Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Missing the point

Someone wrote,"My goal is enlightenment. I refuse to believe there are no answers. I believe in me and I believe in mankind."

Questions can only have verbal or written words as 'answers.' But is that really an 'answer' or a pointer towards the truth? Verbal answers merely create the space for more questions until all questions are exhausted and we are left open, vulnerable and humbled by the helplessness of the conditioned mind to understand. It is at this point that we realize we don't know and our acknowledgment of this fact opens the heart for real direct experience of what is here and now beyond words. It is through this innocent, humble and open heart that we finally recognize our Oneness. It is here that we cease asking questions and see the obvious truth that has previously escaped us when we were looking for answers in words and mental gymnastics. Truth is not belief in a 'me' but in the wholeness that IS!

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