Sunday, July 31, 2011

It's all a dream!!

(a whimsical but direct approach to Truth)

Let me introduce myself -- My name is nobody! I am proud of my name because there is nobody to be concerned. What you are about to read might not make sense to you, but it is all true as far as what we call ‘real’ is true. You will find as I did that nonfiction is often fiction covered up to look nonfiction, but in truth it is all made up. Can you tell what is true from what is false? I see people suffering from nightmares or rage and believe it to be true but yet is it except in their mind?

The funny thing about death, which is our greatest fear, is that we take it seriously as if we are alive in some world we created. Imagine the average person going to work 9 to 5 and on the way to work reads the newspaper about the sordid news of the day as if it was real. By the time he starts ‘work, he is already living in his dream believing it to be real and acts accordingly. He unconsciously carries himself throughout the day doing his ‘thing’ and then goes home and watches TV for some relaxation. What was real about that day? In fact, what is real in this world, period? This sounds as if I am being cynical or skeptical, but it is the other way around. I am real because I know it is all a dream. You see, what we take to be real, isn’t. What we take to be unreal such as nothingness, is the only real ‘thing’ there is.
Are you with me so far? Well, if you are, are you making sense of what I am saying. As far as I am concerned I am making sense simply because nothing I experience is real and that, paradoxically, is my freedom. Freedom makes great sense to me. That is, freedom from fear, anxiety, self-concern. “Freedom?!!” you gasp, “how can seeing the world as a dream be freedom? Oh my friend, can’t you see that when we take anything to be real it becomes our cross, our pain and our hell? Did you ever notice how all the things that brought pain it was because you made it real? For example, people worry and they believe in their worry and that’s why they worry – got it? If they knew it wasn’t real, where’s the worry? Many people get up in the morning feeling the dread of facing the day and yet what they are fearing is the dream made real. You can see that, can’t you? My freedom emerged when I saw the truth and that is – everything is a dream, an illusion and nothing is serious! The one who is watching the dream is not the dream, just like watching change happens to be the changeless that is watching. We dream at night but when we get up we continue the dream, however, we see it as reality and that becomes our cross, our horrendous pain.

So what is real then? Here is the paradox my friend – nothing is real! Did you hear that clearly? Did you understand it? Nothing is real. So, we can deduce that only the ‘nothing’ is real. How glorious, how liberating, and how explosive it all is. The ‘nothing’ that we fear also known as spirit or essence or source is the only ‘thing’ that is real. It had no beginning and it has no end and yet all seeming reality emerges from it. However, what you see and sense is merely the effect of the cause which is Nothingness.
So many people fear nothingness but the moment it is embraced we call it ‘awakening.’ Do you see the kick in the pants? Why!!? You may ask? -- the answer is so simple and so obvious that it escapes the complicated mind. Let me ask you this? When were you the happiest? Wasn’t it when you were nothing such as not having any identity; not being this or that; not concerned about your body and personality; simply when you were absent to yourself – wasn’t that your highest moment of aliveness? Feel it right now! The first glimpse was many years ago during sexual orgasm and I felt ecstatic and yet there was no one having that orgasm but that momentary ‘fullness’ of absence of self. It is like the guy taking a free-fall from a plane before opening his parachute and enjoy that ‘kick’ of just being nothing swirling in space. It is that rush that momentarily takes your mind away from self-concern. It is this nothingness that is real simply because it is the only ‘thing’ that was never born and will not know death. After all, how can nothing be born or die? It was when I discovered this ‘nothing’ to be everything that I experienced my true aliveness and saw everything else as a dream. Now I see myself as nothing and it is wonder-FULL!

By now you have gathered that I am writing about nothing – there is no plot, no story, no structure and yet this nonsense from ‘nobody’ makes more ‘sense’ than the so-called real. There is a part in you that reads this with curiosity or intrique hoping to get some meaning, while at the same time you are getting the meaning hidden between the words. It is all a dream and its realization didn’t come suddenly but gradually through a period of observation of my own thinking processes.
As a child I was often dreaming, as most children dream, however my problem was that I took the dream seriously and so I suffered. Many things happened in my life that brought suffering but in retrospect nothing happened for here I am…it was all a dream and still IS!!
We like to pat ourselves on the back for being realists and even become skeptical, questioning and agreeing or disagreeing and enjoy the arguments…but it is all a dream of the mind! Nothing is real and that’s paradoxically is waking up from the dream while seemingly in the dream. Oh how we judge right and wrong, good or bad, should or shouldn’t wasting precious time when this ‘now’ is so enjoyable and exhilarating and filled with fantasy and dreams that are not real. The greatest joy is having illusions and seeing the illusion of it all and then you are truly free. Why do we enjoy the theatre or our dreams at night or movies and TV. Aren’t they all made up. The ‘real’ which is nothing is the most glorious adventure of them all. It is the greatest fear of the illusory ego that makes the world real, and yet when fully faced it is so immensely and absolutely wonder-full that it takes direct experience of nothing to see how enjoyable and ecstatic it is.
How can you fear nothing? How can you worry when it is all a dream? How can you even experience stress or discomfort when it is all a play of consciousness?
Did you know that happiness is nothingness? Did you know that love, true love, is not emotional but nothingness embracing nothingness as itself. There is no one to own or possess or even have a relationship with – there is only nothing with nothing making nothingness known as Oneness of IS!!
Have you ever known of a marriage or relationship that was really happy? The only relationship tha works is when two nothings merge as Oneness. You cannot own another or make them your own. Our attempt alone brings misery and pain. Love is nothingness and that’s its beauty and unconditional nature.
How we crave for peace. What is peace but nothingness known as a tranquil mind?
When you see this clearly you’ll start playing like my cat does and purrs so loudly with true enjoyment. I pull his legs or arms and he purrs; I jump with him in my arms and he purrs; I swing him around and he purrs – why? -- simply because he knows it is all a play!

Our biggest concerns are about our body, self-image and identity – but truly now, let’s stop kidding ourselves, where the hell are these items? Aren’t they all a dream? Did you know that your identity is but a self-image. Did you know that self-image is just an image, imagination? Is it scary or liberating? I leave that up to you to consider.
Come on now, see it for yourself. And if you fear nothingness then stop and see – how can you fear nothingness when there is nothing to fear? And that, my friend, is the absolute truth and it is all here-now itself called heaven. Believe it or not, it is the only Truth!! Buddha called it Nirvana. Jesus called it 'The Kingdom of God within' and said, "I am in the world but I am NOT of this world!"


  1. Hi Burt,
    You know my wife Akemi, she visited you a few years ago and you have been very helpful for her spiritual growth. I'm turning my attention back to the "pursuit" of awakening, and looking for connections to have spiritual support. I watched a couple of your U-tubes, and read materials. Very nice teachings, thanks for your service.

    I've been in a curious state of mind since 2000, when after a few years of intensive searching, practicing, and burning with desire, I experienced the freedom of not being the doer for about 6 months. What's curious is that this experience was lost to the return of desire, leaving me with a memory unlike any other, and my mind with the ability to grasp all that is graspable. I can talk of spirituality with anyone; I call it "Enlightenese." Yet for the last 12 years, I'm identified with the separate self, and knowing the difference absolutely. Just this month I'm deciding it's time to cultivate that peculiar desire again. Perhaps you could address my concern about arriving at the desireless place again only to lose it subsequently. That concern is about the only thing holding me back...once I let the desire consume me, it won't leave me until I am "finished." And now you know what Akemi and I have in common:)
    In the light,
    Joel Weddington

  2. Hi Burt,

    Thank you for all the videos, i can't describe how much it helps in the awakening process.

    Would you please help me with this question?

    Does that mean that it doesn't matter what i do or who i hurt in this "dream", this "lifetime"?

    i can cheat, i can hurt, and it doesn't matter at all?

    Thank you...