals, I certainly did for most of my life. Yet it is this very duality that creates this inner emptiness and division even from oneself. The term ‘individuality’ spells ‘duality.’
Just like the term ‘evil’ is the reverse of the word ‘live.’

There is no separation
In the movie ‘Leap Movie’ (www.leapmovie.com) that cites many notable scientists and authors it emphasizes the fact that not only there is no separation but the thought of being an individual is the insanity of the age. It is this separation-thinking that promotes the belief in wrong. And, belief always materializes.

The ego (separated self idea) believes that this insane behavior is what you did because it believes that it is you. If you identify with the ego (and most people do) you must perceive yourself as guilt, and you will fear punishment. This belief in wrong is so subtle that one often feels as if they have done something wrong. And, it is this negative thinking that is responsible for the craziness in this world of the mind.

The Thought of ‘Wrong.’
An interesting research study conducted by Cognitive Therapy revealed that people do not suffer from a negative mindset because of depression or fear. It has been discovered it is the other way around. People suffer depression, fear and anxiety because of negative thoughts. In other words, it is the thought of ‘wrong’ that created the emotional suffering in the first place.

Religious teachings about sin, hell, devil, damnation and the need for punishment contributed greatly towards this unconscious guilt. This unconscious guilt has been also the precursor of many suicides.

“A Course in Miracles” states emphatically that all suffering is the result of unconscious guilt. Even in mundane psychology we know this to be true. Sigmund Freud wrote in his studies, “Our patients do not believe us when we attribute to them an unconscious sense of guilt. In order to make ourselves at all intelligible, we must tell them of an unconscious need for punishment.”

This unconscious guilt is imbedded in our very humanity. It is an ingrained belief in separation and often experienced in families. Many of the more serious feelings of guilt stem from a special kind of guilt; the hidden guilt we feel towards our parents – and sometimes towards our brothers and sisters. This is often denied until from hypnosis the truth emerges with such shame from our unspoken hate. This is mostly unconscious in most people. However, as more people become aware of their true nature, the more this hidden feeling surfaces and then what do we do – we start dwelling and indulging in our self-pity stories of betrayal or shame or feeling unloved.

How does this unconscious guilt (which is a strong belief in wrong) manifest in daily life?
Some sabotage their own success.
• Some are unable to achieve a satisfactory relationship.
• Some are unable to fully relax and enjoy life.

In my sessions with clients I have found the following patterns…
How I should be instead of how I am.
I believe I was abandoned and fear rejection therefore I look for it.
I feel bad but can’t pinpoint what that is.
I am often conscious of losing something and must control it.
I often feel overwhelmed.
I believe one of my parents didn’t love me.

Addictions are escapes from ‘wrong’
This belief in wrong creates the need for escape as a respite. This means that we seek some pleasure or outlet to compensate for our nightmares in our unconscious. These escapes often become addictions. Some addictions are as innocent as the need for coffee or a smoke or masturbation to the greater needs for escape through drugs (including medical) alcohol, drugs and pornography. The average human being is addicted to something or other in order to compensate for their ‘wrong’ inner feeling. This addiction could be anything that will compensate for feelings of ‘wrongness.’ Lying, pretension and a hypocritical attitude is also subtle addictions. Then we have addictions as self-punishment for feeling ‘not-good-enough’ such as complaining, grumpiness, moodiness, melodrama and negative thinking. These addictions are backed by the belief that they are justified like saying, “I have a right to be angry or jealous or upset…”

My experience has shown that such addictions are not healed by conventional therapy except maybe temporarily. These addictions are healed when we discover the truth of our Being-nature which is guiltless and innocent.
We are a human being. While the human part of us believes in ‘wrong’ yet our true part, which is the Being, is guiltless, innocent and love itself. The average human hides the being just like the the dense dark clouds hide the sun. The sun is always there but not seen due to the dark clouds until we come to believe that the dark clouds are real and thus there is no sun.

Questions about the belief in wrong
It is interesting to note that most of the questions about this subject came from religious people who believe in guilt. Somehow guilt is necessary for them to help them atone for the sins of mankind. Imagine the children brought up in such an environment?

In this article I have mentioned unconscious guilt, addictions, fears and attachments and someone might ask, “Aren’t these wrong then?” Yes, but they are the result of the belief in wrong and that’s the whole point.

In order to understand this subject look upon all effects such as emotional pain, melodrama, panic attacks, deep anxieties, insecurities and daily stresses as the result of unconscious guilt and not whether they are wrong or right. As long as we feel justified in our suffering, we will not rise above it and see the sun.
I have heard many people rage and condemn and judge with malice because they said they were justified for the pain they received. Who is it that is suffering? And yet, the need to justify our anger, fear and hatred not only exacerbates the situations but blinds us to healing. It is this which is self-punishment and always follows unconscious guilt and its projections. We do not realize, and don’t want to realize, that all our emotional pain is caused by the mind’s projection. No one can do anything to you unless you allow them. And, you allow them by playing victim. It is this which is termed ‘belief in wrong.’ It is such a vicious circle that we get angry for being angry; get upset for being upset; feel negative for feeling negative; and feel so guilty for feeling guilty that we indulge in our guilt even more. This is the ‘game’ of ‘belief in wrong.’

How do we heal?
In my practice of hypnotherapy I have seen people suffer from this belief hat their lives have become a literal hell. Yet it is symbolic of the thought-system of the ego of fear, guilt and death --- and it’s not real! So why fear it? All images are just images, no matter where or when they appear to happen. These images are seen in some of your nightmares are very tyical of the nature of the ego which is based on guilt (belief in wrong). The unconscious is much more horrible than what’s above the surface. This is how the ego hides itself and its plan to keep you immersed in the belief in wrong. The conscious projection you see all around you is a defense. Thus your ego defense is tolerable in comparison to what’s in your unconscious mind. In other words, we find that surface living is tolerable in comparison to what lies underneath and so we escape into surface living (addictions and escapes) not to face our deep unconscious demons and nightmarish creatures that often seem so real. The unconscious carries all the memories of what you had run away from, resisted and remained unresolved and the word ugly, monstrous, demonic, savage and ghastly come to mind. In fact, this has been built up by the beliefs of separation from God (Love, Source, Essence). And knowing this you begin to understand why people drink heavily or seek sex intensely or indulge in negative beliefs – this is all part of the belief in wrong.
Remember too that the belief in wrong wants you to believe that these unconscious fears are real and it prods you to resist them, escape them or even indulge in them to make them real.

So how can we break free? It is done through forgiveness.
See video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LhuNDbP92dQ
The word ‘fore-giveness’ is a giving-forth of whatever your mind is creating in the belief in wrong. To make it simple just do the following whenever you find yourself reacting, feeling anxious, afraid or hating someone or something…just say…

“I AM Spirit, Whole and Innocent.
All is forgiven and released.”

Get into the good habit of affirming this every time you believe in something wrong. Please do not question it. If you are not feeling love and joy then there is something believed to be wrong. When you repeat it nothing actually seems to happen, however, this habit of affirming will bring incredible awareness of your ‘wrong’ belief system. It will strengthen beyond your expectations; increase greater trust in the highest in you and more importantly, it will heal long term ‘demons’ in your unconscious mind. After a few months you will see quite clearly (in retrospect) how wonderful life has been treating you. Your ability to listen is not only enhanced but you’ll be feeling feelings you never even dreamed you could have. At this point you’ll know that living on this worldly illusion can also be heavenly.

Burt Harding

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