Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I had a question that I was hoping you could answer about life-script. When you say that we are repeating our lives in a cycle and that past-present-future are one, do you mean to say that we are repeating are lives precisely as we have repeated them in the past until we learn what we have not learned or that each time we repeat our lives slightly differently learning something new? I am not sure I understand this concept.

Whenever a question is asked always go back to simplicity which is this NOW-Moment itself. You are this NOW eternally without an exit. Feel this out first -- can anything ever happen outside of this moment? Here is another mind-boggling fact, there is no other moment because there is no exit to NOW!! If this is clear then we can go on...

When 'you' make something real in the moment such as a negative thought, emotion, situation, problem and so on, 'you' have actually created your own individual reality. Since the individualized mind is a creator and perceiver of its own created reality, it keeps repeating until it is forgiven (fore-given -- given away as the illusion it is). Therefore, since NOW is eternal and the body keeps recycling every so many years, we find that we are embodying dfferent bodies but repeating the same patterns that we made real. For example, let's say you felt abandoned as a child, yet you took on a different body when you became a teen still carrying the belief you were abandoned, then you took on a mature body but still carrying on the belief you were abandoned which formed your belief systems, your ideas about life and yourself which are all based on the initial illusion. This 'suffering' will continue until you forgive it, which means seeing it as it actually is -- an illusion created by your mind which feels very real to you. This keeps repeating until you wake up that nothing is real except spirit. Everything came from Source spirit but even though the world and people appear real, it is still spirit in manifestation. You will keep repeating the same patterns and mistakes until you wake up through forgiveness. If your present body drops and you have NOT realized your true nature as spirit yet then you have to do it next time (which is NOT a next time but NOW ever-changing in its form. Are you with me on this?

I hope that this was clear to you. If it is then congratulations for you are quite intuitive.
Watch this video several times until you fully grasp the meaning behind it...

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  1. I really liked your writing .... If everything is a manifestation of SPIRIT then why do some of us get to manifest the unhappy aspect and some don't ??