Thursday, March 3, 2011

What is a Direct Experience?

Workshop on Direct Experience!
with Burt Harding

Let me guide you to a Direct Experience of your true nature!

Every morning I reply to numerous email questions from around the world. The subjects vary from esoteric, to personal, to relationships and to daily living.

What is the common dilemma everyone suffers from?
Here are just some recent questions…
Why do I feel as if I am doing something wrong most of the time?
Why is the feeling of lack so tenacious?
Why do I have this feeling of wanting to be right even if it makes me miserable?
I know all about Truth being love and yet I keep choosing fear unconsciously?
Why do I sabotage myself?
Why do I feel as if I am not good enough?
My childhood has been a reasonably happy one and yet I feel inadequate at times, why?
…and many other similar ones. What seems to be the problem? Why is it so universal?
Over 95% of the population have read, studied and practiced spiritual principles but they do not live from them in daily life, why?

The answer is simple – this knowledge has remained surface mental know-how but hasn’t reached the heart. It has been said that an awakened being is easy to spot. They do not talk about spirituality but simply emanate a quiet joy that has been awakened through inner heart-knowing. When teachings such as a Course in Miracles describe the teacher of God, it is described as a state of inner joy.

We are now witnessing a fast-shifting and changing consciousness, accelerating at a speed unknown in human history. Young people suffer anxieties from fear of the future and older people suffer from inadequate inner knowing and peace.

I have been asked about such a workshop many times and finally feel the strong feeling to conduct it. I am NOT a ‘teacher’ for what I will show you, you already know in your heart. I will simply act as a guide with simple tools and methods to unfold this inner knowing - not with spiritual words but with direct experiencing of the truth of you.

Can we find peace in a world we don’t understand? Definitely!!
This peace is not something you are going to attain but a Source that is ever-waiting to release itself with the right attitude, open-heart and willingness to listen. This is something that you already are and it is a matter of re-cognizing it! It will be a clear seeing just as you know you exist!

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Also listen to this interview regarding my own experience:

The Workshop

This workshop will be my first class offering after a few years rest from public teaching. I am responding to the many requests for classes I have received from students around the world who follow my YouTube videos and email correspondences. My hope is that you will listen to your heart’s response to this opportunity to directly experience your Self.

The class will be held in my own home, which accommodates about 15 people. Since space is limited, please respond promptly to make us aware of your interest. Once your registration is confirmed, payment instructions will be sent.

Workshop on Direct Experience!
Date: Saturday, April 23, 2011
Time: 10 am – 5 pm
Cost: $150

There will be a one-hour break for lunch. You may either bring your lunch or go to one of many nearby caf├ęs.


“When I happened upon Burt’s website 2 years ago I had no idea that it would change my life forever. Through Burt’s many emails and videos that he freely offers I came to see clearly the truth of who I am. Burt’s wisdom, compassion and unconditional love helped me to open my heart again to myself and others. Any questions I had Burt was always there with a quick reply and a heartfelt explanation. If further clarification was needed Burt readily was willing to explain again anything I wanted to know. It has been very easy to hear what Burt had to share whether in an email or in a video, due to his very gentle and loving spirit that touches your heart immediately. I am so very grateful to Burt for reminding me of the precious gift that I am, and as a result I am able to teach this to others. Burt has shown me how sacred love is and that when we allow, accept and just be, that miracles do happen.”~~ Karen from Peterborough ~~

“It is hard to describe the feelings that took over me when I listened to Burt’s warm, soft, loving and playful words. They have touched me so much, they caressed me in the most deeply buried and most painful places, in which I have been hiding my pain because I didn’t have the power to confront it. Burt encouraged me to gaze into my vulnerability, to accept it and use it as the foundation of my stability.
I have learned a lot from many various teachers but when a student is ready then comes Burt.”
~~ Savina, bestselling author and international master of Face Yoga ~~

“Wow, I really can’t thank you enough! You have helped me see clearly and also helped me through a very difficult period of my life. I now see that time is not as , negative but as a chance to awaken to whom I am. Without my suffering I would not be feeling this incredible peace and love in this incredible NOW that I had forgotten. Thanks again my dear friend. The life that we are is love.
~~ Pelle ~~

“Dear Burt, two weeks ago you gave me your blessing for translating your videos to Polish YT. I feel it would be nice to send you a report:)
Burt, people’s reaction is so amazing for your message and the way you speak about it! I felt your message from the first video I “saw” you, but I couldn’t predict this reaction:)
After only two weeks, almost 1,300 people have viewed these only 11 translated videos. And it is still growing. Many people copy these videos to their channels, forums, share it, etc.
You truly got to Polish-language Truth seekers (or Awareness got through You).
People thank for your message and “want” more translations:)
It makes me laugh, because you have 545 videos on the internet and probably one year would be too short for one person to translate them all:) maybe some will join.
~~ Krzysztof ~~

“Dear Burt, please accept my deepest gratitude for the wonderful gift you gave me. You don’t know who I am, but about three weeks ago I cam across your Youtube videos and I started to pay attention to the message you were giving people about how to love is the greatest, most powerful force in the universe.”
~~ Paul ~~

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