Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Three Laws of NOW!

You say 'now' is perfect but all problems whether past, present or future all happen now. So what is so perfect about 'Now'?

You are confusing 'NOW' with the 'present time.' The present time is where everything happens whether recollection of a past hurt or the anxiety of a future condition. The 'NOW' itself is timeless. It is a Silence like the center of a bicycle wheel that supports the spokes of the wheel and its motion while the center remains still. In the fury of a storm upon the ocean surface lashing it about there is still the Silence of its depth. Similarly, within the present time of frenzied activity lies the quietness of the timeless NOW!

The 'NOW' is a stillness beyond time and space and within lie the two most powerful laws of human experience -- Self-recognition and Self-organization. The Awareness of Self-recognition helps us realize our Oneness since every human on earth knows that he/she exists as awareness itself. Yet, awareness does not belong to anyone. From this Self-recognition emerges Self-organization where the law of synchronicity plays its glorious part.

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