Monday, July 25, 2011

What is Truth, really!!?

If you are truly interested in knowing, beyond even the slightest doubt, a peace that has no conditions or limits, if you are truly interested in knowing a freedom that has absolutely no boundaries at all, if you are truly interested in coming to the end of all seeking, then please consider, very slowly and carefully, the following: (take as long as you need.)
Awareness is everywhere and always.
It is always here. It is always now.
You are this NOW itself!

Someone asked me, ”If it is being which is doing everything because everything is being then isn't that total free-will but on a much deeper more encompassing level? Or am I right off track?? It doesn;t feel to me like free-will is a construct of the ego, it feels natural.”
(His email was longer than the above stating that in his experience he has complete free-will.”)

Yes you are absolutely right. However, understand that ‘you’ himself just like Burt himself is a Oneness. In this seeming individual called Burt or ‘you’ there is no true choice or freedom because these individuals are conditioned concepts just like the waves of the ocean seem separate and individual and unique and yet they are the product and action of the ocean (Oneness). For 27 years I played teacher and even had my own TV show and wrote a book that sold well. Yet in the year 2000 I 'woke up' and realized that Burt was just another concept I created. Waking up is not an attainment nor an accomplishment but the beginning of seeing clearly -- yes my friend, just the beginning -- and this seeing is this -- there is only NOW eternally and you are THAT!! With "THAT" you have freedom, choice and complete control but it is not individual control. It is at this stage that one begins to understand what could never have been understood. It is this realization of Oneness (NOW) that we know how to laugh, how to enjoy, how to love, how to cry, how to be free. You are a human being, a duality creature made up of two opposing forces. These forces are totally opposite...the human is after "ADDITION" and the BEING is all about SUBTRACTION. Thus when all has been subtracted such as fear, guilt, suffering, ego and false ideas and beliefs, what will stand out is BEING that which has always been there before time itself. This is the real freedom, joy and happiness beyond imagination. Most people who strive towards awakening have no idea what it means. Awakening means there is no such thing as getting anywhere, getting anything or accomplishing anything but seeing that you are NOTHING. When you finally see that you are NOTHING (awakening) then you also see that you are everything. If you have understood this then I truly congratulate you my friend.

Perhaps the most difficult thing for most of us to understand is the simple, and if you examine it directly, most obvious fact that there is no such thing as a solid, separate, stable entity that I can call “myself.”
Nouns (labels like teacher, writer, doctor, lawyer, man, woman, human being, body and so on), proper nouns (my name, your name, personal pronouns like ‘me’ ‘mine’ ‘myself’ and ‘my life.’ Often combined with mental images of your face and body at various ages, morphed together with various role models and anchored by muscular contraction and other physical, mental and emotional sensations such as self-defense, self-protection work collectively to create a fictitious life. It may be convincing on the surface, and there may be the security and comfort of habitual perception, but if you investigate carefully and directly, you will find nothing but unsubstantial memory and fantasy edited by a motive and attitude. Nowhere in any of that is there a real, verifiable “you” or “me.”
This is what waking up means – it is seeing the truth for the first time and it is usually a shock and often results from a situation of suffering that has no ‘way out.’
Waking up to the Truth as it is, is no picnic. However, in seeing the truth, which is true, you are faced with NOTHING. You are nothing. But then something else happens – you see clearly you are everything because you are the NOW (Oneness) itself. You have had many changes of being a baby body, a child learning to walk and talk, a teenager who thinks he/she knows, a young adult, a mature body with accompanying personality, beliefs and ideas based on conditioning and finally seeing that it is ALL an illusion. So what happens faced with this predicament – you are the very BEING you have been chasing after all your life wanting to be special, different and to be ‘somebody’ and when finally woke up discovering your true essence you will see that it has all been an evolution towards subtraction and NOT addition. It is in this subtraction that you discover you are everything you ever really wanted – freedom, love, joy, peace and above all, Oneness (Now) itself.

The most fearful question is this initially, “If there is no separate me and no separate you, then what is left?”
My dear everything is left. You look around: in the absence of mental and emotional editing, there is nothing but awareness and everything that arises in it. Everything that you can see and hear and smell and taste and FEEL and think and otherwise experience. There is nothing but this NOW, this whole, infinite, everything.
Someone complains, “But this scares me!!” -- yes, and just imagine being without any fear whatever? Imagine that death is not possible? Imagine that misery, suffering and all bondage was your creation as it never existed?
The self you thought you were was a deception, a habitual unconscious guilt filled with judgments, gossip, pettiness, cruelty, fear, self-centredness, loneliness, sorrow, worry, stress, anger and find all that subtracted from you. Then what is left is laughter, joy, freedom and a life that is aligned with God (Oneness).

After writing the above it occurred to me why the video #5 was so popular…
It is because the people who are awakening are seeing thatTruth is simple, obvious and liberating, it is subtracting and not adding and the way to that subtraction is through forgiveness. When the word, most powerful word for healing, is discovered to be ‘forgiveness’ then we understand what it really means – there is nothing to forgive – everything is divine and okay!!

The Course says:
“All the vestiges of hell, the secret sins and hidden hates be gone through forgiveness. And all the loveliness which they concealed appear like lawns of Heaven to our sight, to lift us high above the thorny roads we travelled on before the Christ (Being) appeared.”

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