Saturday, January 15, 2011

What happens to awareness when I die?

I was wondering what does Awareness ' see ' or experience when the body drops (dies)? What happens to Awareness/ being when there is no more body? If the world is in us, then where does the world in us go... when the body dies? You always say, " You are always you." How does this continue when there is no more body?

First of all, remember that awareness is ALL there IS! Everything else is relative to it. For example, let's say I ask you, "What is the most important thing there is?" and you might say "it is peace or love or God or your religion or your children or fame or power, whatever you come up with, I will the ask you, "How can you enjoy your children or God or fame or anything if you are not aware of them?" Without awareness nothing exists.

Here's another example, "How do you know you exist?" and you might answer surprised at the question, "Of course I know, it is obvious" then I ask you "What is obvious about it?" and you'll probably answer, "because it is present always and I am aware of it!!" and that's it. 95% of the population are not aware that awareness is their true nature. Why? -- simply because it is so obvious that they miss it. They are asleep to it because they have taken it for granted without being aware that they are awareness itself.

You may doubt most things you hear, you may even doubt yourself but you cannot doubt awareness. The fact that you are reading this article proves you are aware of it. Even when we are not aware of anything such as relaxation at the beautiful sunny beach just listening to the waves of the ocean, yet awareness is always present. Awareness is the NOW itself and there is no EXIT to now!!

The fact that you 'think' is because you are aware of thoughts. The fact that you have emotions is because you are aware as they happen. The fact that you exist means that existence is awareness itself.

What is awareness?
No one can ever define or describe awareness because it is the greatest mystery of all to the mind. Yet, the heart (core being)is awareness itself and it can recognize itself. When awareness recognizes itself that's called spiritual awakening.
In this awakening we see that GOD exists as solid as you very awareness. Why? -- simply because GOD is awareness itself, awareness is the primal Oneness of all existence. It is without beginning or end.

Now let me ask you a question. You are aware and that's obvious. The question is this -- "Who is being aware?" The unaware person would say, "It's me!" referring to themselves but that's the mistake everyone makes. Awareness does not belong to anyone yet it is EVERYONE. You don't own awareness -- you are AWARENESS itself! Please read this again and again until you get it.

LISTEN -- YOU ARE AWARENESS ITSELF playing the part of the human role. In truth the 'me' is just a name given a body that keeps recycling every few years and thinks it is it. You see, the problem is that the human mind thinks and believes that she/he is the awareness inside the body. The body is located in time and space but AWARENESS is NOT locatable. Therefore, you. as awareness, is not the body -- the body is inside you. When you realize this fact, which eventually becomes obvious, then you will see that death is impossible. When the body of you drops away, you can look at it lying there in full awareness. There is no death except to the one who believe they are just a form. This is why Masters say that to believe you are a body is to be already dead.

All the great Masters such as Jesus, Buddha, Bhagavan and hundreds of others had only one teaching -- to teach us that LOVE is the only truth.

What is love?
If we are physical then we think it is sex. If we are mental then we think it is communication and sharing. If you happen to be emotional then you think of love as emotional security and having someone special. If you happen to be spiritual then you see it as Oneness (the Unified Field principle all scientists know).

When you are contracted, depressed angry, frightened, insecure and so on then you are seeking awareness without knowing it. This seeking is saying "I am missing something" or if feels like you are lacking something or feels like "I don't feel good enough" and so on and on. There is nothing wrong in feeling angry, depressed unhappy etc but the problem is that you identify with it so much that you miss seeing the truth of it and so dysfunction or even insanity can set in.

Negative emotions are an indirect seeking of awareness known also as love or God (both are one). When people were searching for an answer to life they created a religion, a belief system in order to have something to believe in because they never suspected that their very awareness is what they were searching for. Their intelligence had not evolved far enough to understand something so simple that it escaped the mind. Jesus and Buddha never founded a religion, it was their followers that organized the different beliefs surrounding this one reat truth.

In order to reliaze this great truth, without which there can be no peace, requires innocence, simplicity and the devotion to sit still and LISTEN to your seekings and how every seeking whether it is...
anger (not getting your way)
or frustration (not able to figure it out)
or depression (feeling overwhelmed by the conditioned mind)
or totally unhappy (not knowing what yo want) etc etc it is all an unconscious seeking of Awareness. Remember that awareness is everything and has no opposite. It is therefore known as the Supreme Infinite Intelligence, known as Pure Being, often referred to as God, the Source and so on. When you see it as the NOW itself then this means that your human ego is not around to confuse you and therefore that's peace and joy. Do you see this?

You are always YOU! Why -- right now as you are reading this, if you are completely absorbed by it then where's your ego? If there is no ego (conditioned past) then that's the real YOU. YOU are all there is. You are everyone you meet. There are seven billion humans on this earth but there is only One YOU. You often mistake this "YOU" as being your human role but that's a conditioning. You are the Ultimate One. You are the One you want. You are the very love you seek. You are the infinite eternal Source itself. Your mind won't be able to take this and might end up confused but eventually, if you are serious, devoted to what is true and lasting, you wll discover it.

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  1. Hi Burt,

    When I meditate I practice "awareness watching awareness".... I am awake and conscious. Then, what happens in deep sleep, where is the awareness? Wouldn't death be like a state of deep sleep?... How could we be aware of a body lying there in full awareness?... I thought that in deep sleep the world and the body don't really exist.....

    Thank you,


  2. Dear Burt Thank you for your blog, it is almost like eye opening to me. I still have some doubts, from our real world point of view we understand that I am awareness, I can sometimes feel like i am not body but pure consciousness in meditation, but do you think our consciousness exists once this body dies? and if every one is the same awareness we should be thinking same and feeling same ! pls give some more light on this. Thank you in advance , if iam convinced i would be your desciple.