Friday, April 8, 2011

Four Human Survival Laws

"Why do we sabotage our best efforts especially our spiritual expansion?"

You are a human being -- just as the human is a movement of seeking, striving, wanting, needing, yet it never arrives because what it is really seeking is itself, which is the Being. The 'Being' is a zero-point and it frightens the human part. Therefore, not understanding the dynamics that what we want we already are, we search for the tangibles instead of the zero-point that produced them. In other words, all Being is nothingness, meaning no-thingness, and is a zero-point. It is this zero-point which is pure potential from which everything has emerged.
Our dualistic struggle between human and Being produces all the conflicts and sabotages and self-punishments that we experience until we realize that the human and Being can be experienced as ONE. It is this Oneness that is what we truly want and seek -- harmony, balance, peace, love, joy, meaning and fulfillment.
Here is a video explaining the Four laws. Through them we understand the whole dynamic process of growth.

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