Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Three Simple steps of the Spiritual Life!


"You mentioned that the Spiritual Life has three aspects. Could you elaborate on these three and how we can live them?"

Picture the sky and clouds. Keep in mind as you watch this picture that the sun is always present. Picture the Light of the Sun as the very nature of YOU. The clouds represent the activity that seems to hide the sun and create the semblance of darkness, dreariness, dullness, smallness, contraction and oppresion of the Light. Yet no matter how covered up the Light is -- it is always present!

1. The first aspect is the darkness of the clouds which are our conditioned thoughts and their negative emotions. They are the collective unconscious guilt. This unconscious guilt which is in the one-collective-ego is the result of the belief that we are separate from God. God is the essence and glory of intelligent and peaceful happy Life. Any feeling of separation from God (essence of I AM) brings automatically feelings of unease, seeking, unrest, discomfort, dissatisfaction, boredom, fear and the longing for completion. This longing for completion is the result of feeling (unconsciously) that something is missing; that we are not quite good enough; that somehow something is wrong without knowing what! This feeling is knwn as the separation from God (the essence of Life). If one happens to be an atheist or simply skeptic then the seeking takes form in the desire for success, worldly attainment, fame or power or even escape through drink, drugs and/or over-indulgence in pleasure to compensate for an empty life.
This unconscious guilt is subtle yet feels like a pebble in your shoe.

2. This unconscious guilt which can escalate into a corrupted life is not individual but collective. Unconscious guilt at its best is felt as suspiciousness. Unconscious guilt at its worst is viciousness. Yet again it is not individual but collective. YOU are guiltless. You are the sun, the bright Light presence of Being that is never diminished through its thoughts and emotions but only when you believe these to be real. It is your interpretation of these inner feelings by making them yours that brings untold unhappiness, depression, fear and even desperation.
There is only one way to rise above unconscious guilt and it is through forgiveness. This forgiveness is often referred to as allowing, accepting, letting-go, looking into and body-awareness. Forgiveness is not trying to forgive another for their actions but to see clearly that there is nothing to forgive because all actions stem from cloudy thoughts and emotions. By seeing one's true nature as Spirit that's automatic forgiveness.
If you can forgive your judgments, fears and grievances you feel towards yourself and others then you are on your way to clearing the stigma of unconscious guilt. This is not difficult to do once you understand that your true nature is guiltless and no thought or emotion can diminish you but only your belief in it. You are always okay just as you are if you simply accept yourself fully.

3. You are a human Being -- a Being playing the human role. Since our human part precedes our Being-part then we are weak and give in to weakness by believing our negative thoughts and emotions. Thus we need help -- this help we can get from turning towards our very presence of Being known as the Holy Spirit. Talk to it as if it is your dearest friend. Ask it to accept all your negative feelings, fears and thoughts. Turn to it for guidance first thing in the morning and use it all the time until IT becomes your dearest and closest friend. It will never fail you or desert you in time of need. That's a guarantee.

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